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  1. Frederick Burton (5465)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 24 Hits · 11/22/2000 2:50 AM
    We [the USA] probably would consider coming back to the empire but the last time I read the paper or watched the BBC newscast, the "empire where the sun never sets" is no more!! Can't hold on to N. Ireland, Scotland is self ruled, with Wales to...(more)
  2. Frederick Burton (5465)
    Instructional Forum · 28 Hits · 11/17/2000 12:16 AM
    I'll I have to recall something that I did as a beginner......that was to change guitar strings minutes before a recital!!! No wonder I was constantly out of tune. It was very hilarious and embarassing. FB
  3. Frederick Burton (5465)
    Theory Forum · 33 Hits · 11/8/2000 5:47 AM
    Along with that neat advice, try to incorporate some of those "tricks" we guitar players have under our sleeves, for example: <b>Vibrato, Bends, Slides, Trills, Tapping, Volume Swells, Toggle Switching, Double Stops, Pinch Harmonics, Natural/Ar...(more)
  4. Frederick Burton (5465)
    Artists Forum · 30 Hits · 11/2/2000 1:14 AM
    *Frederick Burton's All Star Big Band* <br /><br /><br /><ul><li>drums-    <b>Art Blakely</b> </li><li>vibes-     <b>Milt Jackson</b> </li><li>bass-     <b>Dennis Chambers</b> </li><li>guitar-     <b>Joe Pass</b> </li><li>piano-     <b>Oscar Pet...(more)
  5. Frederick Burton (5465)
    Theory Forum · 36 Hits · 11/2/2000 12:30 AM
    CS is all starts with the cantus firmus. There are several species to aid you in writing good counterpoint lines in the style of JS Bach. Bach's Passacaglia for Organ is a perfect example for analysis and for ear training on this s...(more)
  6. Frederick Burton (5465)
    Open Forum · 36 Hits · 11/1/2000 12:59 AM
    My two cents Karen..... I do use the Aebersold play alongs. I do suggest them and use them with my students. Volumes: 1,24,42,30 the volumes on Minor Blues, Dominant Chords,Turnarounds, and getting it together, are very very useful in helping...(more)
  7. Frederick Burton (5465)
    Open Forum · 37 Hits · 11/1/2000 12:51 AM
    hey there Richard!!! i checked out the sight and its pretty cool. It really should prove helpful to those getting into the jazz world. I've noticed that you're part of the world which is an up and coming sight and fellow jazze...(more)
  8. Frederick Burton (5465)
    Theory Forum · 30 Hits · 10/25/2000 12:31 AM
    Don't forget yourself............keeper of the flame. FB
  9. Frederick Burton (5465)
    Theory Forum · 27 Hits · 10/24/2000 2:50 AM
    Along with that excellent advice per CG. My very first jazz guitar lesson was a list of jazz guitarist i.e. emily Remler, Joe Pass, Barney Kessell, Wes, etc etc. It was suggested that I should buy recordings by these guitarist and just listen,...(more)
  10. Frederick Burton (5465)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 31 Hits · 10/24/2000 12:23 AM
    I'm practicing for that moment even as we speak. FB
  11. Frederick Burton (5465)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 36 Hits · 10/23/2000 12:14 AM
    Cool beans is a nerdy expression but its a good thing. FB
  12. Frederick Burton (5465)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 36 Hits · 10/20/2000 10:33 AM
    Hey there Rich!! Soccer.......Boring!!! Sorry guy but there are some foreign sports I do appreciate like Austrailian football. I saw the new site created by Jimmy and I'm truly amazed that upon entering the site guess who I saw........ Live j...(more)
  13. Frederick Burton (5465)
    Announcements Forum · 48 Hits · 10/18/2000 12:15 AM
    The world isn't as big as you think my friend!!! Congrats!!!!!! Jimmy is a real cool dude...I should know, I've called upon him plenty of times and each time he's come through. FB
  14. Frederick Burton (5465)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 31 Hits · 10/17/2000 12:40 AM
    Ruts are just part of the territory but I also must confess to getting tired of music. Not so much as music itself but if I'm really practicing let's say jazz, I may grow tired of it. That's when I seek out other outlets like going to the reso...(more)
  15. Frederick Burton (5465)
    Open Forum · 37 Hits · 10/10/2000 3:46 AM
    I use to subscribe to guitar world sometime ago. that was when John Petrucci and BB King had articles. Their lessons were some of the most worthy and thought provoking. Once they left, I ended my subscription. Now I see John is back. FB
  16. Frederick Burton (5465)
    Instructional Forum · 24 Hits · 10/6/2000 12:20 AM
    i hear you!!
  17. Frederick Burton (5465)
    Instructional Forum · 31 Hits · 10/5/2000 4:09 AM
    Thanks CG, I also wanted to include that I've read in John Coltrane's biography how he was infamous for his bizarre, ecentric, and marathon like practice sessions. On one of these occasions he played the Cmajor scale for 8 hours!! Everything in...(more)
  18. Frederick Burton (5465)
    Artists Forum · 30 Hits · 10/5/2000 4:02 AM
    After listening to your tracks Rich, I think I'm going to have to include you as my favorite geeeeetar man. I better go practice. ;-) Sounds great dude!!! FB
  19. Frederick Burton (5465)
    Instructional Forum · 19 Hits · 10/5/2000 1:23 AM
    There's a practice technique Jamey Aebersold calls <b>Evening up the Keys</b>. By this you take a key, lets say Ab major, and now you should play scales, intervallic studies,arpeggios, chord progressions etc, in that one key. There's also some...(more)
  20. Frederick Burton (5465)
    Open Forum · 31 Hits · 10/4/2000 4:48 AM
    That is a cool picture!!! Glad to see some faces with the names. FB