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  1. Josh Graves (2401)
    Announcements Forum · 48 Hits · 1/30/2006 2:42 AM
    YESSSSS!!! We are getting so close! The voting is open (if it's still before noon on Monday 1/30 Western time! go to and vote for: Marquesa Versola Thanks, Bob!
  2. Josh Graves (2401)
    Announcements Forum · 49 Hits · 12/18/2005 10:59 AM
    Just trying to keep this thread alive so I can build a network of support for the music of my wonderful wife. Anyone else that has the about 2 minutes it will take to be a part of this vote let me know. Thanks
  3. Josh Graves (2401)
    Announcements Forum · 49 Hits · 12/14/2005 8:05 PM
    I'm blushing... You guys are great!
  4. Josh Graves (2401)
    Announcements Forum · 96 Hits · 12/14/2005 11:48 AM
    Hi everyone - I am an old Wholenote head that wrote a few lessons and articles back in the day, and I still check in regularly to see what's goin' on... Anyway, my wife Marquesa will be performing on a local singing competition on January 1st,...(more)
  5. Josh Graves (2401)
    Instructional Forum · 110 Hits · 3/11/2004 3:14 PM
    Yea, I was just giving some history of the positions, and basically proving your point: there are a tremendous number of ways to "position" yourself and the guitar, depending on the situation. It also seems that Segovia gets a lot of credit for ...(more)
  6. Josh Graves (2401)
    Instructional Forum · 113 Hits · 3/11/2004 11:33 AM
    The classical position has a long history, and was not "invented" by Segovia. Guitarists like Fernando Sor and Mauro Gulliani in the 18th century would actually cross their legs (fully), plant the pinky on the body of the guitar, use NO fingerna...(more)
  7. Josh Graves (2401)
    Instructional Forum · 246 Hits · 3/11/2004 12:18 AM
    This is a very important question that should not be taken lightly!!! You want to practice in a position that will be conducive to later performance. Do not assume you wont need to perform soon, or that its just a hobby, or anything like that;...(more)
  8. Josh Graves (2401)
    Theory Forum · 168 Hits · 6/19/2003 3:03 PM
    Not every chord can be given a proper name. You have two half-step intervals a fifth apart (F#-C#), and you could call it an F# maj7(b6) with no third. You could also call it a D maj7(#9) with no fifth, which is practical but strange. Some inpl...(more)
  9. Josh Graves (2401)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 176 Hits · 4/11/2003 1:47 PM
    Exxxssslant! (I'm rubbing my hands together like Mr. Burns) Thanks a lot. I'm considering getting the Aardvark Direct Pro Q10 for my present computer (A P-3 about 600 Mhz and SB live), which comes with Pro Audio 9 for about $700. This uses PCI...(more)
  10. Josh Graves (2401)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 167 Hits · 4/7/2003 4:30 PM
    I would like to put together a home recording studio for mostly personal use, basically from scratch. I am leaning toward buying a new PC and using sonar 2.2 XL, possible using a edirol or m-audio in/out box. (Must have at least 2 XLR inputs). ...(more)
  11. Josh Graves (2401)
    Instructional Forum · 122 Hits · 1/15/2003 3:48 PM
    This is a serious problem. You need to feel comfortable and isolated when you practice, or you may create signifigant performane anxiety. The feeling of not wanting to be heard needs to be replaced with a desire TO BE HEARD!! When I noodle in a ...(more)
  12. Josh Graves (2401)
    Instructional Forum · 127 Hits · 1/15/2003 3:36 PM
    Very thoughtful and well-written response my friend. My original post was created some time ago, but the current interest is nice. I believe my harsh wording was an attempt to shake some beginning musicians, as well as some experienced ones, and...(more)
  13. Josh Graves (2401)
    Instructional Forum · 124 Hits · 1/7/2003 4:19 PM
    I believe the name of the author is Aaron Shearer (not sure on the spelling), he has written a method book in three volumes which is awesome. I think this article came from guitar review, I'll double chekc, but it does exist! good luck on mind...(more)
  14. Josh Graves (2401)
    Open Forum · 203 Hits · 5/28/2002 5:11 PM
    This is being published to prompt a public discussion on the topic, and give you other points of view. You are close to linking the missing space in your fretboard knowledge. Experimenting and asking questions is what I did, though a thoughtful...(more)
  15. Josh Graves (2401)
    Instructional Forum · 165 Hits · 9/30/2001 1:58 PM
    This information is taken from an interview with Aaron Shearer, and should be read and re-read by all beginners and anyone who might assume the role of teacher. Here's a link to<a href=""> the whole interv...(more)
  16. Josh Graves (2401)
    Instructional Forum · 86 Hits · 9/30/2001 1:46 PM
    There is one man in my book when it comes to learning to play the classic guitar - Aaron Shearer. This guy has got it all figured out. His ideas on visualization are ahead of our time, and are applicable to all instrumentalists and musicians. Ja...(more)
  17. Josh Graves (2401)
    Equipment Forum · 198 Hits · 9/16/2001 1:29 AM
    I have the Delta Blues 2x10 amp. It is a 30 watt version of the classic blues, with tremolo. This amp screams, baby, and is really loud for the size. I suggest you play all the amps in the classic series. That's what I did, and I thought the del...(more)
  18. Josh Graves (2401)
    Open Forum · 74 Hits · 8/12/2001 3:06 PM
    Morpheus is good, I have had good results with it.
  19. Josh Graves (2401)
    Theory Forum · 51 Hits · 8/3/2001 12:39 PM
    When people watch you do anything, you begin to think more deeply about what you are doing. You are more apt to recognize your limitations and shortcomings, or to sense your own self through their perception. That latter, of course, you will inv...(more)
  20. Josh Graves (2401)
    Theory Forum · 55 Hits · 8/2/2001 12:43 PM
    Would it seem natural for a person to fall in love and become obsessed with a place in the world, let's say Greece, and resist learning the language that Greek people communicate in? Maybe like, "Oh well, some of them speak English and that's go...(more)