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  1. Wouter Oosterbosch (683)
    Instructional Forum · 99 Hits · 8/14/2004 9:06 AM
    But is it possible to do that to a whole tune? If a song is in a major key (I'm not necessarily talking jazz here), is it possible to do some work on it to play it in a minor key? Is there someone who can explain the method (if there is), or a...(more)
  2. Wouter Oosterbosch (683)
    Instructional Forum · 55 Hits · 8/13/2004 4:37 AM
    Dear Charles and everyone, thanks a lot for your helpful replies, I'm learning standards right now, and I've learned a few new helpful sites along the way. Charles, just to get this straight, you mean that the chords are transposed to a minor ...(more)
  3. Wouter Oosterbosch (683)
    Instructional Forum · 71 Hits · 8/13/2004 4:28 AM
    Hi all, I was just wondering, after playing guitar for a few years, whether it was hard/a lot of extra work to try a bass as an additional instrument...Are there a lot of extra things to learn? (not that I mind, I'd just like a view of that) I...(more)
  4. Wouter Oosterbosch (683)
    Instructional Forum · 126 Hits · 8/5/2004 7:55 AM
    Hi all, I've been playing for a few years now, and now I'm trying to teach myself how to play jazz, but I had a few questions: (sorry, quite a lot :-) ) 1. I read this: "Any sequence of interval skips, 3rds, 7ths, 9ths, etc., can easily be ap...(more)
  5. Wouter Oosterbosch (683)
    Equipment Forum · 157 Hits · 1/14/2004 10:22 AM
    Hi all, long time no see... Well, I've made the decision: I'm replacing my starterset guitar & amp with something that is meant to last for ... well, possibly for ever, assuming that boredom isn't a factor... Since this is the first time I'l...(more)
  6. Wouter Oosterbosch (683)
    Instructional Forum · 70 Hits · 8/8/2003 7:30 PM
    I was thinking, don't you know anybody who plays guitar too? You could just play with that person once or so, and see what your strengths and weaknesses are. Or you can do what I did: I'm 19 and have been teaching myself for the past two years,...(more)
  7. Wouter Oosterbosch (683)
    For Sale/WTB Forum · 121 Hits · 8/8/2003 7:26 PM
    Hey guys, I was just wondering if y'all could give me a few pointers here. I'm looking to buy a guitar again, new or used. I play a variety of styles, but mostly rock/blues. A little less jazz, and the occasional metal song. Someone already...(more)
  8. Wouter Oosterbosch (683)
    Theory Forum · 139 Hits · 7/7/2003 8:47 AM
    Hey guys, I have a question: When I'm analyzing a song, and it's in a certain key, but then there's one chord that doesn't fit this key, what do I do? for example: Em Bm A C Em G A C or: Englishman In NY, which contains both a G and a Gdim7 ...(more)
  9. Wouter Oosterbosch (683)
    Instructional Forum · 73 Hits · 6/9/2003 7:43 PM
    and what if I want to learn a complete metallica song, like fade to black (just to name one). Would I have to forget about it, or does it just take a lot of practice to get to that speed? Are there any people here who have been in the same sit...(more)
  10. Wouter Oosterbosch (683)
    Instructional Forum · 173 Hits · 6/8/2003 5:32 AM
    Hi people, I was wondering some things about speed. I mean, I can get my scales up to about 500-600 bpm fairly easy, but then it's like running into a wall and it seems I just can't get past a point in that area. Am I doing something wrong, o...(more)
  11. Wouter Oosterbosch (683)
    Instructional Forum · 95 Hits · 6/3/2003 11:29 AM
    hi all, i was wondering if anyone knew any lessons to get started on arpeggio's (it does help speed right?), possible with video, cause cyberfret told me to "roll" the finger, but I'm not quite sure of the technique... Also, are there any meth...(more)
  12. Wouter Oosterbosch (683)
    Theory Forum · 39 Hits · 5/16/2003 4:58 AM
    I believe when in harmonic minor, you get: minor: i, iv major: V, VI diminished: II, VII augmented: III Don't know about the lydian mode though, still learning about modes...
  13. Wouter Oosterbosch (683)
    Open Forum · 39 Hits · 5/14/2003 10:51 AM
    lol, great one jeff...:-)
  14. Wouter Oosterbosch (683)
    Instructional Forum · 71 Hits · 5/13/2003 12:08 PM
    Hey Jeff, wow, thanks a lot!! During the 2 years that I've been playing, I have only been to a teacher twice, to check on my technique... I've studied scales, chord construction & related subjects, and I've just learned about modes... not...(more)
  15. Wouter Oosterbosch (683)
    Instructional Forum · 74 Hits · 5/13/2003 8:52 AM
    Hey all, can somebody please go to this address: and tell me if this is a good explanation? I'm just getting into jazz, so I wouldn't...(more)
  16. Wouter Oosterbosch (683)
    Artists Forum · 33 Hits · 5/13/2003 8:48 AM
    Must say, went to see Springsteen live yesterday, I thought it was very impressing... I never realised what a beautiful falsetto he could do... Really great show btw...
  17. Wouter Oosterbosch (683)
    Instructional Forum · 126 Hits · 5/6/2003 4:20 AM
    Hi all, I have a few questions, hope you can help me... - I'm having some trouble fingering a m7b5 chord with the root on the 6th string... I believe it was this shape: cho|7|x|7|7|6|x|Bm7b5|cho correct? Well, I can do it when I'm closer to...(more)
  18. Wouter Oosterbosch (683)
    Artists Forum · 81 Hits · 5/6/2003 4:08 AM
    I'm quite surprised no one mentioned the first solo of Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb... Now there's passion for ya. It just speaks for the whole song
  19. Wouter Oosterbosch (683)
    Artists Forum · 33 Hits · 5/5/2003 2:23 PM
    I'll agree with you on Edge :-) furthermore, the standard ones, Hendrix, Page, SRV, Brian May,...
  20. Wouter Oosterbosch (683)
    Artists Forum · 94 Hits · 4/24/2003 4:46 PM
    Hey guys, I listened to some Queen last week and I just started wondering if any of you ever tried to recreate that typical Brian May sound... Any tips on how to do this? Thanks in advance