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  1. Don Harrold (69)
    WholeNote Forum · 74 Hits · 6/12/2002 12:51 PM
    Jeff, Your points are well-taken. I completely understand that the site is free (etc). It's funny, but even 5 years ago it would be impossible to expect a snail-mail reply to ANYTHING in less than a week. Now, I'm antsy about no reply in a d...(more)
  2. Don Harrold (69)
    WholeNote Forum · 49 Hits · 6/12/2002 10:24 AM
    Bruce, Well, do they ever even respond to email inquiries? Don
  3. Don Harrold (69)
    WholeNote Forum · 42 Hits · 6/12/2002 10:23 AM
    Steve, Thanks! Still no word from wholenote. I think they must have like one guy in an apartment in charge... Don
  4. Don Harrold (69)
    WholeNote Forum · 46 Hits · 6/12/2002 10:20 AM
    Jason, Thanks for checking out my site. Still no word from wholenote. I think maybe it's run by one guy or something. Don
  5. Don Harrold (69)
    WholeNote Forum · 104 Hits · 6/11/2002 12:44 AM
    I sent an MP3 link and spent quite a bit of time on the attached commentary. To date, no reply from Wholenote. I then sent an email requesting that someone at least acknowledge receipt of my first email. Again, NO reply. Uh, is anyone home??...(more)