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  1. Richard Templeton (136)
    WholeNote Forum · 21 Hits · 1/11/2001 9:13 PM
    Hi folks, i still seem to be (at least) 24hrs behind, i posted a thank you to your comments last night and surprise surprise tonight its nowhere to be seen, also when i go to my homepage and click on the x number of messages link i get a page th...(more)
  2. Richard Templeton (136)
    Instructional Forum · 112 Hits · 1/10/2001 6:34 AM
    Hi folks, being a big Led Zepp fan i've just bought a violin bow to mess around with but i'm finding it very hard to raise a nice clean note with it, any suggestions? (other than where to stick my bow) RT
  3. Richard Templeton (136)
    Instructional Forum · 44 Hits · 1/10/2001 6:30 AM
    Remember right hand tapping doesnt have to be heavy metal. I like to tap on little lead lines over sustained chords on my accoutic or clean sound electric - experiment. RT
  4. Richard Templeton (136)
    WholeNote Forum · 26 Hits · 1/10/2001 6:10 AM
    Thanks fot the comments folks, when i checked my home page today the messages were all there, so thing are kool and the gang, but who is Mr Sung? Is he the webmaster of wholenote? RT
  5. Richard Templeton (136)
    WholeNote Forum · 78 Hits · 1/9/2001 2:07 PM
    Hi, i'm a newbie, so its quite possible this is my fault, but last night i replied to 3 messages on the boards, got the thank you messages and saw the posts. I checked back today to see if anyone had commented on what i wrote and they were gone...(more)
  6. Richard Templeton (136)
    Open Forum · 26 Hits · 1/9/2001 1:45 PM
    I string my epiphone les paul with d'adario 10's and (try) to change them evert month. My accoustic gets 12's when they start to go green.......... RT
  7. Richard Templeton (136)
    Equipment Forum · 38 Hits · 1/8/2001 1:45 PM
    Beware the generic case! I spent 60 on a case when i played strat type guitars then discovered it was too thin to house my new favourite - an epiphone les paul, so at this point in time i have a fantasticly strong hard case housing a shagged out...(more)
  8. Richard Templeton (136)
    Equipment Forum · 42 Hits · 1/8/2001 1:28 PM
    Buy it, and an Epiphone copy then shift as much as you can from the knackered gibson to the epi - you'll get a great guitar for not much cash. I don't know anything about rejoining broken necks other than that if i had a guitar with that repair...(more)
  9. Richard Templeton (136)
    Equipment Forum · 30 Hits · 12/19/2000 4:54 PM
    Hi, I have a Korean made Epiphone Les Paul which I bought second hand from a guitar shop for 180 (UK). The nut was a bit tight on the strings (10's) at first but loosened up pretty quickly and the tuners are pretty crummy, also they are the two ...(more)