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  1. Mark Trent (73)
    Artists Forum · 437 Hits · 4/22/2000 6:52 PM
    Okay, this is too vague I know, but when I posted it, I had one song in mind: Green Grass and High Tides by the Outlaws. Thankfully, this isn't a song the radio stations continue to play to death (too many to list)... Go ahead and pull out tha...(more)
  2. Mark Trent (73)
    Artists Forum · 103 Hits · 4/22/2000 6:42 PM
    My vote for most underrated is Danny Gatton. (perhaps because he was unknown to so many). But thankfully, he has several CD's to keep his playing alive (he died in '94). In one word: Phenomenal ! Go to and download an MP3 s...(more)
  3. Mark Trent (73)
    Artists Forum · 108 Hits · 3/25/2000 6:01 PM
    TWO WORDS..... Danny Gatton.... This guy could play! He's my pick for most underrated. Anyone who picks up one of his CD's will hear he could smoke. I agree with others: KWS is good, but SHOULD get better with time. The old cliche, "you have ...(more)