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  1. Robert Silvia (1575)
    Equipment Forum · 24 Hits · 7/14/2001 9:06 PM
    Or another way is to tune from the low E... and tune each string a whole step above.. So tune E to F#, A to B, D to E,G to A, B to C#, and the high E to F#... now when you check the low E. Repeat until the low E is slightly above E and tune it ...(more)
  2. Robert Silvia (1575)
    Artists Forum · 25 Hits · 7/14/2001 1:46 PM
    Plastic breasts are <b>GREAT!</b> I a pair in my truck, mounted right underneath my rearview mirror ... really make the rush hour squeeze by.
  3. Robert Silvia (1575)
    Artists Forum · 23 Hits · 7/14/2001 12:49 PM
    Yeah Satch is my favorite. I only like Petrucci solo, the singing in dream theater makes it impossible (For me) to sit through a song of theirs.
  4. Robert Silvia (1575)
    Instructional Forum · 30 Hits · 7/14/2001 12:17 AM
    You use open strings.
  5. Robert Silvia (1575)
    Theory Forum · 16 Hits · 7/14/2001 12:10 AM
    I think you have been licking yellow Toads... You know that you already know Bi-tonal sounds and listen/play them all the time? Have you ever heard of the concept of polychords, its simply superimposing one triad over another to create a chord....(more)
  6. Robert Silvia (1575)
    Theory Forum · 13 Hits · 7/13/2001 9:49 PM
    All this talk about the pianos limitations reminds me of a concert I saw of Steppin wolf (not sure if thats how you spell their name). Anyway it was at a music fest and it was around the third song I heard the guitarist playing a cool a$s solo t...(more)
  7. Robert Silvia (1575)
    Theory Forum · 14 Hits · 7/13/2001 6:29 PM
    In case that link didn't play music for you (which it didn't for me) just go here <a href="">Here</a> and click on Stormy Monday. The guy calls it stormy monday but it's just a form of 12 bar blues.
  8. Robert Silvia (1575)
    Theory Forum · 14 Hits · 7/13/2001 6:17 PM
    The Phrygian choice is really bugging me out! I would never hear to use that over G7 because of the F# note...but I would think of using, say, a B-7b5 arpeggio to imply a G9 sound. I never think in terms of avoid notes, Ive refer to those note...(more)
  9. Robert Silvia (1575)
    Theory Forum · 24 Hits · 7/13/2001 4:48 PM
    Well yes I guess it would make more sense to consider it a G major Pentatonic (or just another form of the C major Scale) when playing E minor Pentatonic over a C Maj7 chord. The only thing is when I pick a mode/scale I have preordained notion o...(more)
  10. Robert Silvia (1575)
    Theory Forum · 34 Hits · 7/13/2001 2:57 PM
    Yeah that Video is what I was talking about. It's funny when I first say that video I couldn't even sit through 15 minutes of it. I think it was the Synth sound he was using on his guitar. Then one day I bought a book by Scott and I was blown aw...(more)
  11. Robert Silvia (1575)
    Theory Forum · 17 Hits · 7/13/2001 2:47 PM
    Just like you said Jazz theory doesnt <b>necessarily</b> apply to other genres but if you make an effort a lot of what he talks about can be applied. That is how we (I Believe it was Miles who did it first) came up with Fusion. Jon I am very ope...(more)
  12. Robert Silvia (1575)
    Equipment Forum · 12 Hits · 7/12/2001 10:49 PM
    Sure do... I have a T-Bolt; I bought the kit. I wanted to get a Floyd rose too, because I thought I needed one. But once I got this guitar together and I played it for a while even trying to purposely send it out of tune with the Wammy Bar I fou...(more)
  13. Robert Silvia (1575)
    Theory Forum · 14 Hits · 7/12/2001 9:23 PM
    Yeah I have that same Scott Henderson video, my dad rented close to 12 guitar instruction videos from a guitar store and made a few copies. ------------------------------------ But I find that not being intimate with the scale stands in my way....(more)
  14. Robert Silvia (1575)
    Theory Forum · 20 Hits · 7/12/2001 8:37 PM
    This is weird giving Stone advice, well trying to anyway 8). I really dont know how to relay learning the Melodic Minor on the guitar, I learned scales rather different then most people. I learned the formulas to scales, and I learned the locat...(more)
  15. Robert Silvia (1575)
    Theory Forum · 87 Hits · 7/12/2001 2:39 PM
    The section on Major tonality wasnt too useful to me other then applying what he says to a couple of Jazz tunes (Look in the Real Fake book for some standards that use his voicings), but then again Im not a Jazz player. I do not think that the o...(more)
  16. Robert Silvia (1575)
    Equipment Forum · 26 Hits · 7/11/2001 11:27 PM
    Kevin, On my guitar I have a Wilkinson tremolo, with Sperzel locking tuners and this thing stays in tune better then My Telecaster. I use the wammy bar like a fiend too, so you dont need a Floyd Rose to use a wammy bar and stay in tune. If you ...(more)
  17. Robert Silvia (1575)
    Open Forum · 29 Hits · 7/11/2001 11:05 PM
    I think he was trying to imply that <font size="10">Jazz</font> is a cuss word.
  18. Robert Silvia (1575)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 15 Hits · 7/11/2001 7:49 PM
    or even better how does he get those hot dog out?
  19. Robert Silvia (1575)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 17 Hits · 7/11/2001 5:27 PM
    I've never had instant messenger up for long so I dont know how bad it is on that system, but ICQ is horrible my mother uses it and about once a month see gets these ads.
  20. Robert Silvia (1575)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 31 Hits · 7/11/2001 5:09 PM
    OMG I'm speechless, wouldnt that physically damage you some how?