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  1. Karl Helmar (247)
    Equipment Forum · 97 Hits · 5/22/2001 3:29 AM
    I had an ultra 120 for years the only thing that replaces it now is the line6 pod 2.0, i'm not shure if they make the 120 anymore or what changes they made to that line of heads but the first one peavy put out I bought and it really kicked butt ...(more)
  2. Karl Helmar (247)
    Artists Forum · 124 Hits · 5/19/2001 12:03 AM
    Greg Howe is an incredable guitarist. And yeah bootsy collins, didn't he play with James Brown way back? Or maybe the sci-fi funk guy whos name i can't remember.
  3. Karl Helmar (247)
    WholeNote Forum · 71 Hits · 4/18/2001 7:11 AM
    Very ingenious, If its a great deal of work i might just stick to describing the first measure and any difficult streaches or jumps. But i can see it is very usefull to a fingerpicking lesson. I would be lost on most fingerpicking if not given a...(more)
  4. Karl Helmar (247)
    Artists Forum · 77 Hits · 4/18/2001 6:56 AM
    He's received praise from many guitarists from his time in the scorpions back in the 70's to present day. The solo from "Sails of sharon" has been used by Yngwie(often plays the whole intro solo live) and marty freidman(incorporated part of Uli'...(more)
  5. Karl Helmar (247)
    WholeNote Forum · 71 Hits · 4/16/2001 9:59 AM
    I have the same problem. Some riffs are too difficult to put up without showing the fingering. Anyone have a way to do it?
  6. Karl Helmar (247)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 53 Hits · 4/13/2001 3:10 AM
    seq|3_0|3_0|3_2|3_4|3_0|3_4|3_2|4_0|3_0|3_0|3_2|3_4|3_0|3_0|4_4|4_4|oh yeah|seq
  7. Karl Helmar (247)
    WholeNote Forum · 65 Hits · 3/23/2001 12:21 AM
    I just joined and like being a part of something that's real and more down to earth than other cyber hang outs. This site is great and offers more than i've seen from other guitar sites and it's free! I just wanted to take time to thank the peop...(more)
  8. Karl Helmar (247)
    Instructional Forum · 71 Hits · 3/20/2001 1:14 AM
  9. Karl Helmar (247)
    Artists Forum · 58 Hits · 3/15/2001 3:26 AM
    here is a list of some of bach's works: BWV 772 - Two-part invention No. 1 BWV 772a - Two-part invention No. 1 BWV 773 - Two-part invention No. 2 BWV 774 - Two-part invention No. 3 BWV 775 - Two-part invention No. 4 BWV 776 - Two-part i...(more)
  10. Karl Helmar (247)
    Equipment Forum · 79 Hits · 3/14/2001 1:16 AM
    I've heard the family most notably hendrix's father wont allow his sons music to be visually associated with drugs. Theres been so many legal problems between him and every "best of hendrix" record companies, I wonder what Jimi would think of al...(more)
  11. Karl Helmar (247)
    Artists Forum · 28 Hits · 3/14/2001 12:54 AM
    I did hear some old audio samples of him doing a three part bach invention(i was blown away) but from what ive read he was playing since he could walk. He taught the coochie coochie girl? I didn't know that, i've seen her play though and can bel...(more)
  12. Karl Helmar (247)
    Theory Forum · 31 Hits · 3/13/2001 4:28 AM
    4/4 is the fraction that represents top# beats per measure, bottom# what note equals 1 beat. 4 beats per measure(taps foot)1,2,3,4. and the note that is represented by the bottom #4 would be a quater note the note with a stick and no flag attach...(more)
  13. Karl Helmar (247)
    Artists Forum · 34 Hits · 3/7/2001 1:39 AM
    I met nuno's body gaurd awhile back. He was a mechanic at a used car place the guy was a 6'9" 300 pound brick house, i guess the he was lifelong freind of the family they both where from portugal i think anyway, nunos older brother was heavy int...(more)