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  1. Sean Kelly (1525)
    WholeNote Forum · 29 Hits · 4/29/2001 4:06 PM
    what version of what browser are you using? that will help us figure out why this happens. thanks.
  2. Sean Kelly (1525)
    Instructional Forum · 103 Hits · 3/18/2001 5:17 AM
    I dont find sheet music for 'popular' guitar to be that useful, but reading music is a valuable skill that can really help you later in advancing and appreciating and gaining access to tons of music that you would be locked out of without it. th...(more)
  3. Sean Kelly (1525)
    Open Forum · 59 Hits · 3/14/2001 5:08 PM
    heh, heh. mine was in response to chris sung's post, 'what is in your cd player right now', originating on May 24, 1999. That may have been one of the first threads on wholenote, come to think of it. I only responded because I didnt want chris a...(more)
  4. Sean Kelly (1525)
    WholeNote Forum · 32 Hits · 3/10/2001 12:08 AM
    ok, I sometimes get some pages that are slower than others when they involve a more specific .asp query (you probably dont care aboutwhat I just said), but not longer than 5 seconds of wait time. If you routinely get longer wait times, let us kn...(more)
  5. Sean Kelly (1525)
    WholeNote Forum · 41 Hits · 3/10/2001 12:00 AM
    hmmm....things are snappy for me, and I check the site every day multiple times (kind of a lurker addict these days) can you tell me if this affects other sites or just us?
  6. Sean Kelly (1525)
    Equipment Forum · 61 Hits · 2/25/2001 8:51 PM
    Good question! I run a hard disk based studio myself and have often had to poke around lookin gfoor answers. I've used both, and although I used to be loyal to Intel (and mac before that!), I have to say thet from what Ive seen the thunderbird ...(more)
  7. Sean Kelly (1525)
    Instructional Forum · 39 Hits · 2/25/2001 8:21 PM
    Hi charlie, thank you for writing this. Just to star6t off I have to say: Its my <b>dream</b> to see your composer-built sequences appear in your lessons! Its tough criticism but valid for me to realize that the burden of this task is on you,...(more)
  8. Sean Kelly (1525)
    Open Forum · 92 Hits · 2/25/2001 4:17 PM
    greg, you know you could write one yourself, anytime you want ;) good to see you on the site, dude!
  9. Sean Kelly (1525)
    WholeNote Forum · 48 Hits · 11/27/2000 5:42 PM
    yep. just click members at the top, then 'my info' on the right and 'password' on the right, and uncheck the box, then save changes. you ownt change your password, just it wont store it and it removes it so future wholenote users on that machine...(more)
  10. Sean Kelly (1525)
    Open Forum · 107 Hits · 11/7/2000 9:18 PM
    hey-- welcome back. your mom backed off on the internet access spying?
  11. Sean Kelly (1525)
    Open Forum · 73 Hits · 10/21/2000 6:31 PM
    its actually spelled buzz feiten. he makes a way of intonating your guitar. Its done by licensed guitar techs. my guitar is set up with it, some new guitars come with it. you usally need a special or very fine tuner to use it properly. he has a ...(more)
  12. Sean Kelly (1525)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 74 Hits · 10/18/2000 11:38 PM
    yup. In fact there are 17 selmer alto saxes for sale there right now. One is going for over $2000. click <a href=";ht=1&amp;SortProperty=MetaEndSort&amp;query=selmer+alto+sax"...(more)
  13. Sean Kelly (1525)
    Open Forum · 126 Hits · 10/10/2000 11:14 PM
    we should be cheering on all of --you--you guys are the people that make it rock. chris and I got together the other week and both of us mentioned straight off how we are really blown away by how much everyone has helped each other out and share...(more)
  14. Sean Kelly (1525)
    Open Forum · 49 Hits · 10/10/2000 12:31 AM
    flouride. oh , wait, never mind ;) (sorry)
  15. Sean Kelly (1525)
    Equipment Forum · 49 Hits · 10/8/2000 11:24 PM
    miking your amp will definitely sound great-- better than emulation imho, and thats the way most live concerts are done...for less than $100 you can get a shure SM57 which is the stamdard guitar mike. stick it right up so the mic is about 1/2 to...(more)
  16. Sean Kelly (1525)
    Instructional Forum · 44 Hits · 10/6/2000 2:49 PM
    well ghfh, Ive heard that the key to reading tablature starts with vowels ;) basically the way to learn it is to work through a song. all tab is is fret #s on a string through time. look at each number on each string and make your finger go ...(more)
  17. Sean Kelly (1525)
    Equipment Forum · 38 Hits · 10/5/2000 4:37 PM
    not a great deal, imho. tascam casette eights go for around $275-300 on ebay usually, mkII ones can be more. check out these ones <a href=";ht=1&amp;SortProperty=MetaEndSort&a...(more)
  18. Sean Kelly (1525)
    Equipment Forum · 35 Hits · 10/5/2000 4:32 PM
    hi david, I really like the system. I think its just a better overall intonation for my tele and it was easy to do with the refret that I needed anyway. The one drawback is that you need a -very- precise tuner to use it correctly, and the tunin...(more)
  19. Sean Kelly (1525)
    Equipment Forum · 48 Hits · 10/4/2000 3:19 PM
    mostly, I play a 1972 telecaster custom (customs from that era have 4 pots + top selector switch a la gibson, 2 humbuckers). it has the buzz feiten tuning setup + a refret last year. plus some other junky guitars + a phillip kubicki bass from ...(more)
  20. Sean Kelly (1525)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 76 Hits · 9/27/2000 5:38 PM
    their web site is soooo funny. I was just reading it and thought I'd share with y'all <a href="">the best internet humor ever invented...</a>