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  1. Jim Burger (4613)
    Artists Forum · 34 Hits · 4/5/2001 2:55 PM
    Wow, Ant, I knew all these Zep songs were covers, but I had no idea that Zep never gave credit for so many of them. The fact the Nobody's Fault but Mine is not credited was unknown to me -- that's an intellectual property crime of Napster-like ...(more)
  2. Jim Burger (4613)
    Open Forum · 45 Hits · 4/5/2001 1:14 AM
    I agree with you Jerry, personally I think Clapton plays some nice blues guitar but his singing just doesn't cut it. Sometimes I feel like he doesn't understand the lyrics that he's singing. Listen to his versions of Before You Accuse Me (a ve...(more)
  3. Jim Burger (4613)
    Open Forum · 41 Hits · 4/5/2001 1:11 AM
    Now you're talkin'! Personally, I'd take Kokomo Arnold as my slide role model any day...
  4. Jim Burger (4613)
    Equipment Forum · 43 Hits · 4/4/2001 9:02 AM
    Yeah, I'll put up a review when I get around to it...
  5. Jim Burger (4613)
    Equipment Forum · 93 Hits · 4/3/2001 4:29 PM
    Just thought I'd share this with you guys -- I just got an Intellitouch Tuner, and I think it totally rocks (for acoustic guitar). You attach it to your guitar and it tells you if you're in tune by feeling the vibrations of your strings -- no n...(more)
  6. Jim Burger (4613)
    Open Forum · 40 Hits · 4/3/2001 4:14 PM
    You can call me a blues snob (yes, I admit it!), but I'm always surprised by how many people claim to be "blues heads" but their knowledge of blues stops at SRV, Clapton and Robert Johnson, maybe a little Muddy Waters. How about a little Charli...(more)
  7. Jim Burger (4613)
    Instructional Forum · 37 Hits · 3/14/2001 9:35 AM
    1. You don't need special strings 2. Your guitar & strings should be OK in open E 3. If you're worried about it, do as was suggested -- tune down to open D and capo the 2nd fret
  8. Jim Burger (4613)
    Artists Forum · 99 Hits · 3/14/2001 9:32 AM
    For information on <i><b>any</b></i> artist in any genre, the best place to start is <a href=";sql=B8tarqj1yoj0a">Click Here</a> for their page on Segovia.
  9. Jim Burger (4613)
    Open Forum · 44 Hits · 3/8/2001 11:58 AM
    I've flown numerous times with an acoustic, including many transatlantic flights. I have <i>never</i> checked my guitar. I'd rather have it in my control than in the hands of someone who doesn't care. I always carry it in a padded gig bag &am...(more)
  10. Jim Burger (4613)
    Artists Forum · 34 Hits · 3/2/2001 10:48 PM
    3 words -- Blind Willie Johnson (and don't forget Robert Johnson, either, most of his best songs were slide)
  11. Jim Burger (4613)
    Building/Repair Forum · 44 Hits · 3/2/2001 5:22 PM
    Let's try this again since I screwed up my HTML last time. Go to <a href="">Martin's Website</a> and find their customer service e-mail address, they should be able to answer this for you. How old is your guitar?
  12. Jim Burger (4613)
    Building/Repair Forum · 38 Hits · 3/2/2001 5:11 PM
    I would go to <a href=""></a>
  13. Jim Burger (4613)
    Announcements Forum · 34 Hits · 2/12/2001 10:12 PM
    <b>Welcome Back!</b> I bet it feels odd coming back here and you don't know anyone and they don't know you. Great to see you again, it's been a long time. It's kind of odd to see how much turnover there's been at WN since the early days. But ...(more)
  14. Jim Burger (4613)
    Building/Repair Forum · 117 Hits · 2/9/2001 5:14 PM
    <b>DON'T SCREW WITH THE TRUSS ROD IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING.</b> I had this fret buzz problem last year with my Taylor. The reason? The wood is affected by dryness in a heated environment. Winter is much worse for your guitar than ...(more)
  15. Jim Burger (4613)
    WholeNote Forum · 37 Hits · 2/8/2001 6:07 PM
    No way to mass delete or cut &amp; paste, unfortunately. The only help I can give is, to insert and delete notes it's quicker to hold down the Ctrl key &amp; click the mouse, rather than double-clicking. I know that's not much, but it does mak...(more)
  16. Jim Burger (4613)
    Open Forum · 39 Hits · 2/8/2001 6:01 PM
    Tales of Brave Ulysses Nothing beats the line "Tiny Purple Fishes Run Laughing Through Your Fingers"
  17. Jim Burger (4613)
    Open Forum · 55 Hits · 2/8/2001 10:13 AM
    I kinda expected D'Addario to be up there because I think they're the only brand that's popular with both acoustic and electric players. If you were to divide their # of votes in half, then they're about even with everyone else. I generally ...(more)
  18. Jim Burger (4613)
    WholeNote Forum · 53 Hits · 2/8/2001 10:07 AM
    Since nobody has answered your question yet, here's the simple answer: ActiveBass is WholeNote's sister site, run by the same people (our bass-playing friend Chris Tarry manages the content there). We don't yet have sites for other instruments...(more)
  19. Jim Burger (4613)
    Artists Forum · 47 Hits · 2/7/2001 2:17 PM
    The generally acknowledged bible of Chicago blues history is "Deep Blues," by Robert Palmer (not the singer). It goes into a lot of detail on the individuals who formed the Mississippi Delta blues and subsequently the Chicago blues. It goes int...(more)
  20. Jim Burger (4613)
    WholeNote Forum · 35 Hits · 2/6/2001 4:30 PM
    If you click on "Lessons" from the top navigation bar, then on the left navigation bar you will see "Top 10 Lessons" 4th from the top. If you click on that, you will actually see 3 lists of "Top 10 Lessons".