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  1. Jake Lizzio (985)
    Instructional Forum · 30 Hits · 12/17/2001 8:50 PM
    Thanks guys- I appreciate your helpful messages. I had a recital on Sunday, the day after the talent show. I played a HARDER piece, Asturia/Leyenda, and pretty much aced it. My problem with Classical Gas was that I started off way too fast and w...(more)
  2. Jake Lizzio (985)
    Instructional Forum · 36 Hits · 12/15/2001 11:10 PM
    Ugh- I sucked. I started off perfect, but in the middle, after where the orchestra played, I started playing really fast and the audience started applauding- I TOTALLY lost where I was so I just stopped for about 5 seconds, then regained my play...(more)
  3. Jake Lizzio (985)
    Instructional Forum · 146 Hits · 12/15/2001 5:23 PM
    Im performing for the school talent show tonight- I'm doing Classical Gas. It'll be fun- I'll walk out wearing a Metallica shirt, so everyone will think that I'm gonna blast out on an electric, then I'll pick up my classical and start fingerpick...(more)
  4. Jake Lizzio (985)
    Instructional Forum · 63 Hits · 11/7/2001 5:29 PM
    Heya, I've got a lesson on Classical Gas here on WN. Just type in Classical Gas in the lessons search, and it'll show up. That song is GREAT! I'm doing it for the talent show. Good luck, if you need any help, just mail me :-) Jake
  5. Jake Lizzio (985)
    Artists Forum · 102 Hits · 10/15/2001 11:57 AM
    I just started taking lessons this month with a guy named Tom Hess- His band is "Hess". He's right up there with Yngwie. He takes Yngwies speed and techniques and blends them into a different sounding type of shred- instead of the church-from-he...(more)
  6. Jake Lizzio (985)
    WholeNote Forum · 33 Hits · 10/4/2001 4:32 PM
    Ah well, thanx anyways, Ill try looping it. Luckily, the 20 measure sequence should be looped for it to sound correct, so Ill see if it works. Thanx, Chris. Jake
  7. Jake Lizzio (985)
    WholeNote Forum · 45 Hits · 10/3/2001 9:08 PM
    Im in the process of making a lesson, and one of my sequences HAS to be 20 measures for it to sound right, but I can't play certain sequences over 16 or 17 measures. Is there anyway to fix this? I press play and it just doesn't play! I've tried ...(more)
  8. Jake Lizzio (985)
    Instructional Forum · 34 Hits · 9/1/2001 6:17 PM
    Right on, Steffan. Me and my dad both think that is the best rock solo ever. 1- Comfortably Numb 2- Stairway to Heaven 3- The Unforgivin. I Love that one... Jake
  9. Jake Lizzio (985)
    Instructional Forum · 90 Hits · 5/5/2001 9:07 PM
    Hi all, I just published my FIRST lesson here on wholenote -gulp-, and I can't even play it. Its called Solfeggio, and its strictly for sweepers and shredders. I don't know how anyone could actually play this. I heard Tom Hess play it, and there...(more)
  10. Jake Lizzio (985)
    Instructional Forum · 35 Hits · 5/4/2001 5:25 PM
    I agree with you in some aspects, that praise shouldn't be repeated, but were not perfect. Every one here has at least one time in their life been a jerk, or cocky. Some of us more than others. I myself am very cocky, and try a lot not to be arr...(more)
  11. Jake Lizzio (985)
    Instructional Forum · 47 Hits · 5/4/2001 5:13 PM
    Ill have been playing for exactly 11 months tomorrow. Right now, I can play Classical Gas, Bouree in Em, Most Metallica songs come easily to me, I can play lots of stuff. I focus on metal, and classical right now. I love blues, but I don't know...(more)
  12. Jake Lizzio (985)
    Theory Forum · 33 Hits · 5/3/2001 4:41 PM
    Jon and Stone... Thanks a million for the advice. Like I said, I am new to guitar, so could you tell me if this is the A Major pentatonic? seq|6_5|6_7|6_9|5_7|5_9|4_7|4_9|3_6|2_5|2_7|1_5|1_7|1_9|A Maj. Pent.|seq |cr| Thanks a lot for the...(more)
  13. Jake Lizzio (985)
    Theory Forum · 84 Hits · 5/2/2001 12:09 PM
    Hi all, Im fairly new to guitar, I've been playing for about 10 months now, but Im coming along well. I play mostly classical guitar and Metal (nice combination, eh?), but Im having some trouble here. I would like to be able to solo on top of c...(more)