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  1. Randy Combs (6529)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 18 Hits · 3/15/2002 9:05 AM
    If there was an amp around it definitely would be my Les Paul,if not it would be a Martin D-28.It would be nice if a lady or two were there also.
  2. Randy Combs (6529)
    Artists Forum · 34 Hits · 3/14/2002 10:10 PM
    The Outfield......
  3. Randy Combs (6529)
    Equipment Forum · 35 Hits · 3/14/2002 10:06 PM
    I own my own mom and pop convenient store so I do understand all the questions.I am located 30 miles from the nearest music store and I run my store 7 days a week so I have to buy most everything mail order.I gig 2 to 4 times a week so I need th...(more)
  4. Randy Combs (6529)
    Equipment Forum · 32 Hits · 3/14/2002 2:03 PM
    I've been fortunate,after 15 years my JCM 800 is still going strong so I can't say about their service department but mine's been so good I haven't needed their service.
  5. Randy Combs (6529)
    Equipment Forum · 26 Hits · 3/13/2002 7:39 PM
    I have EMG's in my Strat,one word...AWESOME.
  6. Randy Combs (6529)
    Artists Forum · 22 Hits · 3/12/2002 3:51 PM
    As long as guys like Steve Earle are still around, there'll be some good country coming out.Just because so called country stations and the Nashville establishment doesn't recognize it doesn't mean it's not there.The same with rock music.The bes...(more)
  7. Randy Combs (6529)
    Equipment Forum · 42 Hits · 3/12/2002 9:04 AM
    I have a Squier Strat that I made hotter without buying anything.I took all three pickups and wired them together bypassing the switch.It actually kicks now.I paid $50.00 dollars for the guitar so I had nothing to lose.
  8. Randy Combs (6529)
    Artists Forum · 56 Hits · 3/11/2002 11:32 PM
    Mark Vann of Leftover Salmon died last Friday.I was fortunate enough to see them 2 years ago.They are a great variety band of talented musicians.Mark will be missed.
  9. Randy Combs (6529)
    Artists Forum · 27 Hits · 3/9/2002 10:05 AM
    Melody,harmony all of the things that made A.M. radio.Yes there was a time when no one listened to F.M. radio and songs lasted 2:50 tops,so you had to have a hook and The Beatles with George Martin's help were the masters.There was no Black Sabb...(more)
  10. Randy Combs (6529)
    Artists Forum · 22 Hits · 3/6/2002 12:04 AM
    Leon has a very unique voice,you know it when you hear it.My favorite song of his is "Bittersweet Waltz".He did a show on Austin City Limits a few years ago that fantastic.
  11. Randy Combs (6529)
    Announcements Forum · 51 Hits · 3/4/2002 12:18 AM
    Mister Randy I'll take you up on that drink!!
  12. Randy Combs (6529)
    Announcements Forum · 54 Hits · 3/3/2002 5:42 AM
    The band is playing March 7-9 at The Silver Steer in Clanton,Alabama.Come out and I'll buy you drink and you can jam with us.
  13. Randy Combs (6529)
    Open Forum · 34 Hits · 2/28/2002 3:26 PM
    Until I saw the performance last night,I thought it was a crappy song.After hearing it with just Steve Vai playing guitar behind Nelly it gave the song a very different and beautiful sound.I loved the little harmonics lick Steve threw in there.
  14. Randy Combs (6529)
    Artists Forum · 68 Hits · 2/27/2002 4:35 PM
    It is all about money and image.Talent and good songwriting is a bit down the list.
  15. Randy Combs (6529)
    Announcements Forum · 49 Hits · 2/24/2002 11:07 PM
    My band 1065 will be performing in Clanton,Al. March 1&2 at the Silver Steer.It will be a good time for sure.