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  1. Neal Eles (198)
    Equipment Forum · 105 Hits · 3/6/2003 10:24 PM
    I have an alder body guitar with a tung oil coating. I was wondering what I would need to do to maintain the body of this guitar, and how often I'd need to do it. - Neal
  2. Neal Eles (198)
    Artists Forum · 54 Hits · 10/31/2002 4:09 PM
    The 80's was a time period full of materialism, which shows in the hard rock of the decade. Because all of the metal bands were commercialized on MTV and the radio, they had to live up to certain expectations of the mainstream pop culture. Nirva...(more)
  3. Neal Eles (198)
    Equipment Forum · 60 Hits · 10/16/2002 9:32 PM
    No, I'm not having any problem with the tuning of my guitar. I was just curious about the actual tuners, which you tune your guitar with, that you attatch to the side of your guitar for fast tuning. It picks up on the sound of the guitar through...(more)
  4. Neal Eles (198)
    Equipment Forum · 58 Hits · 10/16/2002 8:20 PM
    Oh sorry. It's a Carvin DC127 6 string electric guitar. It has an all natural body. Anything else needed?
  5. Neal Eles (198)
    Artists Forum · 94 Hits · 10/16/2002 7:57 PM
    Modest Mouse is probably my favorite band right now. Anyone who's heard them, what do you think?
  6. Neal Eles (198)
    Equipment Forum · 87 Hits · 10/16/2002 7:51 PM
    I've heard about these tuners which allow you to attatch them to the side of your guitar for quick, efficient tuning. Do these really work? How much do they go for?
  7. Neal Eles (198)
    Equipment Forum · 93 Hits · 10/16/2002 7:49 PM
    I've become a huge fan of Carvin since I got my DC127 and MTS3200. Has anyone played the Bolt or does anyone own this guitar? I was wondering how it compares to the Strat, but I'm especially curious about it with Twin Blade pickups.
  8. Neal Eles (198)
    Equipment Forum · 117 Hits · 8/9/2002 11:46 AM
    Hey everyone, I posted awhile ago about this new Carvin equipment I had ordered, but I've been away for awhile, so I haven't been able to get back to you. Anyway, I got the DC127 model with an all natural finish (no gloss or anything) made of Al...(more)
  9. Neal Eles (198)
    Equipment Forum · 98 Hits · 6/11/2002 10:50 PM
    Hey guys, I finally was able to order the Carvin equipment that I've been wanting so bad and doing all this research on. I ordered the MTS half stack and the DC127 with several custom options. I'm really looking forward to receiving them shortly...(more)
  10. Neal Eles (198)
    Equipment Forum · 135 Hits · 6/8/2002 3:09 PM
    Hello. I'm looking for a really good wah pedal to accommodate my leads and such. I've heard of good brands like Dunlop and Vox, but I'm low on knowledge on these things. What would you recommend? What's so good about what you have? Price isn't r...(more)
  11. Neal Eles (198)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 76 Hits · 5/25/2002 10:16 AM
    I've seen Fight Club a million times, and I own the special edition DVD. It's probably my favorite movie, I've seen a lot! Director David Fincher is also probably my favorite director. He has directed the movies Fight Club (Brad Pitt, Edward Nor...(more)
  12. Neal Eles (198)
    Equipment Forum · 84 Hits · 5/18/2002 12:51 PM
    Hello, I'm looking to purchase a Carvin DC127 and I was wondering what the difference is between the C22 pickups and the M22 pickups. The C22's come standard, but I was curious about the M22's. What are they like?
  13. Neal Eles (198)
    Equipment Forum · 91 Hits · 5/17/2002 4:09 PM
    Hello. Neal here, if any of you remember me. I want to get the Carvin DC127 and the Carvin MTS half stack. I want to get both - it's not any kind of combo deal, the DC127 runs for about $650 with my custom options and the half stack goes for $90...(more)
  14. Neal Eles (198)
    Equipment Forum · 87 Hits · 5/8/2002 5:36 PM
    How much do you think an Ibanez RG470XL should run for if: Used but in good to great condition - no scratches/dents, all tuned up. Includes hard shell case. About $600 new (including hard shell case).
  15. Neal Eles (198)
    Equipment Forum · 20 Hits · 5/1/2002 8:00 PM
    nyeh - Neal
  16. Neal Eles (198)
    Equipment Forum · 67 Hits · 5/1/2002 3:46 PM
    Hello. Do any of you know what the difference is between slanted and straight cabs? - Neal
  17. Neal Eles (198)
    Equipment Forum · 46 Hits · 4/19/2002 11:35 PM
    Hey I posted earlier about the EMG's I was wanting to get - and I got them! I got an EMG 81 on the neck position and an EMG 85 on the bridge position on my Fender Strat. They sound awesome and give me great tone. Thanks for the advice on 'em. I ...(more)
  18. Neal Eles (198)
    Equipment Forum · 21 Hits · 4/18/2002 6:25 PM
    I'm not quite sure about what kind... I'm not very knowledgeable on amplifiers. Which do you think produces a better tone/sound? Thanks for your help so far.
  19. Neal Eles (198)
    Equipment Forum · 76 Hits · 4/18/2002 4:49 PM
    Hello. I am looking into a nice half stack (head and cab) in a price range of around $1000. I really want a nice distortion on this thing, too. I was kind of looking at Mesa/Boogie's and Carvin's but not too much. Maybe a Crate too.... What do y...(more)
  20. Neal Eles (198)
    Equipment Forum · 61 Hits · 3/29/2002 3:38 PM
    What would the differences and similarities be between the HZ pickups and a set of 81 and 85?