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  1. Frederick Burton (5465)
    Instructional Forum · 33 Hits · 10/3/2000 7:38 AM
    Hey there Richard!! I'm sort of snickering at your remark because its always been a topic of discussion, debate, even an argument. To Scale or not to Scale. I firmly beleive that most beginners learn too many scales and they learn them verbat...(more)
  2. Frederick Burton (5465)
    Instructional Forum · 31 Hits · 9/28/2000 12:41 AM
    Just listen to the greats: <b>Pat Martino, Jimmy Bruno, John Scofield, John Mclaughlin, Emily Remler, Jim Hall, Barney Kessell, Joe Diorio, Pat Methany, Joe Beck, Dick McDonough, Eddie Lang, Django Reinhardt, Bucky Pizzarelli, Sonny Shorrock, C...(more)
  3. Frederick Burton (5465)
    Open Forum · 33 Hits · 9/27/2000 12:25 AM
    <b>"In life, one must endeavor to persevere"</b>...... <i>Long Watie...from the movie "Outlaw Josie Wells"</i> FB
  4. Frederick Burton (5465)
    Theory Forum · 30 Hits · 9/23/2000 10:35 AM
    I like that D blues thang over the Dm7b5 CS. Do I detect shades of Scott Henderson there? FB
  5. Frederick Burton (5465)
    Theory Forum · 28 Hits · 9/22/2000 12:38 AM
    Is there an exact way of soloing over this progression? Not really. It all depends on you. Do you wish to play <b>"inside"</b> the progression? or create <b>"tension"</b> by playing <b>"outside"</b> the progression? One scale, the harmonic m...(more)
  6. Frederick Burton (5465)
    Theory Forum · 28 Hits · 9/22/2000 12:14 AM
    A very good example of this expression is to listen to the progressive rock band "Dream Theater" FB
  7. Frederick Burton (5465)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 27 Hits · 9/20/2000 3:40 AM
    I thught of you dude when I saw Peter demolish the "torpedo". Its a shame that the relay team was disqualified. Congrats dude. FB
  8. Frederick Burton (5465)
    Open Forum · 59 Hits · 9/19/2000 12:24 AM
    i would rather take a flight over to Holland, look up Richard take our guitars, hollow bodies that is, and visit some great WWI, WWII, sites, drink some Grolsh Beer and play some mean swing guitar a la Eddie Lang, and Django!!! FB
  9. Frederick Burton (5465)
    Theory Forum · 29 Hits · 9/14/2000 7:23 AM
    They're just power chords. Predominantly played by Rockers, its the notation for playing the Root and the 5th degree and no its not slang. FB
  10. Frederick Burton (5465)
    Artists Forum · 43 Hits · 9/12/2000 12:29 AM
    Did someone say Jimmy Bruno? He has on line chats every Tuesday evening and has organized live chats with Hank Garland, Ron Affif, Cindy Benedetto, Patterson (from JGO).
  11. Frederick Burton (5465)
    Theory Forum · 29 Hits · 9/11/2000 5:33 AM
    I always refer to it as the Phyrgian Dominant Scale. Its also called the Hindu Scale. FB
  12. Frederick Burton (5465)
    Open Forum · 36 Hits · 9/10/2000 8:39 AM
    Here's my score for that comment Rich:     <b>"10"</b>
  13. Frederick Burton (5465)
    Open Forum · 25 Hits · 9/9/2000 2:20 PM
    LOLOLOL I can definitely relate. I feel your pain. FB
  14. Frederick Burton (5465)
    Open Forum · 30 Hits · 9/9/2000 8:03 AM
    The importance of reading is essential and I had to learn that the hard way. But one of the most important reasons is that many artists have their own arrangements of jazz standards and the only thing they're going to do is throw a chart in fron...(more)
  15. Frederick Burton (5465)
    Open Forum · 37 Hits · 9/6/2000 12:23 AM
    I'll second that opinion. He's been a good swift kick in the old arse of mine. FB
  16. Frederick Burton (5465)
    Theory Forum · 59 Hits · 9/5/2000 5:02 AM
    If you're asking how to harmonized a harmonic minor scale then you should refer to Lesson #804. If you're asking how to create a chord progression from those chords. The chrod progressions from a major scale: <b>ii-V-I</b> is the same in a min...(more)
  17. Frederick Burton (5465)
    Artists Forum · 43 Hits · 9/5/2000 12:36 AM
    I have to agree with you Tony. Glenn Tipton pretty much brought everything, including the kitchen sink with that solo!!! That sad thing thing about his solo is that K.K. followed him with his usual noise. LOL
  18. Frederick Burton (5465)
    Open Forum · 35 Hits · 8/31/2000 2:47 AM
    It looks like Germany is not the place to be. Thank God for Jazz........What do you say Rich?
  19. Frederick Burton (5465)
    Artists Forum · 24 Hits · 8/29/2000 4:18 AM
    Who will do the <b>Cuttin' Heads</b> scene? OH NO!!!!! Not Kirk!!!!!!! FB
  20. Frederick Burton (5465)
    Theory Forum · 32 Hits · 8/29/2000 4:16 AM
    No need to be controversial Rich. But I do agree with CS, its all about the learning process. BTW, if anyone else questions you being the keeper of the jazz flame here at WN will suffer a thrashing over the head with my guitar a la Pete Townse...(more)