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  1. Russ Waldron (80)
    Artists Forum · 39 Hits · 5/1/2000 7:44 AM
    ok, i'm an 80s child so here is my list: poison: talk dirty to me winger: almost anything they ever did. enuff z'nuff:fly high michelle i'm sure there are more but i'm not digging out the old cassettes to find them! LOL
  2. Russ Waldron (80)
    Equipment Forum · 57 Hits · 4/23/2000 9:46 AM
    keep in mind that the ones on musicyo are the spirit level of steinberger guitars. they do NOT have the composit neck and body. the double ball tuning system works fine if you don't mind paying a bit more for the strings. as far as i know gibson...(more)
  3. Russ Waldron (80)
    Theory Forum · 105 Hits · 2/21/2000 10:44 PM
    i think that will help. thanks for taking the time to answer.
  4. Russ Waldron (80)
    Theory Forum · 71 Hits · 2/20/2000 11:56 PM
    i understand the basic concepts you explained. my band seems to write alot of riffs that are not in a straight 4:4 time. how do i count these riffs out to determine what time signature they are in? it would help alot to be albe to talk to our dr...(more)
  5. Russ Waldron (80)
    Theory Forum · 128 Hits · 2/20/2000 6:26 AM
    could one of you highly educated people out there help us wana-be music gurus? how do you read a time siganture and how do you tell what time signature a piece of music or riff you write is in? thank-you, in advance, and i'll come see you som...(more)
  6. Russ Waldron (80)
    Equipment Forum · 57 Hits · 2/20/2000 4:13 AM
    check for a used mesa DC-5. i picked one up for $650 last year and it is one of the best amps i have ever seen or played. plenty of power and awsome tube sounds. they built alot of features into it that makes it easy to get a wide range of very ...(more)