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  1. Ron Rutkowski (290)
    Artists Forum · 63 Hits · 5/10/2001 3:23 PM
    4 Way Street CSN&Y mostly the acoustic sides. Live at Lupo's Roomfull of Blues Comes Alive Frampton ( yes, it might have some tracks that radio has overplayed, but still is a great live album.)
  2. Ron Rutkowski (290)
    Artists Forum · 86 Hits · 2/4/2001 11:28 PM
    The artist is Ronnie Earl the song is Akos.
  3. Ron Rutkowski (290)
    Artists Forum · 67 Hits · 2/4/2001 11:27 PM
    Ronnie Earl Akos
  4. Ron Rutkowski (290)
    Open Forum · 54 Hits · 1/29/2001 7:16 PM
    1. Neil Young___Harvest 2. Chicago______Greatest Hits 3. Brian Setzer_Brian Setzer Orchestra 4. Neil Young___Road Rocks Vol. 1 5. Steely Dan___Aja 6. Rolling Stones__Sticky Fingers
  5. Ron Rutkowski (290)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 67 Hits · 1/28/2001 3:27 PM
    I think anywhere there's a pig you can roast it. We play an annual pig roast every year that anyone from any local band that has ties to that town comes by and plays. It's great no preasure, just laid back fun. Sorry I can't think of a most reme...(more)
  6. Ron Rutkowski (290)
    Artists Forum · 74 Hits · 1/27/2001 3:38 PM
    There is so many styles of Rock. I think most people are missing your point, Who was the "most" influential. Some say that Bill Haley's Rock around the clock was the first Rock n' Roll song. So he had to have influences as did he influence othe...(more)
  7. Ron Rutkowski (290)
    Open Forum · 74 Hits · 1/27/2001 3:15 PM
    As a kid I wanted to take up Drums, now I see why they talked me away from that. I'm going over there right now with my amp and guitar and play till they pay me to stop. ( easy gig )
  8. Ron Rutkowski (290)
    Open Forum · 72 Hits · 1/27/2001 3:07 PM
    3 mics, 3 mic cables, 3 guitar cables, extra strings, Giutar tuner, string winder, cloth, tape, AC adapter, batteries, small jump cables, and god knows what else, I'll have to dig to the bottom sometime to see.
  9. Ron Rutkowski (290)
    Open Forum · 67 Hits · 1/26/2001 5:14 PM
    My first 8 Track was Kiss Destroyer, Then when I developed my own taste I went and bought everthing by Crosby Stills and Nash and of course Neil Young. The latest CD I have purchased was Tower of Power Live.
  10. Ron Rutkowski (290)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 59 Hits · 1/24/2001 11:20 PM
    Maybe the Stones aren't pumping out hits these days, but they sell out every show of every tour no problem, witch means someone is still listening. If that was your job and the only one you knew how to do and loved doing it would you give it up?
  11. Ron Rutkowski (290)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 26 Hits · 1/24/2001 11:12 PM
    The band I recently left after 5 years ranged from 30 to 61, 7 pieces, and we had such a blast working together. It gave us a bigger spectrum of music, and a wider age range of people who followed us. I left to join a band that plays out a bit m...(more)
  12. Ron Rutkowski (290)
    Open Forum · 22 Hits · 1/24/2001 10:53 PM
    I live a couple of blocks from Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf, from the Stern show. Maybe he'll be up for the tossing.
  13. Ron Rutkowski (290)
    Artists Forum · 67 Hits · 1/21/2001 9:01 PM
    Although I live in MA. , were only 15 minutes from Providence RI. where the better local bands are from. Check out Erik Narwhal, he has a site of the same name, and check out Young Neal and the vipers, just use a search for him. Both play blues'...(more)
  14. Ron Rutkowski (290)
    Open Forum · 32 Hits · 1/21/2001 8:50 PM
    Some of my favorites: 1. From the beginning Emerson,Lake and Palmer 2. Old man Neil Young 3. Hurricane Bob Dylan 4. And you and I Yes 5. Thick as a brick Jethro Tull
  15. Ron Rutkowski (290)
    Open Forum · 33 Hits · 1/14/2001 11:57 PM
    Another Lefty here who plays right handed. It just felt right that way. I don't think I could form chords with my right hand. Funny thing is, I'll be in a band for quite a while before someone notices I'm actually left handed.
  16. Ron Rutkowski (290)
    Open Forum · 22 Hits · 1/14/2001 11:45 PM
    The sax on Baker Street is performed by Raphael Ravenscroft.
  17. Ron Rutkowski (290)
    Open Forum · 33 Hits · 1/14/2001 11:21 PM
    I really like David Sanborn's work on David Bowie's Young Americans
  18. Ron Rutkowski (290)
    Open Forum · 25 Hits · 1/11/2001 11:46 PM
    In regards to Raemond, I said in my opinion. I have studied guitar for 14 years, and brass and woodwinds much longer. Yes you have to know all the chords on them also. No I can't play the chord all at once as on guitar, but I must have knowledg...(more)
  19. Ron Rutkowski (290)
    Open Forum · 27 Hits · 1/11/2001 9:13 PM
    The key word is in the reply above " Master " Don't cut my head off, but of all the intruments I've learned to play I consider the guitar the easiest. Now don't get me wrong I'm sure there are alot of you on this site that can kick my a$$ on the...(more)
  20. Ron Rutkowski (290)
    Artists Forum · 29 Hits · 1/7/2001 10:45 PM
    I would have to say Let it Be, Though the tittle track is not one of my favorites, the rest of the album has that Raw Rock element to it, and the songs aren't overplayed by radio.