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  1. Steve Suomu (680)
    Equipment Forum · 86 Hits · 1/17/2005 2:33 PM
    If you have a string winder, there is a half-circle groove on the top which fits under the pin to pull it out. If not some times a wooden clothespin works or you my be able to use your fingers if it isn't too tight. Make sure you have loosened ...(more)
  2. Steve Suomu (680)
    Artists Forum · 43 Hits · 1/17/2005 2:28 PM
    Don Ross ( Canadian-if you never heard him you should. My personal favorite ) Leo Kottke, Alex Degrassi, Adrian Legg, Billy Mclaughlin, Andrew York (Classical but check out his composition "SunBurst"), and WholeNote's very own Rick Payman ( I'v...(more)
  3. Steve Suomu (680)
    Open Forum · 146 Hits · 6/19/2003 9:39 AM
    Here's another bit of information many people dont know, Tablature isnt a new system of music writing, it was first used for the lute and other early stringed instruments in the 16th-17th century. Instead of numbers, letters were used to repres...(more)
  4. Steve Suomu (680)
    Open Forum · 132 Hits · 6/11/2003 12:48 PM
    Excellent article Scott. I have the same disscussion with my students as well. Tab is a tool but almost everyone uses it as a crutch. I have made it a habit of writting out songs in standard notation only ( melody lines of easy songs ie Blink...(more)
  5. Steve Suomu (680)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 67 Hits · 10/3/2002 1:21 PM
    This topic should be open again I laughed out loud, some of them were so funny. Here's my favorite bumper sticker (this one is a little older): "JESUS SAVES"..Esposito scores on the rebound
  6. Steve Suomu (680)
    Instructional Forum · 67 Hits · 12/19/2000 11:08 AM
    There are many solutions, I'll give a few suggestions:<br /><br /> 1. Use fingers 1,2, and 3 <br /><br /> 2. Bring the RH thumb over the neck a bit (this tends to let the fingers arch more)<br /><br /> 3. The first knuckle (on any finger) wil...(more)
  7. Steve Suomu (680)
    Announcements Forum · 122 Hits · 12/6/2000 9:11 AM
    So I finally have got my Web site up and running, I've put some of my Classical guitar compositions on it, I'll put my Acoustic stuff on when I get it recorded. Steve
  8. Steve Suomu (680)
    Artists Forum · 132 Hits · 11/10/2000 10:29 AM
    Just some info for you. Moxy Fruvous comes from Toronto. They started as an acapella group around 1990. As with a lot of Canadian bands it takes a while to get recognition in the States. The Bare Naked Ladies are a good example.(if you like Mo...(more)
  9. Steve Suomu (680)
    Equipment Forum · 110 Hits · 11/10/2000 10:18 AM
    Last year I did some repair work on a great sounding arch-top, which had no brand name. After some web research I discovered it was a Harmony. I don't remember the site (check out william's suggestion) but the general info that I found out was ...(more)
  10. Steve Suomu (680)
    Instructional Forum · 82 Hits · 11/9/2000 10:34 AM
    Some good guideline to follow:(if you are not familiar with the plucking hand fingerings- i=first, m=second, a=third) 1. alternate between i &amp; m or m &amp; a 2.when moving to a higher string use a higher finger ( ex. From the B string to th...(more)
  11. Steve Suomu (680)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 52 Hits · 11/7/2000 10:57 AM
    Good point Jim, here's a question: Who started playing at a young age, and gave up? Let me be the first one to raise a hand. I started lessons at age 13, and quit after a few months. I noodled around a little bit but I didn't get serious until ...(more)
  12. Steve Suomu (680)
    Instructional Forum · 47 Hits · 11/3/2000 2:39 PM
    When I was in a band, and had to strum/sing I would stand and use a strap, but when I play fingerstyle I have always sat down without a strap, I guess I felt that the guitar was stable enough without. I usually compose while sitting, so to stan...(more)
  13. Steve Suomu (680)
    Equipment Forum · 75 Hits · 11/1/2000 1:35 PM
    This is a fun area to play around with. Alternate tunings allow combinations that would otherwise be impossible. There are as many tunings as your imagination, Chris mentioned but a few. Drop D (DADGBE) and Double Drop D (DADGBD) are good for h...(more)
  14. Steve Suomu (680)
    Instructional Forum · 54 Hits · 10/29/2000 2:36 PM
    The William Leavitt Modern Method for Guitar series is very good for reading practice. No familiar songs, so you have to rely on what you know. I belive he also has position reading study books, which should give you a lot of material. The ot...(more)
  15. Steve Suomu (680)
    Open Forum · 27 Hits · 10/27/2000 2:03 PM
    You raised a lot of good points. Keep in mind that every student is different, what works for one may not work for another. As you mentioned, some students just want to learn a few riffs, show them the riffs and if you can, explain why the wor...(more)
  16. Steve Suomu (680)
    Open Forum · 31 Hits · 10/27/2000 10:10 AM
    You should first begin teaching what you know, students come to you to because they like what you do, or someone has told them of your skill. If they didn't want your knowledge, they would not ask. (A person who wanted to leard country licks w...(more)
  17. Steve Suomu (680)
    Artists Forum · 39 Hits · 10/22/2000 5:48 PM
    This topic has gotten a lot of responses, so I'll add mine to the mix. When I was studying Classical guitar,back in 1987, I saw a PBS (I think) special with Leo Kottke and Micheal Hedges, and I was blown away, hooked into the acoustic thing. Th...(more)
  18. Steve Suomu (680)
    Open Forum · 74 Hits · 9/29/2000 4:35 PM
    From the web site info it's not a capo but a guitar with built in capo for each string. Unless I am reading it wrong. Don't need another guitar just so I can use different tunings. Interesting idea though.