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  1. Michael Kurczewski (339)
    Equipment Forum · 91 Hits · 1/30/2001 11:41 AM
    Jeremy- I got that information from another store's web site. I'm still thinking about purchasing it, so... how's music go round? I've never been there, being that I live on the eastside.
  2. Michael Kurczewski (339)
    Open Forum · 79 Hits · 1/30/2001 1:49 AM
    I've been listening to Creed's Human Clay non-stop for about a week now. They still have one or two more potential singles on this cd. Check out Beautiful, Say I, Faceless Man, and my favorite track off the cd, track 10-wash away those years. ...(more)
  3. Michael Kurczewski (339)
    Equipment Forum · 110 Hits · 1/30/2001 1:44 AM
    hello everyone, I just wanted to get some thoughts on this amp if anyone has one or has played through one. I saw an ad on the web from a very reputable guitar store in Michigan that advertised a used Fender Super 60 tube amp in excellent cond...(more)
  4. Michael Kurczewski (339)
    Instructional Forum · 106 Hits · 1/30/2001 1:37 AM
    Okay, now that I have your seriously, my question has to do with playing the higher registers of the guitar (i.e. 15th fret and above). I really have trouble with this and want to hear how you all overcame this. I know there's n...(more)
  5. Michael Kurczewski (339)
    Building/Repair Forum · 80 Hits · 11/18/2000 1:52 PM
    Kevin, here's the sites that I found- I hope that they're still active. (I'm not sure if this is still up) (Aron Nelson's page: a very good page if you already know w...(more)
  6. Michael Kurczewski (339)
    Building/Repair Forum · 129 Hits · 11/16/2000 12:26 AM
    just curious if anyone here is into building their own guitar pedals and how they came out. I've seen a few sites on the internet which have specs for various kinds of pedals like tubescreamers, old fuzz faces, octavias, etc. Let me know if yo...(more)
  7. Michael Kurczewski (339)
    Open Forum · 149 Hits · 10/6/2000 5:08 PM
    A big what's up to Dick and Jason- it's good to see a few more Detroiters on the list. Just sending out an invite to any of you who want to get together and play sometime, shoot me a mail message. I'm 23, live in Sterling Heights and been play...(more)
  8. Michael Kurczewski (339)
    Open Forum · 74 Hits · 9/29/2000 5:49 PM
    have you guys ever been to the Blue Goose in St. Clair Shores? they have pretty good acts there and open mic night on Sundays and maybe even Wednesdays. Memphis Smoke usually has good stuff on the weekends. Larry have you ever been to Sisko's...(more)
  9. Michael Kurczewski (339)
    Instructional Forum · 155 Hits · 5/19/2000 3:43 AM
    hi everyone, I've been playing electric guitar now since September of last year. I decided against taking lessons from the beginning and learning on my own through various sources. I know that I can play things now that I had no hope of playi...(more)
  10. Michael Kurczewski (339)
    Open Forum · 123 Hits · 5/15/2000 6:28 PM
    hi everyone, I came with an idea which I'm not sure if it has been tried here before or not. This post is addressed to WholeNote staff on the possibility of trying such a thing, as well as general consensus of members on its popularity and use...(more)
  11. Michael Kurczewski (339)
    Instructional Forum · 89 Hits · 3/30/2000 4:57 PM
    Does anyone know how to recreate the guitar part to the Theme from Shaft? I know that its done with a wah, but how? Thanks!
  12. Michael Kurczewski (339)
    Equipment Forum · 44 Hits · 3/18/2000 3:35 PM
    Rich, Thank you very much for your help, it is greatly appreciated! I tried Anderson's website and in case you or anyone else is interested, they have a 1 800 number to call for a catalog of their instruments in stock.
  13. Michael Kurczewski (339)
    Open Forum · 35 Hits · 3/17/2000 3:14 PM
    Lead players pretty much have to be great rhythm players as well...without a steady rhythm the notes would just be a jumbled mess--which pretty much sums up my playing at this time :)-- and also rather boring without varying rhythms during solos
  14. Michael Kurczewski (339)
    Open Forum · 325 Hits · 3/17/2000 12:52 AM
    Three words: John Lee Hooker.
  15. Michael Kurczewski (339)
    Equipment Forum · 81 Hits · 3/16/2000 10:11 AM
    Does anybody in this area know of an Epiphone dealer preferably in metro Detroit or elsewhere in Michigan? I'm considering either an Epi SG or a Dot as my next guitar and I'd really like to give them both a serious test drive before making my p...(more)
  16. Michael Kurczewski (339)
    Equipment Forum · 202 Hits · 3/16/2000 10:04 AM
    Hey everybody, Just wanted to get some input on a comparison of these 2 pedals. Are they really that different that I need to spend $125 on a reissue TS9 or is it just wiser to find a cheap used TS5? I already know the answer to that question...(more)
  17. Michael Kurczewski (339)
    Open Forum · 35 Hits · 3/15/2000 10:11 PM
    I can narrow my list down to 4 at the moment but I'm sure a few more will pop up after I hit post: Malcolm Young (simple but it sure works) Stone Gossard (groove oriented) Page Hamilton (very tight!) Steve Cropper (THE king of rhythm guitar)
  18. Michael Kurczewski (339)
    Open Forum · 24 Hits · 3/15/2000 10:03 PM
    Leroy, Is King's X still together? I don't know too much about them except for a moderate hit that they had (I need some help on the name of the single) and the fact that they did some touring with Pearl Jam a few years ago. I believe their s...(more)
  19. Michael Kurczewski (339)
    For Sale/WTB Forum · 78 Hits · 3/14/2000 1:31 AM
    Just wondering if anybody here has this book and is willing to sell it for a reasonable price? I'd also be willing to trade for it (mags or other tab books). If you respond I'd prefer it be private as I may miss your message...or you could emai...(more)
  20. Michael Kurczewski (339)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 37 Hits · 3/8/2000 2:09 PM
    In response to your #1 Jim, Zeppelin may have already beat you to writing a song about A Tale of Two Cities...isn't the first line of that novel, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." Well, Zeppelin also did "Good Times, Bad Ti...(more)