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  1. Joe Ramirez (703)
    Open Forum · 118 Hits · 10/27/2000 5:00 AM
    Charles, These guys want me to print up some kind of lesson guide. I'm all about " hands on technique" How would I go about getting the right material for them? They're good as it is...I laugh everytime they ask me for a lesson...they are tha...(more)
  2. Joe Ramirez (703)
    Open Forum · 140 Hits · 10/25/2000 8:53 PM
    What is it that makes a good guitar teacher and what kind of lessons would you want to see. The reason I ask is because theses guys want lessons and I just want to know what other guitar players look for when they go for lessons? Thanks, Joe
  3. Joe Ramirez (703)
    Artists Forum · 143 Hits · 9/29/2000 3:35 AM
    How does he compare to Greg Howe and Allan holdsworth?