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  1. Paul Stelzmann (340)
    Open Forum · 156 Hits · 11/14/2000 4:20 PM
    Most of the older Eagles tunes are great to play on acoustic. Those were the first songs I ever taught myself to play. Also, "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac is a derives its melancholy warm feeling from an acoustic timbre. "Crazy on You" by Heart ...(more)
  2. Paul Stelzmann (340)
    Open Forum · 30 Hits · 11/8/2000 3:08 PM
    How did you get the CA oranges past the Dept of Agriculture Checkpoint and into CA? I guess you flew in. That would be something to really throw those state-workers for a loop! Ambrosio, the Lustful Monk
  3. Paul Stelzmann (340)
    Instructional Forum · 77 Hits · 10/31/2000 2:57 PM
    If you get a chance, check out the 'guitar lick of the day' section at the EMP Live website The month of October features a brilliant presentation of guitar effects (phasing, flanging, chorusing, delay, etc) with many riff examp...(more)
  4. Paul Stelzmann (340)
    Instructional Forum · 123 Hits · 9/28/2000 1:08 PM
    Has anyone ventured to buy and try the instructional manual "The Principles of Correct Practice for Guitar" by Jamey Andreas? There is a website The book appears to be highly acclaimed. So is it all hy...(more)
  5. Paul Stelzmann (340)
    Instructional Forum · 130 Hits · 9/28/2000 12:57 PM
    I found this book to be an inspirational little paperback worthy of keeping. I especially like the quotes by musicians which headline each chapter. I would recommend it more to intermediate and advanced players who may find themselves needing gu...(more)
  6. Paul Stelzmann (340)
    Theory Forum · 84 Hits · 9/27/2000 12:46 PM
    When we talk about the chords which can be constructed for a particular key, we generally start with a major (ionian) scale and work with the following pattern: For instance: In the Key of D we have I. D maj ii. E min iii. F# m...(more)
  7. Paul Stelzmann (340)
    Open Forum · 28 Hits · 9/20/2000 10:59 AM
    Sounds like a typical Las Vegas retail hustle to me.
  8. Paul Stelzmann (340)
    Theory Forum · 31 Hits · 9/1/2000 12:35 PM
    I think I have a pretty fair visualization of this now. The mathematical discrepancy can be cleared by making the initial notation 'two eight notes = three eight notes joined by a bar with a three on top'. I believe I have seen the classical not...(more)
  9. Paul Stelzmann (340)
    Theory Forum · 35 Hits · 8/31/2000 6:42 PM
    So in this instance of twelve evenly spaced notes, we would use "twelfth" between eighth and sixteenth notes. This must have been transcribed at some point, I just cannot recall how it looks.
  10. Paul Stelzmann (340)
    Theory Forum · 93 Hits · 8/30/2000 4:17 PM
    For a simple 4/4 time sig, one measure of only quarter notes is counted one...two...three...four. If eighth notes are used we count one...and...two...and...three...and...four...and For sixteenth notes:
  11. Paul Stelzmann (340)
    Open Forum · 129 Hits · 8/9/2000 6:42 PM
    So it seems as though one of the key take-home lessons here is that this issue is simply a matter of CHOICE....And as with all choices that we make there is a price to pay. While LSD usage may allow some people to experience wild cosmic insights...(more)
  12. Paul Stelzmann (340)
    Open Forum · 161 Hits · 8/8/2000 10:25 AM
    I just wanted to open up the topic of recreational drug use by musicians to field out peoples' experiences. Have you found that the use of marijuana or other drugs has helped or hindered your progress as a musician? Personally, I have mixed feel...(more)
  13. Paul Stelzmann (340)
    Open Forum · 27 Hits · 7/27/2000 1:57 PM
    How about the Ex-Porn-Stars?
  14. Paul Stelzmann (340)
    Open Forum · 124 Hits · 7/20/2000 5:43 PM
    I just want to hear some opinions, particularly from you instructors out there, about what "natural talent" really means. We can certainly define talent as having an extraordinary ability to learn and assimilate quickly, to improve relatively ef...(more)
  15. Paul Stelzmann (340)
    Artists Forum · 61 Hits · 6/23/2000 12:30 PM
    Let me respond to this question from the back door. Here is a list of whom I feel are some of the most underrated guitar players: Neil Schon (Journey) Alex Lifeson (Rush) Lindsey Buckingham (Fleetwood Mac) Mark Knoepfler (Dire Straits) Frank G...(more)
  16. Paul Stelzmann (340)
    Instructional Forum · 34 Hits · 6/13/2000 11:00 AM
    this is probably one of the more difficult chords to master, simply because the proximity of the nut to the first fret is giving so much resistance. It took me nearly a year to get it down and now I do not even think about it. Soon you will get ...(more)
  17. Paul Stelzmann (340)
    Artists Forum · 238 Hits · 6/12/2000 6:10 PM
    I would like to conduct a survey to see which recordings are among the most valued by musicians. Just list about 3 to 5 of the cd's which you feel have a "timeless" or "classic" status. These are the cd's which may be 25 years old already or whi...(more)
  18. Paul Stelzmann (340)
    Instructional Forum · 42 Hits · 5/31/2000 5:47 PM
    Jason, You may be limited in achieving that sort of sound by your equipment. Test out different amps at you local music store to see if that is not the case. What sort of amp and guitar are you using? A quick-fix may be to restring your guita...(more)
  19. Paul Stelzmann (340)
    Instructional Forum · 67 Hits · 5/25/2000 4:50 PM
    Currently I like to alternate practices between the acoustic and the archtop electric. I am using Jim Gleason's "Rock Performance Method" instructional materials as a study guide for lessons; these books and tapes are probably the most comprehen...(more)