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  1. Matt Richard (900)
    Open Forum · 149 Hits · 11/20/2002 7:58 PM
    Thanks for the replies and general positive feedback.CTS is still bad-actually getting worse-I went and had another nerve conduction study done a couple of weeks ago,and they confirmed,both my hands are slower(getting worse..)than before. Its wo...(more)
  2. Matt Richard (900)
    Open Forum · 136 Hits · 11/18/2002 8:49 PM
    hOsTile Eh?... No need for that!To you,and all those who have emailed me with "dude,you cant play that stuff"- I have mp3's of a bunch of the lessons,both slow and fast,and would beglad to email them to anyone interested.I'm also working on vid...(more)
  3. Matt Richard (900)
    Artists Forum · 199 Hits · 3/24/2000 9:06 AM
    Mabye if Hammett had John Petrucci as a tag partner:]...
  4. Matt Richard (900)
    Artists Forum · 167 Hits · 3/24/2000 9:05 AM
    Right on bro!Thank God I am not the only person to appreciate Greg Howes stuff.Ive been hooked since "Introspection".Also,Brett Garsed & T.J. Helmerich should be up there-they are LIGHT YEARS ahead of there time.(I sat in with T.J. at GIT fo...(more)
  5. Matt Richard (900)
    Artists Forum · 200 Hits · 3/23/2000 9:32 PM
    Well,in non paticular order,my fav solo/gtr guys are: 1:Brett Garsed 2:Greg Howe 3:T.J. Helmerich I could name a dozen more-but if you havent heard any of these guys,seek em out-if you at all appreciate gtr,you'll enjoy...
  6. Matt Richard (900)
    Announcements Forum · 168 Hits · 3/23/2000 9:11 AM
    I just wanted to let everyone know that Ive begun working on a book encompassing all the "Alternative Shred" lesson stuff along with elaborations on each technique,as well as a part on a "practice system" that Ive used for some time.Since the CT...(more)
  7. Matt Richard (900)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 141 Hits · 1/10/2000 11:21 PM
    Well-news so far is not great.I had a bunch of tests run(the electricity/EKG stuff and the needles,boy did that suck!)The neurologist believes it to be Carpel Tunnel n both hands.I have to go back to the original doc now so he can look at her te...(more)
  8. Matt Richard (900)
    Instructional Forum · 178 Hits · 12/23/1999 10:07 AM
    Hi-As u might have noticed from my recent updates,I am dealing with this now.Actually,the Doctor hasnt said exactly what it is-I have to go to a neurologist to get a "complete nerve workup" in Jan.Hopefully,they can figure out what the heck is g...(more)
  9. Matt Richard (900)
    Instructional Forum · 159 Hits · 12/20/1999 8:57 AM
    I just want to thank everyone for their kind posts.This,as you all know,can be very difficult to deal with,and every but of support helps.It means a lot,thanx guys.Now an update:The doctor still isnt sure what I have.I have all the symptoms of C...(more)
  10. Matt Richard (900)
    Instructional Forum · 306 Hits · 12/17/1999 10:54 AM
    Hey guys-I just wanted to let everyone know that I have a new appreciation for "warming up" and the like.Much to my dismay,I have a docttors appt. today to confirm what I believe to be true- I have developed a nasty case of Carpel Tunnel syndrom...(more)
  11. Matt Richard (900)
    Equipment Forum · 101 Hits · 12/17/1999 10:44 AM
    I cant say for sure,but I'll check the specs at work today and let ya know...
  12. Matt Richard (900)
    Equipment Forum · 34 Hits · 12/16/1999 8:59 PM
    The fret board radius is EXTREMELY flat-almost like a classical.Very different!
  13. Matt Richard (900)
    Equipment Forum · 57 Hits · 12/15/1999 10:14 AM
    Hey guys-I have to agree-I have suffered from this in the past.But lately,Ive been closing the gap a bit.I work at a music store,and obviously Im constantly picking up guitars and demoing all day.So,the past couple of years,Ive gotten much bette...(more)
  14. Matt Richard (900)
    Instructional Forum · 115 Hits · 12/14/1999 9:29 AM
    Good news-they are zipped up in mp3 format,and mp3d individually,so instead of 12MB,you get 1.5! The quality isnt noticeably worse either.Hope that helps!Peace...
  15. Matt Richard (900)
    Equipment Forum · 82 Hits · 12/14/1999 9:09 AM
    OK guys-All of you have sold me on the Carvin(Thanx for the replys to my last post)Now,heres my question-anyone own one of the 7's?I have had a Universe 7 string for yrs,and it plays awesome. Is the 7 string by Carvin up to snuff with the rest o...(more)
  16. Matt Richard (900)
    Instructional Forum · 73 Hits · 12/13/1999 10:11 PM
    oooops-I have a cable modem,so Im spoiled:]Seriously,though-Im workin on mp3'n em so they will be smaller.Until then,sorry...
  17. Matt Richard (900)
    Instructional Forum · 94 Hits · 12/13/1999 10:38 AM
    Hey all-just lettin those who are interested-I have begun the task of recording and posting real audio examples of the Stoopid Pentachronic/Alternative Shred lesson stuff.Until I figure out a better way,this is how ya gotta do it.Goto http://www...(more)
  18. Matt Richard (900)
    WholeNote Forum · 91 Hits · 12/13/1999 1:15 AM
    Hay guys-I finally got around to gettin about half of these licks recorded and up on the web. Im still learnin this,though.Anyway,I put the link to em on the first lesson,and on the last, so let me know what ya think.And if ya have suggestions t...(more)
  19. Matt Richard (900)
    Instructional Forum · 64 Hits · 12/1/1999 11:29 PM
    I hear ya-Ive got a couple of oddball things I love to throw in at the end of solos.There mostly 2-handed,but I dont even know how to tab em.Kind of a double-tap-with right-hammer-slide-with-left kinda thing.That sounds stoopid:] but thats the b...(more)
  20. Matt Richard (900)
    Instructional Forum · 36 Hits · 12/1/1999 7:18 PM
    Its intersting you mention the pinky on the guiar, cuz thats the OTHER thing I was doing "wrong".I guess after all my ranting Im about to contradict myself in a way.B/C with my new "correct" picking technique,I couldnt pick woth a crap.So,in cam...(more)