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  1. Jeff Mills (127)
    Equipment Forum · 103 Hits · 5/4/2000 2:01 PM
    I have to agree! I've owned and played several Strat copies throughout my 13yrs of playing and just got my first Am Std Strat 2 weeks ago. I can't say enough about it! It is absolutely a joy to play and the tone(Delta Tone PUs) is incredible....(more)
  2. Jeff Mills (127)
    Equipment Forum · 60 Hits · 5/1/2000 5:34 PM
    If I had to do it all over again(first guitar), I would not waste any time, energy or $$$ on copies or junk guitars. Save up the few extra $$ and get an American Standard Stratocaster instead of a Squire or other Strat copy. REALLY save up you...(more)
  3. Jeff Mills (127)
    Equipment Forum · 97 Hits · 4/29/2000 10:59 PM
    ...keep getting this error message, i'll try again later... 403 Forbidden Forbidden You don't have permission to access / on this server.
  4. Jeff Mills (127)
    Equipment Forum · 93 Hits · 4/29/2000 10:02 PM
    Yeah, found them. Their "Black Pearl" looks blue to me...Thanks for the input... -j
  5. Jeff Mills (127)
    Equipment Forum · 128 Hits · 4/29/2000 9:33 PM
    Anyone know a good quality source for pickguards and knobs? I've not had much luck finding what I want on the net. Alot of sites don't have very good(or any!) pictures. I'm looking for a black pearl pickguard and black knobs... Any help in t...(more)
  6. Jeff Mills (127)
    Equipment Forum · 122 Hits · 4/28/2000 12:55 AM
    The ones I have...worst...the ones i don't... ;)
  7. Jeff Mills (127)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 56 Hits · 4/28/2000 12:50 AM
    On an uncharted desert isle?????? Come on! BOTH OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!! -j
  8. Jeff Mills (127)
    Open Forum · 77 Hits · 4/28/2000 12:47 AM
    Tortex pix i use are by Dunlop. I like the crisper sound that they give me over plastics. They also stay in my hand easier because of the matte finish. I use .88mm and like em alot...use em on acoustics and 'lectrics... -j
  9. Jeff Mills (127)
    Open Forum · 83 Hits · 4/24/2000 11:08 AM
    Man, you need to get that checked out and fixed! Check this site for info and warnings about electrocution! -jsm
  10. Jeff Mills (127)
    Open Forum · 145 Hits · 4/24/2000 11:04 AM
    I play everything from blues/pop/country/bluegrass/rock/metal.('bout everthing). I use Teardrop shaped Dunlop Tortex picks .88mm. For me they are the happy medium between too stiff and too soft. I can change the way they sound by the amount of p...(more)
  11. Jeff Mills (127)
    Equipment Forum · 37 Hits · 4/23/2000 11:33 PM
    Amen to that! The local guys are not becoming millionaires-they're in it for alot more than the almighty dollar. Chain stores and internet outlets are in it for $$$$$ only. Sure, you MIGHT be able to get something for $100 or so less, but try...(more)
  12. Jeff Mills (127)
    Equipment Forum · 26 Hits · 4/22/2000 11:02 PM
    Yeah, I don't like having someone else "finger" anything of mine(women or guitars)! -j
  13. Jeff Mills (127)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 26 Hits · 4/21/2000 5:45 PM
    ...too funny... sign me Pookie Mission or Poopsie Bananafanny
  14. Jeff Mills (127)
    Equipment Forum · 108 Hits · 4/21/2000 4:56 PM
    I just ordered a Fender Am. Std. Strat that I should have in a few days. In the past, I've always bought "off the shelf" or used. But for once in my life I wanted to get a brand new axe that didn't have anyones grubbys all over it as demos have...(more)
  15. Jeff Mills (127)
    Open Forum · 43 Hits · 4/21/2000 4:47 PM
    I've had this same anxious feeling before(and still do sometimes). The thing that I try to do is not to "impress" but to play basic chord/scale progressions that you are comfortable with and know inside and out. Close your eyes. Pretend you k...(more)
  16. Jeff Mills (127)
    Open Forum · 33 Hits · 4/19/2000 8:09 PM
    ...yeah, i've tried that. I have a 1/2 size Goya that I've tried to take with me, but I have to take so much other stuff, that it was just a real hassle. I've learned to travel as light and as fast as possible and until further notice, one or ...(more)
  17. Jeff Mills (127)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 49 Hits · 4/18/2000 11:27 AM
    ooooh...a banjer from grandpa's closet...sounds intriguing. What kind is it and about how old? -j
  18. Jeff Mills (127)
    Open Forum · 29 Hits · 4/17/2000 8:44 PM
    Another couple pennies from another in the same boat. I'm 37, married, 2 kids. My family always comes first. But...playing, to me, is like breathing. If I go a couple of days without it, I go nuts. I travel about 40% of the time for work an...(more)
  19. Jeff Mills (127)
    Equipment Forum · 57 Hits · 4/17/2000 8:27 PM
    Great inexpensive tuner is Korg CA-20. It's chromatic, small, and can be calibrated to whatever pitch. Also has automatic and manual note settings. -jeff
  20. Jeff Mills (127)
    Equipment Forum · 53 Hits · 4/17/2000 8:25 PM
    One thing to remember is that when you get a new car from the dealer, they have to wash/wax/remove sticky stuff from the windows/plastic from the seats, etc, etc...same with a guitar "out of the box". As you know, strings stretch, humidity and ...(more)