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  1. Danny Shatz (532)
    Artists Forum · 152 Hits · 1/28/2004 11:11 PM
    This is tough cause pink floyd is one of my fav's but here goes. Song: Us and them or Wish you were here Album: Wish you were here Band member: Gilmour (Oh man those licks he could play. The man's a genius)
  2. Danny Shatz (532)
    Artists Forum · 142 Hits · 1/24/2004 4:28 PM
    Jerry Cantrell, Tony Iommi, David Gilmour, Jimmy page. They all spoke with their guitars and didsn't just make up fast solos. Who cares about speed when there's nofeeling to it. I try to put feeling in my guitar just the same way that they did...(more)
  3. Danny Shatz (532)
    Artists Forum · 95 Hits · 1/24/2004 4:22 PM
    One thing about slipknow tracks 1-4 on the album with the serial number are all aweosme!!! But that's it :-) sorry
  4. Danny Shatz (532)
    Artists Forum · 99 Hits · 1/24/2004 4:17 PM
    Slipknot and marilyn manson both suck. Altohugh Corey taylor does have soe talent 1 Korn- Korn's early tunes were heavy aand good but after life is peachy they've slowed down a bit. Follow the leader and Untouchsbles were both decent/ 2. K...(more)
  5. Danny Shatz (532)
    Artists Forum · 135 Hits · 1/22/2004 6:32 PM
    Tool, Black Sabbath (Ozzy Days), Pink Floyd, These are bands that just kick my a-- every time I hear them.
  6. Danny Shatz (532)
    Artists Forum · 103 Hits · 1/22/2004 1:32 PM
    Oh yeah and how could I forget Alice in Chains- Love hate Love Tool- 46 & 2 Iron Maiden- Fear of the dark
  7. Danny Shatz (532)
    Artists Forum · 94 Hits · 1/22/2004 1:27 PM
    Slayer-Dead skin Mask Deftones- My own Summer Metallica- And Justice for all....
  8. Danny Shatz (532)
    Artists Forum · 163 Hits · 1/4/2004 10:18 PM
    I was seven years old and my brother made me listen to Megadeth: So far so good so what! Talk about back in the day man! I've been hooked ever since
  9. Danny Shatz (532)
    Artists Forum · 135 Hits · 12/16/2003 7:08 PM
    Wow I'm an idiot I forgot TOOL under my best metal bands
  10. Danny Shatz (532)
    Artists Forum · 113 Hits · 12/16/2003 7:04 PM
    Best: Alice in Chains, Drain Sth, Deftones, Metallica (old school), Black Sabbath, Ozzy, Godsmack, White Zombie, System of a down Worst: Slipknot, Limp Bizkit, Endo, Marilyn Manson, P.O.D
  11. Danny Shatz (532)
    Artists Forum · 38 Hits · 12/9/2003 8:09 AM
    hehe gotta love when the keyboard does that to ya :-)
  12. Danny Shatz (532)
    Artists Forum · 51 Hits · 12/8/2003 11:08 PM
    Now hold on ozzy was never the typical star who really ever cared what people thought. This was probably NOT a publicity stunt. Ozzy was the guy who pulled off outrageous stunts, not the guy who said please feel sorry for me and buy my album. ...(more)
  13. Danny Shatz (532)
    Artists Forum · 59 Hits · 12/3/2003 11:11 PM
    In fact Einziger also wrote a lot of very popular songs. He's from Incubus, who I tihnk is underated. I saw them live and they did a fifteen minute jam on jazzy guitar. He was nasty. Would I put him in the top ten greatest guitarists of all ...(more)
  14. Danny Shatz (532)
    Artists Forum · 47 Hits · 12/3/2003 6:32 PM
    Look Clapton is a great guitarist, and for blues I will not disagree that he is great. As for Jazz and Funk a great guitarist for that genres are Michael Einziger.....You ever hear of him?
  15. Danny Shatz (532)
    Artists Forum · 49 Hits · 11/28/2003 2:30 PM
    Well man there's actually a lot more to rap. Dr. Dre, is probably one of the most brilliant producers in the industry. Why do you think Eminem is so popular? Eminem IS talneted as hell but with a rap artist and proiducer like Dre behind him he...(more)
  16. Danny Shatz (532)
    Artists Forum · 42 Hits · 11/26/2003 11:59 PM
    I should've known that. You're right. :-)
  17. Danny Shatz (532)
    Artists Forum · 43 Hits · 11/26/2003 8:26 AM
    I download the songs that i wouldn't normally buy a cd for, but if I'm going for one of my favorite bands like pink floyd or radiohead I'm certainly gonna buy the cd. It IS ridiculous, however to have to pay 18 or 19 dollars for a cd that you e...(more)
  18. Danny Shatz (532)
    Artists Forum · 45 Hits · 11/23/2003 11:36 PM
    Oh god how could I forget Mr. Crowley-Ozzy Osbourne
  19. Danny Shatz (532)
    Artists Forum · 35 Hits · 11/23/2003 1:32 PM
    If we're talking about the best solos of all time I think the one from Freebird must be mentioned. Also Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd) Warning (Black Sabbath) Master of Puppets (metallica)
  20. Danny Shatz (532)
    Artists Forum · 50 Hits · 11/21/2003 3:12 PM
    I'm not saying you're wrong but I will ask why you disagree. I don't thinkthat anything he's done has been incredible innovative or really original for that matter. I would put guitarists like David Gilmour, (who certainly doesn't get the reco...(more)