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  1. Bernardo Pires (4599)
    Equipment Forum · 34 Hits · 5/30/2002 2:55 PM
    I like Dean Markley Strings 009 NickelSteel for electric guitar. Great tone. I like GHS strings too for electric (009-046) and acoustic guitar (010-046). You should choose the brand that pleases you most (Tone, price and durability). Bernardo
  2. Bernardo Pires (4599)
    Equipment Forum · 27 Hits · 5/30/2002 2:32 PM
    A standard heavy gauge pick. Nylon or tortex standard pick (my suggestion). I think you should choose the one that pleases you most (tone and speed). Whats your favorite pick? Then use this... Bernardo
  3. Bernardo Pires (4599)
    Equipment Forum · 188 Hits · 5/29/2002 10:00 PM
    Whats the best guitar neck that you have ever played? I like the neck of Brian moore guitars i2000 series and Tagima (a Brazilian company).
  4. Bernardo Pires (4599)
    WholeNote Forum · 49 Hits · 5/28/2002 6:07 PM
    I would like to ask if it would be possible to represent a bend reverse using the composer. Thanks
  5. Bernardo Pires (4599)
    Instructional Forum · 242 Hits · 5/27/2002 12:45 AM
    Guitar friends. I would like to ask you all about what type of pick do you prefer (the most versatile). I use standard heavy picks. Whats your favorite?
  6. Bernardo Pires (4599)
    Equipment Forum · 57 Hits · 5/27/2002 12:36 AM
    Guitar friends. I want to ask you all what type of bridge do you prefer? Considering the stability (tuning), sustain and dive bombs.
  7. Bernardo Pires (4599)
    Equipment Forum · 77 Hits · 5/27/2002 12:10 AM
    I would like to ask you all about your favorite type of slide (glass, metal) for blues and your favorite pedal for blues. I like the glass slide and the tubescreamer TS-9. Whats your favorite?
  8. Bernardo Pires (4599)
    Equipment Forum · 56 Hits · 5/26/2002 10:00 PM
    First of all, its an honor to be part of this community. I want to ask you all about the new Boss distortion pedal MD-2. It has a gain boost circuit that creates huge distortion and sustain regardless of level, suited for hard rock and metal (Bo...(more)