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  1. Frederick Burton (5465)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 50 Hits · 8/26/1999 4:25 AM
    Guitar Player- two thumbs down!!!! Unfortunately my mother thought she was doing me a favor by getting me a subscription as a suprise gift. (sigh). Before I was unfortunate bearer of this gift, the one thing I would do is open the magazine to...(more)
  2. Frederick Burton (5465)
    Instructional Forum · 35 Hits · 8/25/1999 1:29 AM
    In the relm of chords there's an order of importance amongst the notes that makes the chord. For your edification the 3rd and the 7th are the meat and potatoes of a chord (assuming you're playing seven or larger chords). The first note that can...(more)
  3. Frederick Burton (5465)
    Instructional Forum · 64 Hits · 8/21/1999 9:39 PM
    Thanks for the suggestion Sean. You don't know the trouble I had getting this on. LOL. Chris can tell ya. LOL. I'm very excited that I can contribute. Hopefully it won't take me so long. Again, thanks for the positive responses and vote of ...(more)
  4. Frederick Burton (5465)
    Equipment Forum · 142 Hits · 7/1/1999 12:46 AM
    At the present time I have three main axes. I do most of my playing on my Ibanez SLTD, 6 string, Jet Black, very ominous, or at least that's what I thought when I saw Alex Skolnick playing one while playing with "Testament". Next in line is my...(more)
  5. Frederick Burton (5465)
    Artists Forum · 98 Hits · 6/28/1999 1:20 AM
    I know what you mean Mark, I have both videos and yes, Pat is very very very philosophical in his approach to playing. His minor conversion theory is easily applied than explained, if you can believe it. LOL. But really, he's just applying th...(more)
  6. Frederick Burton (5465)
    Artists Forum · 67 Hits · 6/27/1999 5:05 PM
    As I sit here at work rotting to death, I'm groovin' on Philly's own, jazz guitarist, Pat Martino. Are you looking for some intense playing? May I suggest Martino's "Consciousness" CD!