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  1. Dave Wynsen (88)
    Open Forum · 165 Hits · 9/7/2001 4:18 PM
    Using the 12th fret harmonic is a great idea if you're setting things by ear. But since I recommend using a meter, it's a mute point. Thanks for the comment.
  2. Dave Wynsen (88)
    Equipment Forum · 102 Hits · 8/17/2001 3:19 PM
    Hey Emelio! In the not-too-distant past, I've ordered two custom guitars and two amps from Carvin. The waits were ENDLESS!! But, damn, it's sure worth it. I'm one of those people who believes Carvin offers more for the money than any other l...(more)
  3. Dave Wynsen (88)
    Building/Repair Forum · 89 Hits · 8/2/2001 9:31 AM
    See my article, "The Mystery of the Setup" on this site. I'm sure you can solve this problem yourself. It's not difficult.
  4. Dave Wynsen (88)
    Equipment Forum · 112 Hits · 7/29/2001 12:16 PM
    Ebony isn't offered by a lot of builders because it's expensive -- about double the cost of rosewood. My Carvin ebony necks are silky smooth, seemingly hard as steel, and sustain forever. I can't comment on their other necks since I have no ex...(more)
  5. Dave Wynsen (88)
    Equipment Forum · 90 Hits · 7/29/2001 11:58 AM
    Johno, Plugging a mic into a guitar amp will NOT harm it at all provided you take several precautions. First, if your mic is a low Z (low impedance, i.e. set up for a typical PA system), it won't seem to have much output. This'll cause you to...(more)
  6. Dave Wynsen (88)
    Building/Repair Forum · 75 Hits · 7/28/2001 10:00 AM
    I forgot to mention one thing: Old, dirty, tarnished strings are difficult to tune, won't stay in tune, and the intonation gets mucked up.
  7. Dave Wynsen (88)
    Building/Repair Forum · 59 Hits · 7/28/2001 9:57 AM
    If you have a way to record yourself, do it first with the old strings. Change 'em for new. Then record again. If your strings are months old, the recordings should reveal a dramatic difference. And please note, the previous posters aren't n...(more)
  8. Dave Wynsen (88)
    Building/Repair Forum · 112 Hits · 7/27/2001 5:05 PM
    Hi Josh. You said a couple of strings sit too low in the nut. Is one of them the high E string? At any rate, if your nut is out of whack, replace it before messing anymore with the truss. Reason? When you replace the nut you may well need t...(more)
  9. Dave Wynsen (88)
    Building/Repair Forum · 87 Hits · 7/26/2001 10:41 AM
    The proper way to raise the action on a LP is to turn the slot-headed screw on the bridge (not the tail-piece) counter-clockwise. Once set, tighten the knurled knob below. A slight adjustment may be all you need. Another area to look at is th...(more)
  10. Dave Wynsen (88)
    Open Forum · 124 Hits · 7/25/2001 11:55 AM
    Dear Dave, I completely agree re: your graphics comment. However... My article does not appear elsewhere. Do a search on 'guitar and setup' from ''. I know I've seen decent articles there with graphics. Regards, Dave Wynsen
  11. Dave Wynsen (88)
    Open Forum · 40 Hits · 7/25/2001 11:52 AM
    Dear Maciek, There will be no differences in the setup if you go with heavier gauge strings. However, I might suggest three things: First, see if you can find anyone on this site (or others) who has your identical axe and uses 12's or 13's. ...(more)
  12. Dave Wynsen (88)
    Open Forum · 43 Hits · 7/25/2001 11:44 AM
    Dear Matt, I have little personal experience with floating trems, unfortunately. I don't feel competent to advise you. Perhaps you could forward your suggestion for an article to WholeNote powers-that-be? Surely, someone out there has the ex...(more)
  13. Dave Wynsen (88)
    Open Forum · 53 Hits · 7/25/2001 11:41 AM
    Dear Dominic, How you tune your guitar WILL make a difference regarding the setup, as you guessed. Tuning down, as you do, will decrease the amount of tension on the neck -- everything else being equal. If you set neck relief with A440 tuning...(more)
  14. Dave Wynsen (88)
    Open Forum · 57 Hits · 7/25/2001 11:33 AM
    Dear John, First, check to see if the intonation is out of kilter. If it is, don't change it unless you're comfortable with the rest of the setup (height of action, specifically). If you need to fuss with the truss, do that first -- carefully...(more)
  15. Dave Wynsen (88)
    Open Forum · 33 Hits · 7/25/2001 11:26 AM
    Dear Richard, I wish I could help, but I cannot. I don't feel competent to advise without seeing the instrument. Sorry, and best of luck. Dave Wynsen
  16. Dave Wynsen (88)
    Open Forum · 45 Hits · 7/25/2001 11:24 AM
    Dear Dave, The 'clockwise' direction should be the same when viewing the rod head-on, i.e. looking down the neck of the guitar from the bridge. If it's too hard to turn, don't force it! Take it to a technician. If you CAN turn it, do so only...(more)