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  1. Allen Nelson (991)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 36 Hits · 6/12/2007 2:59 PM
    Guthrie Govan, for sure. I have his album "Erotic Cakes," and it's awesome, but I often go to youtube and watch one of his live performances - or even just play it in the background - because he is absolutely amazing. His technique is impeccable...(more)
  2. Allen Nelson (991)
    Equipment Forum · 15 Hits · 6/12/2007 1:38 PM
    Sorry for the delay in response. Thanks for all the tips! I have a 100 watt head, a Fender Roc Pro 1000, although I'm soon going to be getting a Carvin MTS3200, which is a tube amp, also 100 watts. I know I don't need to worry about maxing out ...(more)
  3. Allen Nelson (991)
    Instructional Forum · 27 Hits · 6/12/2007 1:29 PM
    Thanks for your advice, but you should know it's a little offensive to be told that I'm ducking hard work, when I am doing nothing of the sort. I'm not looking for "shortcuts," I'm looking for the best way to learn. I don't think you'd argue tha...(more)
  4. Allen Nelson (991)
    Equipment Forum · 20 Hits · 6/6/2007 5:28 PM
    Wait, so if I have 2 60W speakers and 2 75W, the total wattage will still be 240W and not 270W? Not that it matters much, but that is a surprise. As far as the Ohms go, yes, I know I need to match that. But thanks anyway :) Although I'll need t...(more)
  5. Allen Nelson (991)
    Instructional Forum · 143 Hits · 6/6/2007 2:50 AM
    I'm sure that this has been brought up many times before, but I have two weeks of vacation time and I was hoping in that time to teach myself the fretboard. I'm not so much interested in sightreading as being able to, for example, arpeggiate fre...(more)
  6. Allen Nelson (991)
    Equipment Forum · 63 Hits · 6/6/2007 2:43 AM
    I'm thinking of replacing the speakers in my cab and getting 2 celestion vintage 30's at 60W and 2 eminence wizards at 75W. Can I do this? Both from an acoustic standpoint and an electrical standpoint I mean. It won't make anything blow up will ...(more)
  7. Allen Nelson (991)
    Instructional Forum · 25 Hits · 5/14/2007 5:23 AM
    Yes, I have spent lots of time on twelve bar blues progressions, and I don't really have a problem with that sort of thing. Of course, one of the differences there is that, using the blues scale, pretty much any note works. You really don't enco...(more)
  8. Allen Nelson (991)
    Instructional Forum · 24 Hits · 5/14/2007 2:36 AM
    Haha, no offense Adam, but I play death metal, and face-melting solos come with the territory. The problem is that a lot of people who hate shredding (and I do, for the most part - I can't stand listening to most shred guitar records) think that...(more)
  9. Allen Nelson (991)
    Instructional Forum · 30 Hits · 5/12/2007 3:39 PM
    Thanks for the help guys. Can you go into a bit more detail when you say work on phrasing? This term gets thrown around a lot but I've always had a rather sketchy idea of what it means.
  10. Allen Nelson (991)
    Instructional Forum · 79 Hits · 5/12/2007 5:57 AM
    I find that it can be very difficult to keep to a solid 4 notes per beat at very fast tempos. It's OK when I'm playing something that I know, i.e. a defined run or lick or something. But when I just "let it rip," I just kind of switch into a "fa...(more)
  11. Allen Nelson (991)
    Equipment Forum · 77 Hits · 4/18/2007 12:31 AM
    Title pretty much says it all. I've got the opportunity to buy a Mesa single recto for cheap, but it sort of sounds like crap. I'm wondering if this is likely due to a need for new tubes, or if the amp is legitimately crummy. I know for a fact i...(more)
  12. Allen Nelson (991)
    Artists Forum · 23 Hits · 8/3/2006 12:57 PM
    Stochelo Rosenberg improvising on a Django theme: I'm sure some of you have seen this incredible clip or at least heard of this guy. I was just wondering if any of you kno...(more)
  13. Allen Nelson (991)
    Instructional Forum · 60 Hits · 6/26/2006 4:53 PM
    I'm learning paganini's "moto perpetuo" in c major. I arranged it so that all of the notes are picked, mostly alternate but with a little sweeping, without all of the convenient hammer-on and tapping shortcuts that I use when shredding.I've lear...(more)
  14. Allen Nelson (991)
    Instructional Forum · 44 Hits · 8/16/2005 11:01 AM
    For a long time I was able to do pinch harmonics on the high strings but not the low ones. The reason is that in order to do a pinch harmonic on the low strings, you really have to get under the string. The motion is like pushing out from the bo...(more)
  15. Allen Nelson (991)
    Instructional Forum · 30 Hits · 8/16/2005 10:47 AM
    I wouldn't practice just the chord changes. First of all there will always be more chords to learn and more combinations and changes, etc. The thing that makes you better at chords is just playing them, a lot, until it becomes totally automatic....(more)
  16. Allen Nelson (991)
    Instructional Forum · 131 Hits · 10/28/2004 12:28 PM
    Ah, it feels good to post to Wholenote after a long absence... I was just wondering, does Steve Morse alternate pick all of the notes in Tumeni Notes? Cuz I know that he is known for strict alternate picking arpeggios. I can play the opening ri...(more)
  17. Allen Nelson (991)
    Artists Forum · 43 Hits · 8/29/2004 2:43 AM
    I just got back from seeing MetallicA in concert for the first time. Twas awesome!! \m/_ \m/_ \m/_ Godsmack opened, and they kicked a-- too. Oh, by the way, Metallica played Dyer's Eve for us, which they never play.. haha!! Gotta love 'em. --...(more)
  18. Allen Nelson (991)
    Equipment Forum · 87 Hits · 8/26/2004 12:03 PM
    My bottom-line recording rig is nearly complete. What it consists of now: 1 Tascam M-208 8-Channel Mixer 1 Behringer ULTRA-DI DI100 Direct Input Box 1 Shure SM-57 Instrument Mic 1 Oktava Condenser Mic 1 AKG D-550 Kick Drum Mic 1 Computer with S...(more)
  19. Allen Nelson (991)
    Instructional Forum · 53 Hits · 8/16/2004 2:40 PM
    1. Yes, power chords are the meat and potatoes of rock/metal music. 2. Yes, you have to learn them. Luckily you will soon discover there is nothing complicated about them. 3. The main message: Your teacher and the book are both right. Here's a...(more)
  20. Allen Nelson (991)
    Artists Forum · 46 Hits · 8/2/2004 2:10 PM
    If you live in a big city it's probably already playing there. Just look up "Some Kind of Monster." --Allen