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  1. Jim Burger (4613)
    Instructional Forum · 178 Hits · 7/13/1999 1:14 PM
    over the weekend i'll try to put up some lessons which exploit my minimal alternating bass knowledge. however, given copyright considerations, I'm not sure that I can put up full songs or their names. nonetheless, i do know a little reverend g...(more)
  2. Jim Burger (4613)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 50 Hits · 7/11/1999 11:09 PM
    Thanks! I can't wait. In the meantime, I'm trying semi-successfully to pick up the Easy Winners from the acoustic/folk section. Actually, it's keeping me pretty busy!
  3. Jim Burger (4613)
    Instructional Forum · 233 Hits · 7/11/1999 7:44 PM
    Why does it sound like sh*t when I try to play slide on my acoustic? I listen to lots of acoustic blues stuff, which inevitably means lots of slide (by the way, I was pretty psyched when I discovered Corey Harris and Alvin Youngblood Hart earli...(more)
  4. Jim Burger (4613)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 203 Hits · 7/11/1999 6:28 PM
    Why aren't any of you rock/pop/acoustic/blues folks posting messages/lessons/etc.? Since my dearest friend is a jazz guitarist who taught me most of what I know and I am a mere journeyman who's never even owned an electric, I realize that I hav...(more)
  5. Jim Burger (4613)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 253 Hits · 7/5/1999 10:25 PM
    I hope what you say is true. I was just musing on the same idea of the guitar hero -- in the old days, in addition to heroes like Berry or Hendrix, there were actually pop bands where the guitarist was at least as important as the lead vocalist...(more)
  6. Jim Burger (4613)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 252 Hits · 7/4/1999 6:24 PM
    Remember back in the 1950s, all pop music was was a catchy jingle that ran 3 minutes until the 45 was over? No long solos, just a catchy jingle. Then in the mid- to late 60s that all changed. Now, the other day, me and a friend were listening...(more)
  7. Jim Burger (4613)
    Artists Forum · 359 Hits · 6/30/1999 6:56 PM
    my friend recommends ali farke toure (who has done albums with ry cooder and taj mahal). another recommended album is baba maal and mansour seck. in fact, any album with mansour seck should be good. there's also some well-known guy named fela...(more)
  8. Jim Burger (4613)
    Theory Forum · 209 Hits · 6/18/1999 1:12 PM
    You got me... I'm absolutely speechless and forced to admit my own ignorance. But at least I am glad to note that I succeeded in provoking such a well composed reaction!
  9. Jim Burger (4613)
    Theory Forum · 468 Hits · 6/17/1999 10:40 AM
    I agree with most of what you said, my friend, except for one thing -- you seem to define the success of music based on its acceptance by the public ("a hit"). I don't give a s--- whether what I play is a hit or not, as long as what I play expr...(more)
  10. Jim Burger (4613)
    Theory Forum · 177 Hits · 5/24/1999 7:43 PM
    Theory is for wooses. Do you think that Charlie Patton ever learned a damn about any scale other than the dipsomanic? Did Robert Johnson spend his time studying textbooks? How many years did Lightnin Hopkins spend at the Academy of Fine Arts?...(more)
  11. Jim Burger (4613)
    Artists Forum · 260 Hits · 5/24/1999 7:38 PM
    Otis Spann, Otis Spann's Chicago Blues. Sorry, man, but more than half the tracks have no guitar accompaniment whatsoever. But Otis is the man.