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  1. Zach Pratt (335)
    Equipment Forum · 97 Hits · 8/20/2002 6:39 PM
    Hey man, ill buy thatwah before u go off and give it away, just give me a holler.
  2. Zach Pratt (335)
    Artists Forum · 62 Hits · 8/10/2002 9:13 PM
    Kirk Hammett , Marty Friedman, Eddie Van Halen
  3. Zach Pratt (335)
    Equipment Forum · 95 Hits · 7/29/2002 1:52 PM
    In the issue of guitarworld he says he uses the .070 when he drops his low E down to B and he leaves all the rest of the strings in-tact. But he only does this for one song, so I would stick with either Eb tuning or just go down to D.
  4. Zach Pratt (335)
    Equipment Forum · 88 Hits · 7/28/2002 4:45 PM
    Does anybody recommend any set of string gauges for tuning as low as dropped B or A tuning such as slipknot? I'm looking into getting the ernieball thick/thin which is something like .052 for the thickest and .10 or .09 for the high E. Thanks fo...(more)
  5. Zach Pratt (335)
    Artists Forum · 74 Hits · 7/17/2002 2:37 PM
    damnit...why the hell does everyone make fun of kirk in here? He's the only reason I started playing.
  6. Zach Pratt (335)
    Artists Forum · 69 Hits · 7/17/2002 1:24 AM
    I'd have to say that metallica is by-far the very best band even through all of the musical flops that they've released (load till now). Actually, I wouldn't call it a flop because kirk hammett wanted to try something a little more bluesy and mo...(more)
  7. Zach Pratt (335)
    Instructional Forum · 121 Hits · 7/7/2002 8:39 PM
    I'm not really a beginner but my band takes so long to learn these really intricate metallica songs like and justice for all and master of puppets and it seems like it takes us forever. We want to know what songs you guys like that still sound c...(more)
  8. Zach Pratt (335)
    Equipment Forum · 96 Hits · 6/8/2002 2:36 PM
    Yeah...I'm not really sure what the difference is because I've never really paid attention when playing other guitars. But I heard it has added sustain or sumthin- Can anyone help me out her?
  9. Zach Pratt (335)
    Instructional Forum · 167 Hits · 4/21/2002 9:31 PM
    I can't get this down at all. I read a few tutorials but they arent really helping how do they switch positions so quickly ? its like - e|-----7----- b|----2-6---- g|---6---4--- d|--8-----8-- a|-7--------9 e|----------- I've been playing for...(more)
  10. Zach Pratt (335)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 107 Hits · 3/17/2002 4:42 PM
    Sorry, I can't really find anyone that REALLY wants to help out. The last guy flaked out on me and changed the password to our server..
  11. Zach Pratt (335)
    Equipment Forum · 49 Hits · 3/17/2002 4:15 PM
    yeah..just wrap it around
  12. Zach Pratt (335)
    Equipment Forum · 66 Hits · 3/16/2002 3:41 PM
    I seem to have a problem with adapters..they tend to stop working for me after a few weeks of purchasing them. Recently I bought a peavey delta stomp dsp box and it came with a 16volt ac adapter. I have no clue where I could buy one of these. Ma...(more)
  13. Zach Pratt (335)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 63 Hits · 3/10/2002 10:56 PM
    Okay, I'm still young (im only 15) and I was wondering if anyone could help me out with a question. Are all you people on hear with nice gibsons and ESPs and this stuff doctors or something?? I mean, I don't have a job but it seems like u must b...(more)
  14. Zach Pratt (335)
    Open Forum · 56 Hits · 3/5/2002 9:03 PM
    why have a room if noyone uses it?
  15. Zach Pratt (335)
    Equipment Forum · 128 Hits · 3/3/2002 1:06 PM
    I wanted to know if anyone has seen the kit out there on the net that they sell..supposedly you can make some professional sounding choruses and overdrives within a week or two. Anyways, does anybody know if this is really worth the money?
  16. Zach Pratt (335)
    Instructional Forum · 88 Hits · 2/10/2002 1:16 AM
    This is by far one of their best songs (at least the guitar parts)but I'm having some difficulty with the beggining not sounding right. I've heard all sorts of crap such as: they recorded it then played it backwards, kirk can't play it live so ...(more)
  17. Zach Pratt (335)
    Instructional Forum · 155 Hits · 2/2/2002 2:37 PM
    Well...sorta. My band is playing at a local church lock-in thing with just about all the teens that live near it and we need a few questions answered so we don't look retarded on stage. 1.) They have mics/pa stuff, so I was wondering if it w...(more)
  18. Zach Pratt (335)
    Equipment Forum · 93 Hits · 1/14/2002 9:35 PM
    I just recently bought a les paul copy that is extremely the same all the way down to the fret brand. I got it real cheap too, $20.50 WHY? Because it is missing it't tuners and the I don't know what its called but its part of the stop bar tailpi...(more)
  19. Zach Pratt (335)
    Open Forum · 72 Hits · 1/12/2002 6:56 PM
    I think I may have found a co-owner to help me with the difficult parts of having the webpage operate smoothly ( cgi, voting stuff like that) I am hoping to get this website up in a few days at the most because I have a ton of ideas already. If...(more)
  20. Zach Pratt (335)
    Instructional Forum · 114 Hits · 1/12/2002 2:59 PM
    OK, I'm really not even an adult yet so I don't have much money. My band is getting to the point where we are serious about our music and we have some fans in our school/neighborhood. We are looking to make a small recording of us in our drumm...(more)