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  1. Sean Kelly (1525)
    WholeNote Forum · 74 Hits · 10/31/2006 1:11 PM
    true! ;)
  2. Sean Kelly (1525)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 145 Hits · 4/29/2002 2:59 PM
    lololol. no, I didnt. heh. old posts resurrected again! yeah, chris has been pretty busy with some store issues, programming away. He'll pop up from time to time, though. We do a lot of lurking too, and enjoy seeing everyone pop up here. next ...(more)
  3. Sean Kelly (1525)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 125 Hits · 4/29/2002 2:43 PM
    dont worry, were not going anywhere, lol. Performance isnt always the server, its also the pipeline-- we might have some bandwidth glitches at where our server is connected to the nt and we can look into this if its getting worse overall. but h...(more)
  4. Sean Kelly (1525)
    WholeNote Forum · 129 Hits · 4/19/2002 7:34 PM
    we're thinking about how to filter new messages based on the people you know and care about. Like I said, its still a few weeks off until we even know how we might do this-- I cant promise anything before the summer...but with the growth of the ...(more)
  5. Sean Kelly (1525)
    WholeNote Forum · 120 Hits · 4/19/2002 7:13 PM
    this is the first ive heard about it-- we'll take a look. and thankss a million to -you- tracy for always keeping on top of things here, you andthe folks like you are what makes both sites worthwhile for everyone!
  6. Sean Kelly (1525)
    WholeNote Forum · 111 Hits · 4/19/2002 7:11 PM
    well, we like to think of it as a very special kind of autopilot, lol. But yes, there are new gear contest winners. personally, Ive yet to read that conversation with warren haines, but I know its a favorite of everyones, lol. We wish we had the...(more)
  7. Sean Kelly (1525)
    WholeNote Forum · 121 Hits · 4/19/2002 7:02 PM
    tracy-- you're right that we designed the site to be largely self-sustaining, i.e. no creators necessary! sorry if some of the submission process has been bogged down recently. We should try to either streamline this or figure out another way to...(more)
  8. Sean Kelly (1525)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 156 Hits · 4/17/2002 3:36 PM
    hey guys-- we are working on some strategies for making this a little bit better-- stay tuned, in a few weeks we might have some stuff pinned down on how to make it easier to get you to the stuff you care about. cheers, sean
  9. Sean Kelly (1525)
    WholeNote Forum · 143 Hits · 10/12/2001 3:02 PM
    well its you guys who deserve our thanks-- we're really happy to see the site still growin' and thrivin'! p.s. send me the medtar submissions address in a message-- i couldnt find it from your home page (?) cheers, sean
  10. Sean Kelly (1525)
    WholeNote Forum · 211 Hits · 9/10/2001 2:37 PM
    we'd be delighted to be able to include this, unfortunately theres no great way to do music notation in html other than, as youve already suggested, to edit it in an image and then link it into your lesson. there are some examples of this on the...(more)
  11. Sean Kelly (1525)
    WholeNote Forum · 153 Hits · 8/7/2001 5:58 PM
    we had a big discussion about lesson ratings a while back, and chris posted about it afterwards, since its an issue that comes up again and that yall might find interesting. i think my arguments about it still apply--though many have disagreed a...(more)
  12. Sean Kelly (1525)
    WholeNote Forum · 79 Hits · 7/26/2001 7:28 PM
    awwww, shucks mark. Im sure chris would agree that its really you guys and gals that make the site so amazing. In fact that was really our goal, to not have to be around so much anymore once you guys feel the site is for, by and about -you-. I c...(more)
  13. Sean Kelly (1525)
    WholeNote Forum · 90 Hits · 7/25/2001 2:33 PM
    well, that would be because...its a bug? lol. I know how our searches are indexed but it would take a little while to explain. we can look into this.
  14. Sean Kelly (1525)
    WholeNote Forum · 56 Hits · 7/25/2001 2:32 PM
    were here, just in 'lurker' mode mostly. ;)
  15. Sean Kelly (1525)
    Equipment Forum · 86 Hits · 6/27/2001 7:34 PM
    the rp has an amp or cab simulator, I believe. playing a signal thats been cab or amp simulated into an actual amp makes it sound pretty muddy exactly as you describe. you need to turn those off, also possibly turn off the reverb sounds since th...(more)
  16. Sean Kelly (1525)
    WholeNote Forum · 62 Hits · 6/19/2001 5:13 PM
    thanks bryan. as the co-author of the (slightly) aging composer module, I'm aware of some of the memory (long things dont playback right) and high fret issues. Hopefully we'll be able to take some time and look into them-- besides just keeping t...(more)
  17. Sean Kelly (1525)
    Artists Forum · 124 Hits · 5/30/2001 4:10 AM
    seriously, you -have- to wear plugs if you are really rocking out. IMHO, not having 'real' earplugs is no excuse. my two favorties: chew on a torn off piece of a cocktail napkin (the ones without the colors taste better) and then rip it in half ...(more)
  18. Sean Kelly (1525)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 92 Hits · 4/29/2001 4:26 PM
    well, yes and no-- actually, chris is busy lugging servers around in a dark room in mid-town NYC trying to get the site to run faster, since its getting pretty popular these days ;) that just proves there's nothing more important (or consuming) ...(more)
  19. Sean Kelly (1525)
    WholeNote Forum · 58 Hits · 4/29/2001 4:20 PM
    thanks-- I'll look into this tomorrow when I have acess to a win2k machine. cheers, sean
  20. Sean Kelly (1525)
    Announcements Forum · 46 Hits · 4/29/2001 4:17 PM
    wow, rick, I think that is really cool-- its the first time someone actually poked into our little rats-nest of code and figured out how to extend it. Its the coolest 'mod' (and maybe the only one) on this site that Ive seen, and made my day. wh...(more)