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  1. Sean Kelly (1525)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 129 Hits · 9/18/2000 6:38 PM
    hello european cousins, according to our member list, we have 633 members from the UK (not all active of course) but within a few clicks you can figure out who the real 'players' are from your empire... click <a href="
  2. Sean Kelly (1525)
    Artists Forum · 104 Hits · 9/18/2000 6:32 PM
    crosstown traffic, because of my commute to work
  3. Sean Kelly (1525)
    Open Forum · 37 Hits · 9/14/2000 8:37 PM
    thats a great idea. we've wanted to do that, and there are some tricky technical/site reasons why it doesnt work that way right now, unfortunately. remember back when you used to be able to email a groove to yourself? that had to go too :( hope...(more)
  4. Sean Kelly (1525)
    Open Forum · 41 Hits · 9/14/2000 5:23 PM
    anything by elliot easton of the cars. 'my best friends girlfriend' for example. i wish I had the mp3 to link to. also most van halen, and actually most brian setzer too, who I think is wayyyy underrated.
  5. Sean Kelly (1525)
    Equipment Forum · 32 Hits · 9/13/2000 4:24 PM
    xlr connections have 3 wires similar to the stereo headphone plug (called tip ring sleeve, or TRS) versus a guitar cable which has 2 wires (tip + sleeve). XLR cables are usually carrying a signal that is lower impedance, and also 'balanced', whi...(more)
  6. Sean Kelly (1525)
    Instructional Forum · 29 Hits · 9/6/2000 3:09 PM
    i just do it until they dont drop their pitch anymore, which usually takes like 10-15 minutes of working them as I wind them up gradually. If they dont drop in pitch at all when you really bend them they're pretty much ready to go, you may have ...(more)
  7. Sean Kelly (1525)
    Open Forum · 50 Hits · 9/6/2000 2:42 PM
    yep! Im amazed at the stuff Ive learned, especially about fingering difficult chord transitions. I hope he reads this and sees how much we like his input. He's a lesson machine!
  8. Sean Kelly (1525)
    Open Forum · 47 Hits · 9/5/2000 11:38 PM
    no, if you can play it and it sounds good it makes no difference. I just saw this guy called alvin youngblood hart who plays the blues the exact opposite of the way many people would as far as up/down picking, and he's a legend, incredible. unle...(more)
  9. Sean Kelly (1525)
    WholeNote Forum · 61 Hits · 9/5/2000 11:36 PM
    sure, at the right hand bottom corner of the screen, where it says 'loop' select 'forever' in the dropdown list. thats all there is to it!
  10. Sean Kelly (1525)
    Artists Forum · 33 Hits · 9/1/2000 5:24 PM
    its said that Jimmy didnt want to sing and front the band, until he heard bob dylan, and thought to himself, if that guy is fronting his own band and singing then I sure as hell can too! :)
  11. Sean Kelly (1525)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 42 Hits · 8/30/2000 6:10 PM
    actually, nobody can see your login name-- its just for you! although if you tell use your password we might need to know it, when we try to log in as you ;) currently we know you as RONALD ROBERTS (you might want to consider a lowercase or two ...(more)
  12. Sean Kelly (1525)
    WholeNote Forum · 30 Hits · 8/25/2000 3:24 PM
    yes please! I'd love to see + play through some more of your lessons! Im just starting up a cycle of a lot of practicing too... yeah, Im sorry that he felt like we were getting all commercialised but I think time has shown we havent been hypocr...(more)
  13. Sean Kelly (1525)
    Instructional Forum · 44 Hits · 8/25/2000 3:09 PM
    best jazz discussion Ive seen in a while, and he's not around. ah, irony. thanks all, I learned a bunch from this one!
  14. Sean Kelly (1525)
    Open Forum · 34 Hits · 8/25/2000 3:07 PM
  15. Sean Kelly (1525)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 56 Hits · 8/22/2000 10:06 PM
    he gave names and addresses of actual people to send money to and promised you would make money if you did. its a scam, and its actually against the law. writing -about- illegal things (or advocating them) isnt against the law but some kinds of ...(more)
  16. Sean Kelly (1525)
    Open Forum · 41 Hits · 8/22/2000 1:33 AM
    you can definitely learn. Woody Allen (yeah, that woody allen) became a really good jazz clarinetist after starting in his forties. and he leads a band regularly playing difficult standards. im sure he's not quite at the level of many 'pro' pla...(more)
  17. Sean Kelly (1525)
    WholeNote Forum · 82 Hits · 8/22/2000 1:29 AM
    sure. it takes 4 seperate 'note' markings of 4 types in order to make a bend. A 'pick' (or a hammer), a 'bend' , a 'hold', and a 'reset' the 4 occur at differemt times just like how you would play it in slow motion. first you pick, then a bit l...(more)
  18. Sean Kelly (1525)
    Open Forum · 60 Hits · 8/14/2000 12:57 AM
    this question has come up before, heres some past discussions on it you might find interesting (and they contain my thinking about why the system is useful in some ways...) Man, theres getting to be some real 'history' on wholenote, some of the...(more)
  19. Sean Kelly (1525)
    Artists Forum · 44 Hits · 8/11/2000 5:14 PM
    first of all, welcome to the site! I think we all hope you dont feel isolated on here, we're really not about being stereotypical (although it does come up from time to time as in everything in life). Check out our active members page (from the ...(more)
  20. Sean Kelly (1525)
    Equipment Forum · 87 Hits · 8/11/2000 3:27 PM
    just make sure you see the crate being packed (also to make sure it was all put in there to begin with!), and I'd advise to try to make it all in one big crate with lots of real padding inbetween, packed TIGHT not loose in the padding. if it is ...(more)