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  1. Gregory Battle (34)
    Open Forum · 121 Hits · 2/26/2001 8:03 PM
    Who says I haven't already.... :-D Wassup Sean? I missed you in NYC last time you were out (blame Jed.....nobody left me a message!!!). Anyway, get at me next time you're in town for sure. G-BAttle
  2. Gregory Battle (34)
    Open Forum · 110 Hits · 2/25/2001 1:56 PM
    Thanks Charles! I think everybody overlooks the power of really learning the heads to standards. They are probably the best place to learn about voice leading and playing over changes. I'll post some more goodies soon. BTW: I really dug the ...(more)
  3. Gregory Battle (34)
    WholeNote Forum · 159 Hits · 6/6/1999 7:54 PM
    There must be a quick way to load up a bunch of jazz, rock, and funk standards on your site, just to give people a bunch of grooves to play over. also, is there a way i can look at ALL the grooves? someone might have a cool groove that i'd lik...(more)