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  1. Sean Kelly (1525)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 39 Hits · 8/9/2000 11:13 PM
    I thought it was pretty funny. I read some parts out loud to a friend and we laughed pretty hard about it. thats a compliment. I really hope that was as funny as it was on purpose. Its a good example of rock 'n' roll lifestyle, but yeah, it shou...(more)
  2. Sean Kelly (1525)
    Equipment Forum · 36 Hits · 8/9/2000 11:07 PM
    A humbucker is a double-coil pickup that reduces the 60 cycle 'hum' you get off of many single coil pickups by combining the signals such that the noise gets canceled. It also has a darker 'crunchier' kind of tone used in a lot of hard rock, mos...(more)
  3. Sean Kelly (1525)
    WholeNote Forum · 37 Hits · 8/9/2000 3:03 PM
    oftentimes shockwave is used to describe botht he flash and the director plug-ins. It could be that you have shockwave for flash but not shockwave for director. what kind of browser are you using, and what version?
  4. Sean Kelly (1525)
    Equipment Forum · 42 Hits · 8/6/2000 5:49 PM
    thats the same problem you will have with a sans amp, or any other 'direct input' type of processor/simulator. AFAIK, the pod was specifically designed to use either playing through an very flat, uncolored, unprocessed amp (line 6 actually makes...(more)
  5. Sean Kelly (1525)
    Theory Forum · 44 Hits · 8/6/2000 5:43 PM
    what exactly is sequencing as a technique-- Im not really sure what it is, although I may know it by some other term, so I cant say much about why its better or not. Any good examples?
  6. Sean Kelly (1525)
    WholeNote Forum · 67 Hits · 7/31/2000 8:48 PM
    some browsers dont hold the contents of the text box. leaving the page by going 'back' and then hitting a link pretty much guarantees you cant get the text back, unfortunately. What I try to do is just use 'open in new window' and use the second...(more)
  7. Sean Kelly (1525)
    WholeNote Forum · 40 Hits · 7/31/2000 2:56 PM
    I knew we should never have allowed len to put the 'thought cookies' into the site...far too dangerous. congratulations!
  8. Sean Kelly (1525)
    Artists Forum · 38 Hits · 7/30/2000 1:41 PM
    some of the good ones can do simple melodies by rotating the platter over the same section of the record at different speeds...personally, im constantly blown away by a few djs I see now whereas I wasn't 5 years ago- I think its enough to call i...(more)
  9. Sean Kelly (1525)
    Instructional Forum · 39 Hits · 7/29/2000 11:55 PM
    yeah, this happens. You'll learn how to mute the strings near your bend by second nature eventually, and also to cut your fingernails all the way down! I can't really even play enymore without all my nails on both hand clipped to well behind my ...(more)
  10. Sean Kelly (1525)
    Open Forum · 34 Hits · 7/29/2000 11:47 PM
    thats funny, my folks 'encouraged' me to play the classical violin for many years, and then I switched to bass + guitar in high school (to make friends and get to know girls, who werent flocking to our orchestra recitals if you know what I mean)...(more)
  11. Sean Kelly (1525)
    WholeNote Forum · 51 Hits · 7/29/2000 3:43 PM
    yeah, thats a side effect of how music is played back on the site 'automagically'. I just grin and bear it and hit the back button through the playbacks, but this can be tiring and/or confusing. what I usually do is use the top menus more nowada...(more)
  12. Sean Kelly (1525)
    Announcements Forum · 33 Hits · 7/29/2000 3:39 PM
    wow, congratulations! does your wife know about your wholenote alter-ego? Id wait until after its offical to tell her ;)
  13. Sean Kelly (1525)
    WholeNote Forum · 37 Hits · 7/29/2000 3:37 PM
    yeah, I just treid this, you can hear a tiny volume emphasis between eigth notes, I think that is to simulate up and down picking sort of more 'organically' where the on beats are emphasised a little more than the 'and' beats. good ears! hopefu...(more)
  14. Sean Kelly (1525)
    WholeNote Forum · 30 Hits · 7/29/2000 3:30 PM
    currently, there is way people often do a lesson is to write the whole thing once and present it in seperate sections, until the last page, where you present the whole piece. Its often just as useful to tell people 'this repeats 3 time...(more)
  15. Sean Kelly (1525)
    Instructional Forum · 21 Hits · 7/28/2000 5:18 PM
    thats how the guitar itself is usually marked, at the 3rd, 5th, etc. frets on up. It just helps you know where you are on the fretboard...
  16. Sean Kelly (1525)
    Open Forum · 73 Hits · 7/27/2000 6:18 PM
    rick payman's stuff is great! his lessons get me off the heavy riffs and into the textures.
  17. Sean Kelly (1525)
    WholeNote Forum · 24 Hits · 7/27/2000 2:58 PM
  18. Sean Kelly (1525)
    WholeNote Forum · 36 Hits · 7/27/2000 2:20 PM
    yup, doesnt seem to work. good idea-- actually, we could also eventually just make it easier to post a link to a lesson directly in the message, by referring to the lesson number with an L next to it, or something. thanks for the tip!
  19. Sean Kelly (1525)
    Open Forum · 52 Hits · 7/26/2000 9:45 PM
    thanks tom! glad to hear the site is helping your chops. Thats always the coolest thing about it for me, that we're all helping each other get better. cheers, sean
  20. Sean Kelly (1525)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 35 Hits · 7/20/2000 6:08 PM
    man, I love the 488, it was my first 'serious' recording thing, I always liked the sound of it too. Wish I still had one (there are tons on ebay though, havent gotten nostalgic enough to hear all my old tapes yet)