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  1. Ananth Narayanan (2180)
    WholeNote Forum · 57 Hits · 9/8/2006 12:22 AM
    I have used the composer without (major) problems before, and I tried using it now after quite a while, and it just wouldn't work. I got all kinds of shockwave errors, and with new adobe shockwave versions, more installation issues. I finally ...(more)
  2. Ananth Narayanan (2180)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 47 Hits · 6/9/2006 2:04 AM
    Hi, If your situation is that you have two towers but you want to use just one monitor/keyboard/mouse for both, then what you are looking for is a switching box - the keyboard, monitor and mouse are connected to the switching box and you can sw...(more)
  3. Ananth Narayanan (2180)
    WholeNote Forum · 36 Hits · 5/23/2006 5:35 PM
    << I think maybe you mean the reverse of this (that "there are less guitarists than bassists") - otherwise I am befuddled (well, more befuddled). >> lol! I think that bassists have a lot of time to chit-chat, while we guitarists swe...(more)
  4. Ananth Narayanan (2180)
    Equipment Forum · 90 Hits · 9/24/2004 9:36 AM
  5. Ananth Narayanan (2180)
    Equipment Forum · 61 Hits · 9/23/2004 3:15 PM
    We had a Kustom PA system we were (and still are in some way) using for practise. When we bought it, it was a great deal and sounded great and I even wrote a good review about it. But a year past, there is a lot of buzzing noise, and the port on...(more)
  6. Ananth Narayanan (2180)
    Equipment Forum · 68 Hits · 9/22/2004 3:51 PM
    I have a Fender Frontman 25R and its just great for my needs. It cost abt 140$ including taxes. And, its VERY loud. I wouldn't recommend kustom as we have a kustom PA system here thats coming apart after just a year.
  7. Ananth Narayanan (2180)
    Equipment Forum · 82 Hits · 7/24/2004 2:47 PM
    I've never opened up my guitar before, but I don't mind trying. Any tips on how to open it up (and put it back together)?
  8. Ananth Narayanan (2180)
    Equipment Forum · 87 Hits · 7/24/2004 11:49 AM
    Hi, I have an Ibanez AFS75T guitar with two humbucker pickups. I've had it for about a year. Now one of the pickups (bridge side) is not working. What is the best (most economical) way to deal with this problem? Is there something I can open up...(more)
  9. Ananth Narayanan (2180)
    Instructional Forum · 114 Hits · 7/22/2004 2:50 PM
    My two pence - Find your limit, and try to push yourself just a little over it. Don't go way over your limit or just keep playing slow and clean though you can go faster. It is very important though to play it correctly and cleanly than to pla...(more)
  10. Ananth Narayanan (2180)
    WholeNote Forum · 100 Hits · 7/21/2004 6:28 PM
    Thanks, this seems to be a good work-around for now. I would like to see this requirement handled more elegantly though. Hopefully the next version of the software will provide this feature.
  11. Ananth Narayanan (2180)
    WholeNote Forum · 101 Hits · 7/21/2004 3:06 PM
    Hi, Is there any way to save the tabs from the composer at wholenote as pure text files? Or atleast some way of generating a "printer friendly" version of the tabs? Will there be any future developments to provide these features?
  12. Ananth Narayanan (2180)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 112 Hits · 8/29/2002 6:44 PM
    if u can't beat 'em, join 'em!