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  1. Robert Silvia (1575)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 81 Hits · 7/17/2001 11:50 PM
  2. Robert Silvia (1575)
    Instructional Forum · 74 Hits · 7/17/2001 7:57 PM
    ahhh, that's much better... Thanks 8) Roburt "Almighty King of Grammar"
  3. Robert Silvia (1575)
    Instructional Forum · 77 Hits · 7/17/2001 7:53 PM
    I guess it makes my fingernails stronger because they are thicker with it on them, they don't break off or get hang nails as easy. Also with the finger nail polish they arent as flimsy, its like the difference between a light pick and a heavy.
  4. Robert Silvia (1575)
    Instructional Forum · 62 Hits · 7/17/2001 6:41 PM
    heh I gonna get me secretary to go over my post before I submit them. Im surprised that Maciek hasnt commented yet maybe hes giving me a break.
  5. Robert Silvia (1575)
    Instructional Forum · 84 Hits · 7/17/2001 4:04 PM
    This is an important technique to practice; I have no clue how long it took me to be able to get down (I did when I was younger). When playing though I find that analyzing what your going to play and working out a picking pattern that is most ec...(more)
  6. Robert Silvia (1575)
    Instructional Forum · 79 Hits · 7/17/2001 2:06 PM
    ok don't tell anyone but I put a clear coat of finger nail paint on my middle, ring and pinky of my write hand... it makes them stronger. I use those fingers along with my pick for arps and chords.
  7. Robert Silvia (1575)
    Equipment Forum · 82 Hits · 7/17/2001 2:01 PM
    Tokty, You might have a different problem then, do you have a tremolo if not you can skip reading the rest of this message. On free floating tremolos sometimes the bridge springs vibrate causing a weird sound that I cannot describe. The way to...(more)
  8. Robert Silvia (1575)
    Instructional Forum · 88 Hits · 7/17/2001 1:48 PM
    Great Minds think alike. I've been doing that for a while... especially when I was at work. Another thing I do is create a picture in Adobe Photo shop, which takes more time but the results are a little bit more eye pleasing.
  9. Robert Silvia (1575)
    Theory Forum · 88 Hits · 7/17/2001 2:11 AM
    In my <a href=";p=1&amp;a=0">Pentatonic Modes</a> Lesson on page 2 and 3 I have the Pentatonic scale showing all forms going down the neck.
  10. Robert Silvia (1575)
    Instructional Forum · 63 Hits · 7/17/2001 1:59 AM
    Na I don't think your being dogmatic. I am all for it too, I just wanted to point out some of the difficulties with the idea.
  11. Robert Silvia (1575)
    Instructional Forum · 18 Hits · 7/17/2001 12:26 AM
    That's a good idea. The only problem I see with that is that it might turn into one of those 7 page long theory/technique discussions. Making it hard to get the good information out of it. Now you said and were cleaned out from time to time f...(more)
  12. Robert Silvia (1575)
    Instructional Forum · 70 Hits · 7/16/2001 3:04 PM
    There might be more then one way to achieve feedback but heres what I do. Overdrive my amp... allot. Then bring my guitar towards the amp, and point my pickups at the speakers. If I throw enough overdrive to my amp I dont even need to get clos...(more)
  13. Robert Silvia (1575)
    Instructional Forum · 77 Hits · 7/16/2001 2:01 AM
    I've never know a <b>good</b> lead player that couldn't play rhythm just as well. Also to add to what the find advise already given, knowing many chord voicings and being able to create your own is also a hallmark of a good rhythm player.
  14. Robert Silvia (1575)
    Artists Forum · 29 Hits · 7/15/2001 7:18 PM
    Nigel I dont know you from Adam so why should I take what you have to say as fact, especially with the way you phrased yourself? If you said your wrong man I went to the first two concerts, or go this web page and see for yourself I would have ...(more)
  15. Robert Silvia (1575)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 26 Hits · 7/15/2001 4:47 PM
    They make metal picks... a friend of mine has one. I have no clue where he got it from though.
  16. Robert Silvia (1575)
    Artists Forum · 39 Hits · 7/15/2001 2:27 PM
    Well that was a rather mature reply... anyway I just checked and you are somewhat correct. 96 Eric, Satriani, Vai (the first G3 tour) 97 Kenny, Satch, and Steve... and Robert Fripp 98 Joe Satriani, Uli Jon Roth and Michael Schenker 99 Joe ...(more)
  17. Robert Silvia (1575)
    Open Forum · 72 Hits · 7/15/2001 1:03 PM
    <a href="">Go Here</a>
  18. Robert Silvia (1575)
    Artists Forum · 19 Hits · 7/15/2001 1:00 PM
    I don't believe he has any solo stuff. Go <a href="">here</a> to listen to some of their stuff. My friend loves Dream theater, you might like them too... I don't know. The singing is progressive type stuff...(more)
  19. Robert Silvia (1575)
    Artists Forum · 22 Hits · 7/15/2001 12:37 PM
    I believe the second was Yngwie Malmsteen
  20. Robert Silvia (1575)
    Instructional Forum · 26 Hits · 7/15/2001 1:19 AM
    When I was 15 it was because my dad played. Now it's because I need too just to keep myself sane.