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  1. Mike Bulko (989)
    Equipment Forum · 131 Hits · 8/13/2002 11:55 AM
    I have an amp in my store here, its a Marshall 5150 combo amp, 150w, 2x12 celests. can anyone point me in the direction of some info on the 5150 model? i didnt see anything on the marshall website, id like to know, mainly, when they were in prod...(more)
  2. Mike Bulko (989)
    Equipment Forum · 66 Hits · 7/16/2002 11:54 PM
    moneys always an issue bro the best thing to do is hold out and get the better of whatever, its alot better then cheaping out becaus eyou want something sooner
  3. Mike Bulko (989)
    Equipment Forum · 79 Hits · 7/15/2002 9:01 PM
    Ernie ball Mono volume pedal Dunlop Crybaby Ibanez Tube screamer Ibanez sonic distortion (on repair) E.H. Small Stone Boss chorus ensemble *Soon* Boss Pitch Shifter/Delay (this weekend) E.H. Big Muff Dunlop Tremolo Pro Co Rat (maybe) not sure w...(more)
  4. Mike Bulko (989)
    Artists Forum · 73 Hits · 7/14/2002 9:31 AM
    After Midnight
  5. Mike Bulko (989)
    Equipment Forum · 86 Hits · 7/14/2002 12:08 AM
    i was just abnswering your question "is there any way to power more than 1 boss pedal off 1 adapter?" thats how
  6. Mike Bulko (989)
    Equipment Forum · 65 Hits · 7/13/2002 10:53 AM
    some boss pedals come with an 'Ac out' line, where you can daisy chain other pedals to it. the obvious "boss power supply" pedal is one of those. as well as the new Chromatic tuner pedal.
  7. Mike Bulko (989)
    Equipment Forum · 76 Hits · 7/11/2002 7:59 PM
    Tube amps are great IF thats what youre looking for, they have a real warm sound. since youu said you play metal/alternative stuff, id say take a look at the line 6 amps. they have digital modelling so you can emulate anything from clean jazz ...(more)
  8. Mike Bulko (989)
    Equipment Forum · 147 Hits · 7/11/2002 7:45 PM
    "or is there more to it than that, like speaker size, etc." theres alot of misconceptions about speaker size, some think that with bigger speakers you can have more bass. which isnt true. you are still pushing the same frequencies, bigger speak...(more)
  9. Mike Bulko (989)
    Equipment Forum · 103 Hits · 7/7/2002 5:21 PM
    what does it do? how does it sound? blah blah blah
  10. Mike Bulko (989)
    Artists Forum · 91 Hits · 7/7/2002 9:56 AM
    i bought 12 c.d.s and some cool shoes from Groovy, that store beside So hip it Hurts. Theyre Called "Dannits" theyre blue with a tan sole and i cant even describe them, theyre just so rad. although i still love my allstars, with the 4 or so hole...(more)
  11. Mike Bulko (989)
    Equipment Forum · 28 Hits · 7/7/2002 9:39 AM
    i have an ash tele and it fits the tone i want perfectly. and its not country.
  12. Mike Bulko (989)
    Equipment Forum · 30 Hits · 7/5/2002 2:28 PM
    it isnt a les paul its a es120. im not understanding what your asking? you want to order a les paul but you say it has a warped neck? i dont follow. it wasnt his guitar it was given to him by his father in law and he doesnt use it. he knows not...(more)
  13. Mike Bulko (989)
    Equipment Forum · 41 Hits · 7/5/2002 12:35 PM
    its not the shop, its just me. i told him we'd sell it for around 800 which is right, but he said he isnt looking for that much, something around 2-300
  14. Mike Bulko (989)
    Artists Forum · 22 Hits · 7/5/2002 12:33 PM
    im going downtown tomorrow i know, he plays at healeys every thursday i believe except yesterday i have some birthday $ to offload on queen st. tomorrow
  15. Mike Bulko (989)
    Equipment Forum · 86 Hits · 7/5/2002 11:44 AM
    a man just came into my store with an old Gibson Es120t. he didnt want too much for it, i was going to offer him 90$ (all i have on me right now) but i figured that was a little too much of a rip off, so i toold him to come back monday, ill get ...(more)
  16. Mike Bulko (989)
    Equipment Forum · 27 Hits · 7/5/2002 10:51 AM
    i know Dave matthews uses one sometimes, im just not sure exactly what it is
  17. Mike Bulko (989)
    Equipment Forum · 31 Hits · 7/5/2002 9:27 AM
    the fact that i dont have a pickup in my acoustic, or an A/E yet is the problem, i just thought id ask before i invest some $. i could always grab an A/e from the store here and plug in our last crybaby and check it out, but we have no acoustic...(more)
  18. Mike Bulko (989)
    Artists Forum · 50 Hits · 7/5/2002 9:26 AM
    tims great, i still have to pick up the L@L cd, but i have the video of the Vh1 story tellers with dave, and he does some killer stuff on his acoustic. id lkike to chewck out more of him
  19. Mike Bulko (989)
    Equipment Forum · 36 Hits · 7/5/2002 9:24 AM
    that one isnt right. there was an article featured in Guitar One a few months ago, it outlined all his pedals, he had about 12 of them. ill post it later tonight when i get home
  20. Mike Bulko (989)
    Artists Forum · 26 Hits · 7/5/2002 9:22 AM
    he has 2 bands, his rock band and his jazz band. it was his jazz band last night. its kindof borderline to Dixieland. it was a good show, i was running frontof house so i didnt have that great of a view of his hands, i wanted to see exactly how ...(more)