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  1. Christopher Sung (9641)
    Artists Forum · 98 Hits · 6/5/1999 7:24 PM
    What's the new Frisell record, and who's on it? Also, have you been listening to John Zorn because he was staying in the hotel room next to yours at the big festival you were just at?
  2. Christopher Sung (9641)
    WholeNote Forum · 286 Hits · 6/3/1999 11:26 PM
    Sean has cranked out the latest version of the Composer which you can use to create guitar parts and put them in your very own on-line lesson. If you haven't had a chance to use the Composer, it's pretty simple. Check out our <a href="/compose...(more)
  3. Christopher Sung (9641)
    WholeNote Forum · 985 Hits · 6/3/1999 5:31 PM
    We just received our first award.<br /><a href=""><img src="/images/news/coolstar.gif" width="143" height="46" border="0" alt="coolstar.gif" /></a> <br />One of our newest members, <a href="/member/profile/profile.asp?i=19">Andy ...(more)
  4. Christopher Sung (9641)
    Theory Forum · 564 Hits · 5/31/1999 7:19 PM
    Here's my take on the use of theory (and keep in mind this is only my opinion). In a performance situation, the thing that theory buys you is <b>options</b>. If the chord is an A7 and you only know how to play it one way because you memorized ...(more)
  5. Christopher Sung (9641)
    WholeNote Forum · 918 Hits · 5/25/1999 5:46 PM
    You can find the Beatnik plug-in <u><a href="">here</a></u>.
  6. Christopher Sung (9641)
    WholeNote Forum · 115 Hits · 5/25/1999 5:34 PM
    Ellen Watkins found a bug in the popup tuner which you launch by clicking on the tuning fork icon in the lower left hand corner of your browser. This bug is Netscape 4.+ specific. What this means for you is simply that <b>if you are tuning and...(more)
  7. Christopher Sung (9641)
    Theory Forum · 219 Hits · 5/24/1999 11:16 PM
    All very true (perhaps). However, chances are that you probably aren't a musical genius like Robert Johnson or Lightnin' Hopkins, and so for those of us who are mere mortals, knowing a bit of theory can help. The other thing is that they may n...(more)
  8. Christopher Sung (9641)
    Artists Forum · 1122 Hits · 5/24/1999 1:50 AM
    Lately, I've been listening a lot to John Scofield's "A Go Go". Hadn't been to music store in a while, and when I finally got there, I remembered that John had done an album with Medeski, Martin, and Wood, so I picked it up. Man, is this album...(more)
  9. Christopher Sung (9641)
    WholeNote Forum · 268 Hits · 5/23/1999 10:50 PM
    ...was found by Jim Burger, whose masterful use of slides in the Composer yielded an instance that would not play back. The problem has since been fixed, so a polite round of applause for Jimmy B. A few things to remember about slides: <ul><li...(more)
  10. Christopher Sung (9641)
    WholeNote Forum · 160 Hits · 5/21/1999 5:20 PM
    Here's a few quick tips to help you get the most out of the site: <ul><li>If you need help, check out our <a href="/help/faq.asp">FAQ page</a>. There are also FAQs for the <a href="/lessons/authoring/faq.asp">Lesson Builder</a>, the <a href="/c...(more)
  11. Christopher Sung (9641)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 234 Hits · 5/21/1999 5:11 PM
    <b>Welcome to the Miscellaneous Forum</b> Hey, we're not perfect and sometimes certain issues fall through the cracks. Maybe you've got a good recipe for chili that you'd like to share...
  12. Christopher Sung (9641)
    WholeNote Forum · 473 Hits · 5/21/1999 5:10 PM
    <b>Welcome to the FretBuzz Forum about WholeNote</b> This forum is dedicated to talking about the site itself. Here is where you can ask questions, make suggestions or comments, or tell us how we screwed up. We'll be checking this forum very ...(more)
  13. Christopher Sung (9641)
    Announcements Forum · 1863 Hits · 5/21/1999 5:04 PM
    <b>Welcome to the Announcements Forum</b> Here is a good place to talk about your upcoming gigs or tour, your new CD, a new product or service that you're providing, etc. Also, the details of any new functionality that is added to the site wil...(more)
  14. Christopher Sung (9641)
    Theory Forum · 178 Hits · 5/21/1999 5:04 PM
    <b>Welcome to the Theory Forum</b> <i>"What's a tritone?" "What are the notes in a blues scale?" "Why would I ever use a C# Demented 7th?"</i> Use this forum to discuss any and all aspects of music theory, performance theory, or any other the...(more)
  15. Christopher Sung (9641)
    Instructional Forum · 154 Hits · 5/21/1999 5:03 PM
    <b>Welcome to the Instructional Forum</b> Here is a good place to talk about tips on playing and technique, as well as good teachers, instructional resources, such as books and videos, and anything else that's pertinent. You can also check out ...(more)
  16. Christopher Sung (9641)
    For Sale/WTB Forum · 356 Hits · 5/21/1999 5:01 PM
    <b>Welcome to the For Sale/Wanted to Buy Forum</b> Use this forum to sell that old amp you've been looking to get rid of, or to find that elusive piece of gear missing from your rack. Remember to include some kind of contact info (such as e-ma...(more)
  17. Christopher Sung (9641)
    Building/Repair Forum · 740 Hits · 5/21/1999 5:00 PM
    <b>Welcome to the Building/Repair Forum</b> Here is a good place to talk about tips on guitar building, maintenance, and repair. Where's a good place to get supplies? Can you recommend a good book? I think my neck is cracked - what should I d...(more)
  18. Christopher Sung (9641)
    Equipment Forum · 1262 Hits · 5/21/1999 4:59 PM
    <b>Welcome to the Equipment Forum</b> This forum is a good place to discuss guitars, amps, pedals, pickups, and any other type of gear that you use or that you're curious about. You can also check out our <a href="/resources/maindir.asp">resour...(more)
  19. Christopher Sung (9641)
    Artists Forum · 377 Hits · 5/21/1999 4:58 PM
    <b>Welcome to the Artists Forum</b> This forum is a good place to share your thoughts on your favorite players, their recent recordings and concerts, and anything else that's pertinent. You can also check out our <a href="/resources/maindir.asp...(more)