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  1. Christoph Pascher (129)
    Open Forum · 101 Hits · 3/21/2001 11:30 AM
    Well, I can't play solo-pieces very well, 'cause I'm only playing for a short time now, but if I'm asked to play some, I'd play Donovan's Isle of Islay (normally I sing it), a classical tune called "fantaisie pour un gentilhomme" and Rod Steward...(more)
  2. Christoph Pascher (129)
    Open Forum · 99 Hits · 3/17/2001 10:32 AM
    Bird On The Wire from Leonhard Cohen.<br /><br /><b>Like a bird on the wire<br /> Like a drunk in a midnight choir<br /> I have tried<br /> In my way<br /> To be free...<br /> Or Tears in Heaven from Clapton, this always bring sme down. Well, ...(more)
  3. Christoph Pascher (129)
    Instructional Forum · 100 Hits · 3/15/2001 12:48 PM
    Ok, I'll check it all! Thanks a lot for your help! Greetings from Germany CiPi
  4. Christoph Pascher (129)
    Artists Forum · 129 Hits · 3/14/2001 3:56 PM
    ... the mouth organ (sorry, don't know another word :) ) parts of Dylan's "Don't think twice it's all right"??? Can somebody help me? I really need them. A few friends wants to play this song in school in the music-lesson. You see, it's very imp...(more)
  5. Christoph Pascher (129)
    Instructional Forum · 130 Hits · 3/14/2001 3:52 PM
    Hi there! I've got a few questions: 1. Where can I find picking-patterns? 2. How do you lern new patterns? 3. How long do you need t learn them? 4. How can I use them properly? thx a lot CiPi
  6. Christoph Pascher (129)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 85 Hits · 3/10/2001 6:37 AM
    Soccer is the greatest sport I think. In germany soccer is the most popular sport - handball as well. I like to play it, 'cause it's so much fun to play it or to watch it. To go to the stadium with friends, drinking beer, singing and shouting al...(more)
  7. Christoph Pascher (129)
    Artists Forum · 110 Hits · 3/9/2001 10:43 AM
    Ok, here are the writers I think are the best: 1. Leonhard Cohen (excellent lyrics i.e. Suzanne, Bird on the Wire...) 2. Eric Clapton (great music &amp; also lyrics i.e. Tears In Heaven, Wonderful Tonight...) 3. Arlo Guthrie (he's a great folks...(more)
  8. Christoph Pascher (129)
    Instructional Forum · 87 Hits · 3/8/2001 3:53 PM
    Hi there! I've read your messages with an great interest and I'll try to do it as you adviced to me. Perhaps you'll hear of me in future, when I'll be a great musician. *g* But it's hard work - so I'll better start it, perhaps I'll have written ...(more)
  9. Christoph Pascher (129)
    Instructional Forum · 126 Hits · 3/8/2001 1:53 PM
    Hi there! I'd like to start writing songs - folkstyle, or something bluesy - but I don't know how to do it. Can someone give me an advice? ThX CiPi
  10. Christoph Pascher (129)
    Instructional Forum · 104 Hits · 3/8/2001 1:48 PM
    Hi! If you use the baritone-tune for the uke (D-G-B-E) you can use the same chords as on the guitar - just without the E- and A-bass-string.
  11. Christoph Pascher (129)
    Instructional Forum · 37 Hits · 3/8/2001 1:44 PM
    Hi Ian. I always play sitting - except when I'm freestyling. But I think, if I start to play an electric guitar I'll do this standing.