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  1. Justin Smith (562)
    Instructional Forum · 61 Hits · 3/11/2004 3:12 AM
    For me the best way to sit while playing guitar is with a metronome and a beer! Everything else depends on the song, the situation (for example you can't do a Pete Townsend windmill sitting down!)Flatpicking has limitations in certain situations...(more)
  2. Justin Smith (562)
    Artists Forum · 88 Hits · 2/28/2004 2:29 AM
    Frank Zappa during the JOE'S GARAGE tour. 1978 I believe and it was at the L.A. Forum. I didn't know who he was at the time but I sure found out!
  3. Justin Smith (562)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 71 Hits · 10/3/2003 3:42 AM
    Not Valentines day but Memorial Day. Me and T-Bone Walker are, or were in his case, proud geminis born on 5/28.
  4. Justin Smith (562)
    Artists Forum · 109 Hits · 7/31/2003 6:36 AM
    I was hoping it was all true... so I could copyright that Amin chord I invented!lol!!!!
  5. Justin Smith (562)
    Artists Forum · 89 Hits · 7/18/2003 4:26 AM
    I absolutely love instrumentals... seems all that so called singing usually ruins a lot of great guitar work. I like your list although there are a few I have not heard that is Trigun or In Flames. I would add some Santana, Eric Johnson, Marty F...(more)
  6. Justin Smith (562)
    Artists Forum · 73 Hits · 7/18/2003 4:02 AM
    I like Elizabeth Reed too. Moonflower by Santana and Limelight by Rush are just great, but lately I'm really diggin the Beatles' Something. It's positively sweet!
  7. Justin Smith (562)
    Artists Forum · 187 Hits · 3/5/2003 11:01 PM
    ...In honor of our prez... Bush of the popping Hardly Bush Deconstructed Bush of the Milky Satan Bush combat Fixed bush Sneaky Bush and the standing logic Public Bush Spinning Bush Bush tunnel and my favorite... Gorgeous Bush and the Flying J...(more)
  8. Justin Smith (562)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 78 Hits · 2/24/2003 10:50 PM will be your pun intended!
  9. Justin Smith (562)
    Artists Forum · 88 Hits · 11/23/2001 6:34 PM's only rock n roll but I like it... ...and the men who hold high places should be the ones who start... ...I hope I die before I get old... ...what really knocked me out was the cheap sunglasses... ...squeeze me babe til the juice runs dow...(more)