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  1. Chris Pinto (24466)
    Equipment Forum · 4 Hits · 4/6/2013 1:41 PM
    A mere $52 million...huh? pffft! Chump change! LOL I'd heard they were going to buy TEAC, but, wasn't sure when it was going to take place.
  2. Chris Pinto (24466)
    Equipment Forum · 8 Hits · 3/26/2013 10:58 AM
    Yeah, velcro is usually not the most ideal product for pedalboards....I use to use zip-ties on mine when I was playing gigs. I would drill 1 small hole on either side of pedal, and zip tie those puppies right to the board. The only time those pe...(more)
  3. Chris Pinto (24466)
    Open Forum · 5 Hits · 3/9/2013 1:25 PM
    Hey Chuck, Nice to hear from ya', hope all is well in Hawaii!
  4. Chris Pinto (24466)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 3 Hits · 2/23/2013 3:04 PM
    Anything by Katy Perry, Lady Skank Skank, J-Lo, Rap Artists, etc etc j/k...I have NO CLUE....I've never heard of this before.
  5. Chris Pinto (24466)
    Equipment Forum · 6 Hits · 2/4/2013 4:44 PM
    I like one of the Strat's, but, really not into that whole "Retro", or "Relic'd" look....$4K? WOW!
  6. Chris Pinto (24466)
    Equipment Forum · 3 Hits · 1/31/2013 4:28 PM
    You would THINK they would have a NAMM show in NYC????? I'm gonna have a talk with those idiots
  7. Chris Pinto (24466)
    Equipment Forum · 2 Hits · 1/29/2013 2:33 PM
    Yeah, I would imagine.....
  8. Chris Pinto (24466)
    Equipment Forum · 3 Hits · 1/28/2013 2:26 PM
    Hey Randy Well, if you want one of those puppies, I read they're only making 30 of each model! And looks like they're super expensive! LOL :) They are really sweet, though! I like the new soundhole design, too. Kinda cool I'd love to play ...(more)
  9. Chris Pinto (24466)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 3 Hits · 1/28/2013 2:16 PM
    Hey Randy, Yeah, good point. Jamming with other people is a great way to start developing more as a musician.
  10. Chris Pinto (24466)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 6 Hits · 1/25/2013 1:05 PM
    Hi Ellen, Welcome aboard! :) Fear not, we ALL get stuck in a rut, from time to time. Sometimes it lasts longer than we'd like, but, we all struggle with this issue. So....what's the answer? Practice, practice, practice! Sometimes just worki...(more)
  11. Chris Pinto (24466)
    Equipment Forum · 1 Hits · 1/5/2013 12:19 PM
    Yeah, I know about Fender owning them....But, I gotta' be honest here, I still can't picture Fender owning that line. Just doesn't fit.....
  12. Chris Pinto (24466)
    Equipment Forum · 3 Hits · 1/4/2013 3:23 PM
    Had to have been early 80's, if memory serves? Kinda funny, how, there used to be Charvel, then Charvel / Jackson guitars, NOW he's back again under the name of "WAYNE" guitars!
  13. Chris Pinto (24466)
    Equipment Forum · 3 Hits · 12/31/2012 10:03 AM
    Wayne used to sell parts through an ad in the old Guitar Player Magazines...
  14. Chris Pinto (24466)
    Building/Repair Forum · 2 Hits · 12/28/2012 4:43 PM
    You can buy wood glue syringes at StewMac. I've also seen luthiers fill small cracks with Krazy Glue. Works very well, too. (Depending on the crack / damage),_adhesives/Supplies:_Applicators,_syringes/Glue_Syri...(more)
  15. Chris Pinto (24466)
    Equipment Forum · 1 Hits · 12/28/2012 4:21 PM
    Oddly enough, one of the best shredders uses a Washburn (Nuno Bettencourt)...He's one wicked player! A close friend of mine has the Washburn N4 model...REALLY NICE guitar! And for $2K it better be nice. If I were a betting man, most people use ...(more)
  16. Chris Pinto (24466)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 3 Hits · 12/22/2012 9:58 AM
    Merry Christmas, y'all :)
  17. Chris Pinto (24466)
    For Sale/WTB Forum · 10 Hits · 12/17/2012 5:51 PM
    If it was an original 50's or 60's Strat, then, yeah, OK....But, obviously Fender is out of their minds. I paid about $850 for my American Deluxe (new) back in 2000, and that was a ton of cash, but, it was a nice guitar....Overpriced, but, what...(more)
  18. Chris Pinto (24466)
    Artists Forum · 6 Hits · 12/17/2012 5:46 PM
    Hey Stephen, Check your message box. I sent you a nice list. It's a good mix of 80's & today's metal. Let me know what you like / dislike, so, I can give you more to listen to. Chris
  19. Chris Pinto (24466)
    Artists Forum · 6 Hits · 12/17/2012 10:16 AM
    Yeah, I love it!
  20. Chris Pinto (24466)
    Artists Forum · 6 Hits · 12/17/2012 9:57 AM
    Yngwie, Vai, Satch, Paul Gilbert, Chris Poland, you name the guy, and I've been listening to them since the day they hit the scene. All I basically listen to is metal. To me, Yngwie is da' man. The guy kick-started this entire neo-classical gu...(more)