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  1. Anthony Holden (9426)
    WholeNote Forum · 49 Hits · 6/14/2007 2:21 AM
    Actually, I can re-publish back the lessons since they are still in 'my music'. It's possible that a hacker was involved? Anyway, I'm not bothering to re-publish them. They were taken down for whatever reason and I'll just let it be.
  2. Anthony Holden (9426)
    WholeNote Forum · 120 Hits · 6/14/2007 2:16 AM
    I got hit bad! I had '2' lessons in the Top 10 most viewed, and one of them was in user ratings. '6' or more of my lessons got the yank. I've noticed some lessons are still up when clearly, a song title (that's copyrighted) is in the lesson's...(more)
  3. Anthony Holden (9426)
    Theory Forum · 47 Hits · 5/17/2007 5:55 PM
    Why don't you use the <b>Insert a Scale/Sequence Chart</b> to give us some examples.
  4. Anthony Holden (9426)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 108 Hits · 5/13/2007 11:57 AM
    No matter what style of guitar playing, you'll find some whiz 'kid/adult' on youtube. It could be finger tapping, toe tapping, sweep arpeggios, hybrid picking, hybrid toe-picking, etc. There's so much that it's become redundant and hard to imp...(more)
  5. Anthony Holden (9426)
    Artists Forum · 37 Hits · 5/11/2007 11:00 PM
    Hi Chet - I'll help you here :) <object width="425" height="350" data="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"><param name="allowScriptAccess" value="never" /><param name="allowNetworking" value="internal" /...(more)
  6. Anthony Holden (9426)
    Artists Forum · 44 Hits · 4/3/2007 4:17 AM
    This (video down below) sure takes me back when we had a band in public school! I still remember playing in the talent show...... <object width="425" height="350" data="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash...(more)
  7. Anthony Holden (9426)
    Artists Forum · 94 Hits · 3/29/2007 7:34 PM
    That was how he was billed. I may have heard his music growing up but I just recently discovered him. How come he's rarely mentioned when talking about great guitarists? I don't think I recall seeing his name on any lists. This guy was pheno...(more)
  8. Anthony Holden (9426)
    Open Forum · 40 Hits · 3/29/2007 10:31 AM
    I see why many of the great guys/gals rarely visit and/or post anymore. I'm not talking about the last year or so but way back to the early 00's. We never put up with this current trend of stupidity. It's nothing but seeking attention. One m...(more)
  9. Anthony Holden (9426)
    Open Forum · 34 Hits · 3/29/2007 12:11 AM
    <i>Thanks for sharing, "Ant," or Pete, or whoever.</i> hahaha - it's always been Pete. Being away from the 'net' all this time, I didn't miss that nic 'ant' at all. Some still call me that ('net') but like I've said (even back then), I'm not ...(more)
  10. Anthony Holden (9426)
    Open Forum · 71 Hits · 3/27/2007 11:52 AM
    hahaha - one of my earlier threads. Not much participation, that's for sure. But it brings back the memories when this site was really great to hang out.
  11. Anthony Holden (9426)
    Open Forum · 88 Hits · 3/27/2007 11:50 AM
    I have this on DVD (Joe Satriani) and this part of Stu Hamm's solo I play (DVD) the most. I find it very moving. However, it hasn't motivated me to play the bass but I'm sure it will for actual bass players... <object width="425" height="350"...(more)
  12. Anthony Holden (9426)
    Theory Forum · 38 Hits · 3/27/2007 11:43 AM
    I should of also added Christian to that list. Anyway, lots of theory to handle, that's for sure. Does Doug McMullen still come around here? I also like reading his opinions/theories, etc.
  13. Anthony Holden (9426)
    Theory Forum · 27 Hits · 3/27/2007 11:35 AM
    You couldn't have said it any better. Also, look at Jon's posts. I'm still trying to absorb it but doing so little bits at a time. I do find it somewhat complex and so I just keep asking until they (probably) give up... which I hope they don'...(more)
  14. Anthony Holden (9426)
    Theory Forum · 38 Hits · 3/26/2007 10:43 PM
    I think Vernon Reid or Buckethead are the only two guitarists that could probably pull off that 3rd example with ease. ;)
  15. Anthony Holden (9426)
    Theory Forum · 17 Hits · 3/26/2007 10:35 PM
    <i>You can normally use G9 anywhere you'd use a G7.</i> Okay, I see what you're saying. cho|3|5|3|4|3|3|G7|cho cho|3|5|3|4|3|5|G9|cho |cr| Playing the 'A' on the 1st string is the 9th step. Almost too easy! However, without the root, it so...(more)
  16. Anthony Holden (9426)
    Theory Forum · 29 Hits · 3/26/2007 5:22 PM
    That's the beauty of having more than one teacher/opinion/synopsis, etc. I like your breakdown. I'm sure it's ABC to the theory purists but to me, there are no set rules. Thank you.         :) Anyway, do you have any suggestions of where...(more)
  17. Anthony Holden (9426)
    Equipment Forum · 28 Hits · 3/26/2007 2:23 PM
    <i>Hope that clears it up.</i> It surely does. However, didn't someone here say that you could burn (using Nero or any other program) .wav files into an audio CDR to play in your home system? Or do you still have to use compressed files (eve...(more)
  18. Anthony Holden (9426)
    Theory Forum · 25 Hits · 3/26/2007 12:07 PM
    I should clarify that one question... <i>1) your breakdown (up a minor third, up a perfect fourth, etc.), are they in consecutive order of the chords named?</i> For your breakdown, are they all on the basis (starting point) of Bm7b9 ? And of e...(more)
  19. Anthony Holden (9426)
    Equipment Forum · 75 Hits · 3/26/2007 12:04 PM
    Thanks for the suggestions (never thought to check out WN home recording hardware reviews). As for this particular model, you can record up to '2' at a time.
  20. Anthony Holden (9426)
    Theory Forum · 22 Hits · 3/26/2007 12:01 PM
    Thanks for the interesting read! A lot to absorb so if you don't mind, I'll ask in wee little bits :) <i>Bm7b5 up a minor third Dm6 up a perfect fourth G9 up a tritone Db7alt</i> Two things (and I'm sure it's easier to explain in person b...(more)