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  1. Jake Lizzio (985)
    Theory Forum · 70 Hits · 1/24/2007 1:14 PM
    I say let it keep on going. He'll be like the next TimeCube guy. Seriously, his discussions are some of the most entertaining that I've EVER encountered. These need to be saved so they're not forgotten. This is Wholenote History! Jake
  2. Jake Lizzio (985)
    WholeNote Forum · 38 Hits · 1/2/2007 2:26 AM
    DEFINITELY. I've been here since 2000, and I've seen the same interviews, same articles, same hot lessons being recycled since. It's way overdue for some changes. We need an active webmaster or site manager or whatever you want to call it. Not...(more)
  3. Jake Lizzio (985)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 259 Hits · 1/3/2003 3:34 PM
    I do agree with you when you say that guitarists have huge egos- 90% of us do, but I have to disagree with your Santana example. Carlos Santana claims that he recieves inspiration for his music from dead loved ones... He's also been known to tal...(more)
  4. Jake Lizzio (985)
    Artists Forum · 139 Hits · 12/31/2002 6:06 PM
    Vocals- Freddie Mercury Rhythm Guitar- James Hetfield Lead Guitar- John Petrucci Bass Guitar- Cliff Burton Drums- Mike Portnoy Keyboard- J.S. Bach All of my roadies would be the musicians I couldn't fit in the above listing... Jake
  5. Jake Lizzio (985)
    Instructional Forum · 128 Hits · 5/7/2002 9:13 PM
    Justin- Since most metal-tapping is done on the high E string, what I do is just mute the other 5 strings with my palm. I keep my right hand stretched out with the thumb-side of my palm resting against the strings I'm not using, and my middle fi...(more)
  6. Jake Lizzio (985)
    Instructional Forum · 108 Hits · 2/24/2002 8:59 PM
    <i>"Man who run in front of car get tired; Man who run behind car get exhausted"</i>-Confucius Jake
  7. Jake Lizzio (985)
    Artists Forum · 114 Hits · 2/23/2002 11:03 PM
    Dream Theater's "Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes From A Memory". Listening to that cd is like watching a movie... except without the watching part :-P Also, Dream Theater's Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence, the second cd is a story. They are both INCRED...(more)
  8. Jake Lizzio (985)
    Instructional Forum · 113 Hits · 2/23/2002 10:16 PM
    <i> "Man who stand on toilet is high on pot." </i>-Confucious
  9. Jake Lizzio (985)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 148 Hits · 2/23/2002 9:58 PM
    1) Master Of Puppets (Metallica) <b> TIE FOR NUMBER 2-</b> 2a) ...And Justice For All (Metallica) <b> AND</b> 2b) Ride the Lightning (Metallica) 3) Metropolis Pt. 2 "Scenes From a Memory" (Dream Theater) 4) Magical Mystery Tour (The Beatles) 5)...(more)
  10. Jake Lizzio (985)
    Instructional Forum · 117 Hits · 2/3/2002 9:30 PM
    Okay, so he screwed up. Chances are he won't do it again. Chill out. Jake
  11. Jake Lizzio (985)
    Theory Forum · 146 Hits · 1/21/2002 5:04 PM
    Well, umm, I know how to make an arpeggio, so there! Jake
  12. Jake Lizzio (985)
    Instructional Forum · 185 Hits · 1/16/2002 2:55 PM
    I went on and got a Yamaha C-40 for only $40. I went to my local music shop and it was $220. Yossi- I started off as a metal guitarist, then became infatuated with classical. Growing your nails out is a must. Its a pain in the ass, but ...(more)
  13. Jake Lizzio (985)
    WholeNote Forum · 47 Hits · 1/14/2002 7:42 PM
    LoL Thanks, Shesh. My biggest problem is bends. I don't bend notes the way I'm supposed to on the composer, I do it whacky-like. Good luck, Jake
  14. Jake Lizzio (985)
    WholeNote Forum · 47 Hits · 1/13/2002 3:31 PM
    Okay, pretend that this is one of the strings on your composer. The P means PICK, the S means SLIDE,and the H means HOLD. These are all different buttons you can pick out of the top bar on the composer. ---------P-S------H------------ Bah, I dun...(more)
  15. Jake Lizzio (985)
    Instructional Forum · 67 Hits · 1/5/2002 12:20 PM
    I always thought a good Metallica solo is the one from The Unforgivin. It might take a little while to learn, but you learn a lot from playing it. For example, some of the techniques used in that solo are repeated in others, which gives you a he...(more)
  16. Jake Lizzio (985)
    Instructional Forum · 57 Hits · 1/5/2002 12:15 PM
    Yeah, I know what you mean when you say you want to learn some psychidellic stuff. It kinda sucks when I have all my friends over and we've got black lights blazin' and lava lamps goin' and all I can play is metal or classical. If I stumble acro...(more)
  17. Jake Lizzio (985)
    Instructional Forum · 45 Hits · 12/30/2001 2:46 PM
    This is what System of a Down does. Tune your whole guitar down 1 step. Now you have DGCFAD. Now drop the low D to a C, so you have CGCFAD. This is like playing in Drop D, but 1 step lower (Drop C?) It still allows you to play those three-string...(more)
  18. Jake Lizzio (985)
    Instructional Forum · 55 Hits · 12/26/2001 2:36 PM
    I can understand that at a wedding, a 15 year old kid won't be the center of attention, so Im not so worried about that. Actually, it'll be great cause I'll get paid to play, and if I mess up, no one will hear me because of all the bride's relat...(more)
  19. Jake Lizzio (985)
    Instructional Forum · 46 Hits · 12/19/2001 4:43 PM
    The wedding song is being played by the organ player, so that ones already taken. Ill try those 3-5 chords you were telling me about. Thanx for the suggestions... Jake
  20. Jake Lizzio (985)
    Instructional Forum · 517 Hits · 12/17/2001 8:59 PM
    Hi all- One of my teachers saw me at the talent show and thought I did great, contrary to my belief. He is getting married soon, and wants me to play some "Soft, acoustic stuff" for his wedding while people are coming in and talking and stuff. ...(more)