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  1. Larry Raymond (1468)
    Artists Forum · 73 Hits · 1/5/2004 11:53 AM
    Well that's a YES and NO! Yes, he did disband Megadeath and "claimed" it was due to a condition called "Radial Neuropathy". It's a nerve disorder of the arm that essentially leaves it's victims with little or no grip strength. He claimed he ...(more)
  2. Larry Raymond (1468)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 67 Hits · 1/4/2004 1:36 AM
    It takes a very secure man to admit that he collects stamps! LOL! <img src="" alt="Signature4.gif" />
  3. Larry Raymond (1468)
    Equipment Forum · 94 Hits · 3/2/2003 7:11 PM
    Well, my digital camera makes it look kinda purple. It's as dark "blue" as blue can be, but as soon as the camera lense hits it, it turns purple. Off the top of my head I don't recall the HTML code to link the pic. I'll look for it and send i...(more)
  4. Larry Raymond (1468)
    Equipment Forum · 84 Hits · 3/1/2003 4:03 PM
    This one has the "Vintage" size neck, but I wouldn't call it fat. The Reissue '57 Les Paul Goldtop I sold to get this had a huge neck. To be hones, it was not that comfortable to play for any length of time. I had it over a year and every tim...(more)
  5. Larry Raymond (1468)
    Equipment Forum · 259 Hits · 2/28/2003 10:38 PM
    <img src="" alt="Studio5.jpg" /> I'm slowing converting the flock over to Hamer guitars. I've had a few friends that have sold off all of their Les Pauls and bought Hamers. I thought the...(more)
  6. Larry Raymond (1468)
    Equipment Forum · 97 Hits · 12/11/2002 8:20 PM
    Where are you seeing Gibson Les Paul guitars for $500? I'll buy them!! Are you talking about an Epiphone Les Paul? I would believe you could find one of them for $500. The neck has nothing to do with how "loud" your guitar is either. Pickup...(more)
  7. Larry Raymond (1468)
    For Sale/WTB Forum · 799 Hits · 12/7/2002 5:45 PM
    <strong>95 Trace Elliot Trident H100</strong> Head. This amp was built in Trace Elliot's Custom Amp Shop and is very rare. The overall condition is a 9 out of 10. It has two very small cuts in the tolex that have been repaired. I challenge y...(more)
  8. Larry Raymond (1468)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 93 Hits · 5/24/2002 7:14 AM
    Alright dammit! It's a Trace Elliot "Bonneville"! A <em>WHAT</em> you say? Yep, a Trace Elliot "Bonneville". Good luck finding one. Apparently they only made 350-400 of these and stopped making them in 96'. Don't quote me on those facts, b...(more)
  9. Larry Raymond (1468)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 168 Hits · 5/23/2002 6:18 AM
    Just wanted to post a "Thank You" to GERM. I've been on a "Amp Quest" for a little while. Sold off all my Mesa Boogie amps and was searching for the "Holy Grail" of tone (aren't we all). Jeremy is somewhat local to me and we've hooked up for ...(more)
  10. Larry Raymond (1468)
    Equipment Forum · 107 Hits · 4/14/2002 11:14 PM
    I've bought about 6 items from them. They have managed to F up half of the orders. One purchase was similar to yours. I ordered a Les Paul guitar from them on their Credit Card. After a few days of not receiving my tracking number I called. ...(more)
  11. Larry Raymond (1468)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 58 Hits · 3/24/2002 11:05 PM
    Your lucky that's all that got damaged. Just think about it.... it could have been your amp!
  12. Larry Raymond (1468)
    Instructional Forum · 39 Hits · 2/10/2002 5:17 PM
    No arguments here. I guess what I was trying to say is that for the money (a lot more than average) I would spend my money on a LP everytime. Anyone who has ever owned one will tell you that. I happen to think the Goldtop is the best value fo...(more)
  13. Larry Raymond (1468)
    Instructional Forum · 46 Hits · 2/10/2002 4:27 PM
    Well, I'm a little biased since I own three Les Paul guitars. Two Historic reissues and one Custom Shop. Don't confuse a Studio with any other level of Les Paul. It is by far the bottom of the food chain at Gibson. The new Standards that cam...(more)
  14. Larry Raymond (1468)
    Instructional Forum · 116 Hits · 2/10/2002 4:14 PM
    I think if you can "learn" to play without "anchoring" your pinky you will be better off. How much better is up to you. I personally anchor my pinky finger on the pickguard or body. I have many friends who learned to anchor the palm area of t...(more)
  15. Larry Raymond (1468)
    Equipment Forum · 35 Hits · 1/5/2002 10:42 AM
    I would opt for a Les Paul Studio or some other low end model of a Les Paul. Fender's only look good drenched with gasoline and set on fire. That do have a lovely tone though........when thrown in a woodchipper. RIFF <img src="
  16. Larry Raymond (1468)
    Equipment Forum · 41 Hits · 1/5/2002 6:24 AM
    I keep all of my guitars except for one in their cases. I used to use the DAMPIT soundhole humidfier, but could never tell that the humidity level was on the little strip paper it has for a guage. It also seemed like the sponge was dry all the...(more)
  17. Larry Raymond (1468)
    Equipment Forum · 72 Hits · 1/4/2002 9:02 PM
    Unfortunately, I think all the answers are right. I personally only had my setup done when I changed the string guage. I have a Jackson that was setup about a year and a half ago and the action is still as low and even as it was the day it was...(more)
  18. Larry Raymond (1468)
    Open Forum · 36 Hits · 12/26/2001 8:30 AM
    I'm basing the equality on "want" and "need". I really "wanted" and "needed" another guitar. She really "wanted" and "needed" new panties. So it all equals out! RIFF
  19. Larry Raymond (1468)
    Open Forum · 31 Hits · 12/25/2001 6:34 PM
    Ummm... Makeup, Panties, curling iron, pot pouri, Tai Bo video tapes! I think we're even! RIFF
  20. Larry Raymond (1468)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 25 Hits · 12/25/2001 3:22 PM
    I think he may have still been bathing in the "after-glow"! Good eye Bill, I didn't even catch that. Sorry, no Christmas Cheer here. Damn you! RIFF