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  1. Jim Graham (5168)
    Announcements Forum · 93 Hits · 9/27/2000 11:07 AM
    If anybody here is in the vicinity of Kingston Ontario, Canada, I am hosting another fingerstyle workshop on Tue. Oct. 17th, 8:00pm to 10:00pm at the Kingston School of Music 178 Sydenham St. in downtown Kingston. The cost is $25.00 per person ...(more)
  2. Jim Graham (5168)
    Announcements Forum · 96 Hits · 6/24/2000 10:07 PM
    I just posted another Flamenco song at mp3, this one is called "Garrotin", a traditional form that is rather rare. I don't have any lessons associated with it yet but you can hear it at <a href="">My pages at</a>...(more)
  3. Jim Graham (5168)
    Instructional Forum · 80 Hits · 5/21/2000 8:36 AM
    Thanks Pauline, thats exactly what I am doing, Jim
  4. Jim Graham (5168)
    Instructional Forum · 125 Hits · 5/4/2000 11:37 AM
    I just wanted to let all the people who have been checking out my flamenco lessons here at Wholenote know that I have posted "Postcard From Spain" and "Mezcolanza" at mp3 so now you can hear both songs. Each one h...(more)
  5. Jim Graham (5168)
    Open Forum · 85 Hits · 1/19/2000 12:19 PM
    I found this piece in a guitar magazine years ago, memorized it and lost the magazine. The only info it had was that this song was centuries old and no one knew who the composer was. The title, and I am not kidding, is "Get Out of my Sight or ...(more)
  6. Jim Graham (5168)
    Announcements Forum · 71 Hits · 1/19/2000 12:13 PM
    Of interest to anyone in the Kingston Ontario region of Canada, on Tues. Feb. 8th Canadian guitarist Jim Graham will be hosting a fingerstyle guitar workshop at 8:00pm at the Kingston School of music, 178 Sydenham St. Kingston Ontario. Basic t...(more)
  7. Jim Graham (5168)
    Open Forum · 43 Hits · 1/7/2000 10:39 PM
    I teach several 8 year olds now using mainly book one of the Hal Leonard series, although I find Mel Bay and Alfreds to be good places to start as well. Most of the younger students I have come to me with no former knowledge and soak up everyth...(more)
  8. Jim Graham (5168)
    Theory Forum · 61 Hits · 12/11/1999 10:40 PM
    before I learned any theory I "wrote" an acoustic rock sort of song and played it for a piano teacher, thinking I had come up with some new amazing song. She listened to it once, then turned to the piano and played almost the whole thing, expla...(more)
  9. Jim Graham (5168)
    Theory Forum · 70 Hits · 11/12/1999 10:21 PM
    My right hand does all of the things you mentioned depending on the technique required at a given moment. In the course of one song I will often rest my hand on the bridge for part of it, then "float" it over the sound hole and towards the neck...(more)