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  1. John Rice (551)
    Open Forum · 231 Hits · 10/3/2000 8:09 PM
    Here are some interesting links...
  2. John Rice (551)
    Instructional Forum · 153 Hits · 10/1/2000 7:12 AM
    Go play your guitar. :)
  3. John Rice (551)
    Instructional Forum · 151 Hits · 10/1/2000 7:05 AM
    Every system has it's strenghts and weaknesses. Develop all the tools you can and use what works. It's important to develop your ears. But you will always run into music you can't decipher (at least I do). Tab is a good way to show guitar spe...(more)
  4. John Rice (551)
    Open Forum · 169 Hits · 10/1/2000 6:48 AM
    Which is better. Blue or red?
  5. John Rice (551)
    Theory Forum · 139 Hits · 8/25/2000 10:31 PM
    Tension refers to the effect that is created by dominate chords and the tendency of harmony to resolve back to the tonic (or I chord) by 5ths. For example the V chord resolving to the I chord. cho|x|x|x|x|1|x|C|cho|cr| cho|x|x|x|4|3|3|G|cho|c...(more)
  6. John Rice (551)
    Theory Forum · 242 Hits · 8/25/2000 10:07 PM
    Hit post too soon... After #462, see if lesson #763 on Intervals is helpful. John
  7. John Rice (551)
    Theory Forum · 188 Hits · 8/25/2000 10:06 PM
    Take a look at lesson #462, "Can You Say 5ths". It's pretty basic. John
  8. John Rice (551)
    Open Forum · 130 Hits · 6/23/2000 7:25 PM
    A teacher is a resource, like a book, like WholeNote. You have to do the work to get the most out of your resources. Quit procrastinating. Take lessons.
  9. John Rice (551)
    Open Forum · 130 Hits · 6/12/2000 8:34 PM
    Hmmm... pointers.... do you mean that literally or figuratively? ----> :)
  10. John Rice (551)
    Open Forum · 121 Hits · 6/9/2000 6:29 PM
    Now I get the interest in my sex life! You're a young dude and I'm and old dude! Keep jammin' buddy.... I think whole note will be around longer than you'll be grounded. See ya when you get back. John
  11. John Rice (551)
    Open Forum · 41 Hits · 6/3/2000 7:51 PM
    Lawdy... this is STILL going on? Rex, this stuff is pretty tame.... if you want down and raunchy, bilge-turd (navy term), save the gene pool, stupidty, you gotta go to When I met my wife, she invited me over to see her broth...(more)
  12. John Rice (551)
    Open Forum · 38 Hits · 6/1/2000 8:07 PM
    I've heard it played over a fully extinquished 9 chord.
  13. John Rice (551)
    Open Forum · 41 Hits · 5/31/2000 5:07 PM
    What's this obsession with getting laid? Are you trying to get me to tell you what it's like? Perhaps someone could recommend a few videos for you..... maybe post them as resources....
  14. John Rice (551)
    Open Forum · 33 Hits · 5/31/2000 6:37 AM
    Brilliant! Hey, wait a minute. If you know so much about being stupid, doesn't that make you smart? And if you're really smart, then anything you say can't really be stupid. Is that why you want to make fun of us? Hey wait a minute, isn't u...(more)
  15. John Rice (551)
    Open Forum · 29 Hits · 5/30/2000 7:37 PM
    Does anyone have the tab for this lick? It goes like this "deedlydeedlydeedlydeedlydeedlydeedlydeedlydeedlydeedlydeedlydeedly"
  16. John Rice (551)
    Open Forum · 29 Hits · 5/30/2000 7:31 PM
    Well duh, Scooter. Follow the thread. 1. I made a lame statement about hearing the voices in someone else's head. 2. I then made a further lame attempt at relating something that happened to me I thought was dumb (but true). 3. An astute rea...(more)
  17. John Rice (551)
    WholeNote Forum · 86 Hits · 5/29/2000 6:35 PM
    Just wondering if this is possible.... maybe if you have a high speed connection like cable modem or dsl... Could you create the equivalent of an internet jam? Perhaps using some of the voice over ip technology? Any technologist out there tho...(more)
  18. John Rice (551)
    Instructional Forum · 54 Hits · 5/28/2000 10:47 PM
    Well, I overlooked the 1st scale in the original question. Sure to lead to confusion. I agree the 2nd scale is a blues scale. I also agree that the 1st scale can be A natural minor, the 6th mode of C. Isn't it true that classification of the...(more)
  19. John Rice (551)
    Instructional Forum · 59 Hits · 5/28/2000 9:27 PM
    It is the pattern for E phrygian, however, it depends on how it is used. For example, if you are playing over C, it's going to sound like a C scale, started on the 3rd. If you play it over an Em or Emaj, it will sound phrygian (you know, that S...(more)
  20. John Rice (551)
    Open Forum · 41 Hits · 5/28/2000 9:08 PM
    Hmmm... I heard all of these as luthier jokes...