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  1. Rick Payman (10059)
    WholeNote Forum · 29 Hits · 8/14/2000 3:42 PM
    Chris, I don't know how you are generating MIDI, but it is not necessary to "switch" patches in order to play multiple voices; simply send the note-on messages to a different channel which has already been assigned that patch. Sorry if I'm teach...(more)
  2. Rick Payman (10059)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 39 Hits · 8/9/2000 4:32 PM
    Seven string acoustic guitars were popular in Russia in the 19th Century, and indeed favoured over the six string. Since neither Steve Vai nor the electric guitar had yet been invented, the first seven string electric guitar had to wait for it's...(more)
  3. Rick Payman (10059)
    Open Forum · 61 Hits · 8/7/2000 4:50 PM
    Well, I think we both agree that <b>WholeNote is a Great Site!</b>. Let's start over with that common ground and try to make it even greater! Just an aside; One of my favourite composers of music for the Classical Guitar is Jorge Morel. I absol...(more)
  4. Rick Payman (10059)
    Open Forum · 34 Hits · 8/7/2000 2:14 PM
    Lex, &gt; you and your fancey HTML message raging on some guy's little obsevation on his homepage are a little suspicious. o The fancy HTML came from the page from which I took the quote using cut and paste. o I didn't realise that I was rag...(more)
  5. Rick Payman (10059)
    Open Forum · 133 Hits · 8/6/2000 6:56 PM
    I notice with interest that <a href="/member/profile/profile.asp?i=17384">Agustín Mombelli</a> has the following predominant message on his Home Page :- <b>Lessons or points</b> <i> Ive been login in for 3 weeks, and I noticed that some guys po...(more)
  6. Rick Payman (10059)
    Instructional Forum · 89 Hits · 8/6/2000 8:07 AM
    I agree with SD; alternate picking means just that - it is a discipline. Knowledge of A/P does not however exclude the use of other techniques in your playing. If you know how to build wooden boxes with hammer and nail, and you were learning ho...(more)
  7. Rick Payman (10059)
    WholeNote Forum · 68 Hits · 8/2/2000 3:48 PM
    <i>999,999 - The number of times 1 person thought, "1,000,000th time lucky. I'm sure I can get this lesson off ..." </i> Seriously though, Congrats Chris! Well Done!
  8. Rick Payman (10059)
    Instructional Forum · 47 Hits · 7/28/2000 2:05 PM
    This is not really a solution, but has certainly helped inspire my own playing; <i>Avoid playing Barre Chords!!</i> On a more serious note, think about which strings you actually need to hold down or play at a particular time, and forget the re...(more)
  9. Rick Payman (10059)
    Instructional Forum · 34 Hits · 7/19/2000 1:50 PM
    Sorry again, I appear to have missed the point of the thread, as I believe that this (RFL) is exactly what was being asked for <i>[exit red-faced]</i>
  10. Rick Payman (10059)
    Instructional Forum · 34 Hits · 7/19/2000 1:46 PM
    Sorry, you will probably get dozens of responses to this, but have you searched the WholeNote lessons for <b>Caprice</b>? Christopher Sung has submitted an entire series on the subject, and Peppe Lahtinen on the Caprices of Campagnoli. For a l...(more)
  11. Rick Payman (10059)
    Instructional Forum · 55 Hits · 7/18/2000 4:38 PM
    I too find the Bossa Nova to be one of the most relaxing and rewarding styles to play and learn. I may one day post a lesson of some of my own Bossa style stuff to get you started, but I'm afraid I'm no expert on the subject. Here are a few ch...(more)
  12. Rick Payman (10059)
    Open Forum · 33 Hits · 7/15/2000 3:49 PM
    Stefan, Ok, sorry, I did mis-interpret your reference to sequences. On the other hand, much of my stuff <i>could</i> be presented (with a lot less effort!) as a series of sequence charts; I personally do not find them appropriate for presenti...(more)
  13. Rick Payman (10059)
    Open Forum · 40 Hits · 7/15/2000 8:19 AM
    As someone who has posted a "lesson" a day since I joined the WholeNote community almost two weeks ago, mostly of the "here's a new sequence" variety, I take Stefan's criticisms most personally. To quote from the WholeNote guidelines on "What's...(more)
  14. Rick Payman (10059)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 59 Hits · 6/26/2000 7:20 PM
    cho|x|0|5|5|3|0|Am7/4 ??|cho Doesn't look like it ...