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  1. Bud Sloniger (166)
    Equipment Forum · 268 Hits · 4/18/2001 12:58 AM
    I've never played an epi that even comes close to my Les Paul. Anyway, I was suggesting looking for a used LP...I guess I didn't make that clear enough. I did spend big bucks on mine (new) years ago, and I would have been just as well served t...(more)
  2. Bud Sloniger (166)
    Equipment Forum · 491 Hits · 4/12/2001 1:24 AM
    I've played electric guitar for 25 years and a Les Paul has always been my main stage guitar, and currently is a '82 custom antique sunburst with a late-70's DiMarzio SDHP in the treble position. It totally rocks. It's an indestructible axe-gr...(more)