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  1. Christopher Sung (9641)
    WholeNote Forum · 204 Hits · 9/12/2001 1:48 AM
    Hi Sandra, The adding of the confirmation box to the 'Post this message and my response in FretBuzz' was a 1-minute job, so I just took care of it. For any of you dual WholeNote-ActiveBass members, I also made the same change at AB. Regarding...(more)
  2. Christopher Sung (9641)
    Announcements Forum · 286 Hits · 9/11/2001 1:27 PM
    For those in the NYC area, because of today's tragedy, there is a blood shortage, and I urge all who can to donate. You can go to <a href=""></a> for up-to-date donation info. Here's the latest:...(more)
  3. Christopher Sung (9641)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 285 Hits · 9/11/2001 3:21 AM
    Ahhh, Maciek, you're killin' me...<ul><li>The 1st is the banter between Boogie With Stu and Black Country Woman off of Physical Graffiti.<br /><br /></li><li>The 2nd happens, I believe, at the start of the 2nd verse of Out On The Tiles from Led ...(more)
  4. Christopher Sung (9641)
    WholeNote Forum · 227 Hits · 9/11/2001 2:13 AM
    There are a lot of valid issues and questions raised in this thread so I'll see if I can shed some light on them: First of all, we welcome all comments and suggestions. We don't always respond and for that I apologize, but we do read them all....(more)
  5. Christopher Sung (9641)
    WholeNote Forum · 409 Hits · 9/4/2001 6:05 AM
    I sincerely apologize to the WN community for some of the recent unsavory activity of several users, and for the fact that nothing has been done about it on our part until now. To recap, some of the more forgettable highlights include:<ol><li>S...(more)
  6. Christopher Sung (9641)
    Instructional Forum · 116 Hits · 7/27/2001 3:09 AM
    I think the key phrase in all this is when you say "I've been doing it for 40 years". The problem is that it's only through gaining this sort of experience that you can hear melodies and phrases that use non-chord tones, and be adept at knowing...(more)
  7. Christopher Sung (9641)
    Instructional Forum · 84 Hits · 7/27/2001 2:49 AM
    With respect to this particular problem, I sort of view it like learning a spoken language. The notes and scales are like words, and the musical ideas you create with them are the sentences or phrases. The question is: at what point do you sto...(more)
  8. Christopher Sung (9641)
    Instructional Forum · 167 Hits · 7/27/2001 2:40 AM
    To ditto what the others have said, the beauty of the metronome isn't so much that it gives you a beat with which to play - it's the fact that the beat is steady. You'd be amazed how much one can learn about strumming, picking, chords, scales, ...(more)
  9. Christopher Sung (9641)
    WholeNote Forum · 86 Hits · 7/27/2001 2:33 AM
    I should include the epilogue, which is that Mark did in fact say that "all is well", so that's good to know. I'm thinking that at some point, I should put something in the FAQ about WholeNote "burnout". As far as I can tell, this happens for ...(more)
  10. Christopher Sung (9641)
    WholeNote Forum · 77 Hits · 7/27/2001 2:21 AM
    This would be my fault. There's a few different features that haven't been updated in a while. These include: resources submitted by non-members, submitted artists and manufacturers, and the news. I promise that I will get around to it, but i...(more)
  11. Christopher Sung (9641)
    Instructional Forum · 124 Hits · 7/27/2001 2:18 AM
    It used to be that for 80's metal and hard rock, using only down strokes was the way to go. You can definitely hear the difference between using only down strokes and using down and up strokes. Today, I'm not sure if this is still the norm, bu...(more)
  12. Christopher Sung (9641)
    Equipment Forum · 97 Hits · 7/27/2001 2:05 AM
    Wow, this is a really interesting question, because I had the chance last week to demo both of them side by side (such are the spoils of running a store that sells both models - hint: Here's what I thought: Both models hav...(more)
  13. Christopher Sung (9641)
    Announcements Forum · 107 Hits · 7/26/2001 5:44 PM is pleased to announce that multi-instrumentalist <b><a href="/member/profile/profile.asp?i=35971">Paula Brown</a></b> of Colo, IA is the official winner of June's Free Gear Giveaway, and that <b><a href="/member/profile/
  14. Christopher Sung (9641)
    WholeNote Forum · 65 Hits · 6/7/2001 1:39 AM
    <a href="/resources/revmain.asp?i=1242">Lyrics World (updated)</a>. Thanks, Maciek.
  15. Christopher Sung (9641)
    WholeNote Forum · 75 Hits · 6/6/2001 2:50 AM
    It seems that images hosted at Geocities don't appear on our site anymore, which is unfortunate, so I get the "image not found" icon for your picture. The main thing is that the size of your picture is huge both physically and in filesize (115K...(more)
  16. Christopher Sung (9641)
    WholeNote Forum · 67 Hits · 6/6/2001 2:45 AM
    Hi Sharon, You got it right. When things like this arise, you can either post here, or contact me at I was able to locate the new home for this buyer's guide for acoustic guitar: <a href="/resources/revmain.asp?i=191">Ac...(more)
  17. Christopher Sung (9641)
    WholeNote Forum · 45 Hits · 5/31/2001 2:24 AM
    WN only provides links to tab files, so you'll have to post it to the OLGA in order for it to be linked here.
  18. Christopher Sung (9641)
    WholeNote Forum · 116 Hits · 5/31/2001 1:34 AM
    ...can now be seen on his homepage. It's kind of a then and now retrospective, and the "then" photo from 1948 further proves that Charlie is as cool a cat as they come... As John Schell would say: <a href="/member/profile/profile.asp?i=69">cli...(more)
  19. Christopher Sung (9641)
    Announcements Forum · 113 Hits · 5/15/2001 3:41 AM is pleased to announce that <b><a href="/member/profile/profile.asp?i=9412">Curt Granger</a></b> of Birmingham, AL is the official winner of April's Free Gear Giveaway, worth $100 of free equipment, sheet music, videos, or software...(more)
  20. Christopher Sung (9641)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 59 Hits · 5/11/2001 4:00 PM
    Doooh...I knew I should have looked up the article. I was thinking Paul Brown, but then I just assumed I was thinking of the longtime NFL coach and innovator (as well as the namesake of the Cleveland Browns). It's good to hear that ComFest is ...(more)