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  1. Carl Anderson (2230)
    Equipment Forum · 137 Hits · 4/29/2004 11:18 PM
    Uhhh, hey Dad.... Yes, I do need another guitar. One can never have enough guitars. There is a new song in every guitar.
  2. Carl Anderson (2230)
    Equipment Forum · 96 Hits · 4/28/2004 5:35 PM
    Hey! Ya its been a really really long time, but I havent forgotten about ya'll! I still hop in from time to time to get advice and search the archives. WN still rocks!
  3. Carl Anderson (2230)
    Equipment Forum · 71 Hits · 4/28/2004 5:28 PM
    Hey, thanks for the advice. I guess that was just a silly idea huh? Oh well, I went back to the pawnshop today and the thing was gone anyways. However, I did happen to get a sweet deal on a really crappy Jay Jr 3/4 size (kids) guitar. Its a ...(more)
  4. Carl Anderson (2230)
    Equipment Forum · 142 Hits · 4/24/2004 11:01 PM
    Hello everyone. I found this sweet old beat up classical guitar im my local pawn shop, and Im thinkin that it would be a perfect travel/camping/backpacking guitar. I was thinkin about stringin it with steel strings, because I already spend e...(more)
  5. Carl Anderson (2230)
    Artists Forum · 132 Hits · 2/20/2004 7:44 PM
    Hey, can you point me in the direction of that article that lists everything? I am interesting in what gear he used too. Thanks Carl
  6. Carl Anderson (2230)
    Equipment Forum · 162 Hits · 5/11/2003 11:28 PM
    Hey everyone! Its been a while, huh? Well I'm thinkin about gettin a digital recorder to take to college with me, and the MR-8 was lookin pretty nice. It looks like its got a lot of nice features, and the price is sweet too. However, I a...(more)
  7. Carl Anderson (2230)
    Equipment Forum · 139 Hits · 11/1/2002 6:10 PM
    Hello. I think I'm gonna get a mirror chrome pickgaurd for my strat, but I dont know where to find one. I've checked Allparts and ebay already with no luck. Can anyone help me out here? Thanks! Carl Anderson the defender of rock
  8. Carl Anderson (2230)
    Building/Repair Forum · 122 Hits · 9/10/2002 11:20 PM
    "Nut Sauce," you mean the stuff you can make in the bathroom all by yourself.... oh wait, you say it comes in a plastic tub. Hmmm, I didn't know there was a market for that stuff. :) (sorry, i couldnt resist that one!) Thanks Chris, I'll lo...(more)
  9. Carl Anderson (2230)
    Building/Repair Forum · 125 Hits · 9/10/2002 11:12 PM
    Hey Larry. I play a Fender Std. Strat. The majority of the time my strings break at the trem. Its usually the E and B strings, but occasionally the G and A will break too. One day, I broke a whole set of brand new GHS Boomers in the span of ...(more)
  10. Carl Anderson (2230)
    Building/Repair Forum · 182 Hits · 9/8/2002 2:24 AM
    Hi everyone. I am currently excperiancing a lot of string breakage from my saddles. Is there anything that I can do to stop breakge in this area. I have looked into those GraphTech String Saver saddles, but I want to know if there is a cheap...(more)
  11. Carl Anderson (2230)
    Equipment Forum · 74 Hits · 8/25/2002 1:58 AM
    Check out Marshall's MG series of solid-state amps. For a little more than $300, you can get the MG50DFX model, which is a pretty good amp for the money. Also check out the Crate MX120. It runs 120 watts and has 2X12 speakers. The distortion...(more)
  12. Carl Anderson (2230)
    Equipment Forum · 58 Hits · 8/25/2002 1:41 AM
    Thank you guys for all of your advice. I appreciate all of your opinions. I have decided that I will probably go with a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe or Deville. I do desire to get the best tone I can get, without all the bells and wistles. I gu...(more)
  13. Carl Anderson (2230)
    Equipment Forum · 115 Hits · 8/14/2002 1:01 AM
    Hello everyone. Well I've narrowed down my amp search to two amps. The Fender Hot Rod Deluxe and the Tech 21 Trademark 60. (Yes Ive given up my search for a amp with el34s) I really like both amps, but I really can't decide between them. Th...(more)
  14. Carl Anderson (2230)
    Open Forum · 66 Hits · 7/29/2002 1:02 AM
    Hello Joe, and welcome to WN. This is a wonderful place to aid you in learning to play guitar. There are hundreds of great lessons by some really top-notch guys. WN is a great resource for any level guitar player, especially one like yourself...(more)
  15. Carl Anderson (2230)
    Open Forum · 58 Hits · 7/27/2002 1:41 AM
    I think that Guitar Pro ( will do this. You enter the std notation notes and it will display them as tab. Whats even better, you can play back the tabs in MIDI. Sweet! Now I'm not entirely sure that GP will do this because...(more)
  16. Carl Anderson (2230)
    Equipment Forum · 58 Hits · 7/23/2002 12:26 AM
    Yeah, an original Bassman would cartainly kick some butt, but if I could only find one.... LOL. A Matchless would also be pretty sweet, but I will have to wait for my major record deal before I buy one. :)
  17. Carl Anderson (2230)
    Open Forum · 134 Hits · 7/22/2002 1:03 AM
    Hello everyone. Its been quite a long time since I have come to WN. I guess I got over my WN addition for a while. But, I guess I'm back. And lemme tell ya, except for the occasional post in binary, nothin has changed here guys. Oh well. O...(more)
  18. Carl Anderson (2230)
    Equipment Forum · 90 Hits · 7/22/2002 12:42 AM
    Hey everybody, I know its been awhile but I need some quick advice. I am currently looking to buy a new tube amp, and I've found that I like the sound of EL34 power tubes (the british sound) instead of 6L6s (the Fender sound). I am looking i...(more)
  19. Carl Anderson (2230)
    Instructional Forum · 64 Hits · 10/7/2001 12:15 AM
    I tabbed that song out in a lesson of mine. You might want to check it out. The strum pattern is pretty easy. The chords are mostly played on the upbeats (similar to reggae and ska rhythms). Hope this helps! Carl Anderson
  20. Carl Anderson (2230)
    Equipment Forum · 90 Hits · 10/5/2001 8:59 PM
    Hello. I haven't used the whammy bar on my Fender strat in ages, and I was wondering if there was a simple way to make it hardtail. I'm hoping that this would keep my guitar in tune better, and improve the action. The tremolo system in presen...(more)