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  1. Maciek Sakrejda (8047)
    Theory Forum · 96 Hits · 4/28/2004 10:09 PM
    *groan* Tracy, your puns bug me. I get all antsy just thinkin' about 'em. I think I'll go watch "Davy Cricket, King of the Wild Frontier" to relax. But first I'll insect a chord chart. cho|x|0|2|0|2|3|cho
  2. Maciek Sakrejda (8047)
    Theory Forum · 99 Hits · 4/28/2004 12:47 AM
    Your first chord contains the notes F#-C-D-A. If you reorder these to form the simplest possible chord name (try to match basic triads and see what's left), you can get D-F#-A-C, or simply D7. Since your root note is an F#, you can call thi...(more)
  3. Maciek Sakrejda (8047)
    WholeNote Forum · 97 Hits · 4/1/2004 10:11 PM
    Drat. That means I was only WholeNote's Monthly Gear Giveaway Winner for twenty-two months. Still makes me the reigning champion, though. -m
  4. Maciek Sakrejda (8047)
    WholeNote Forum · 95 Hits · 3/29/2004 5:14 PM
    Dang it, I missed him. Although Jim Burger is here now... One more and we've got the Trinity... -m
  5. Maciek Sakrejda (8047)
    Artists Forum · 110 Hits · 3/13/2004 5:25 AM
    ...was the last time I screamed myself hoarse at a concert. Not to mention that as an engineering student, I was in complete awe for most of the show. Check <a href=""> these guys</a> out. Take a listen to the...(more)
  6. Maciek Sakrejda (8047)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 115 Hits · 3/10/2004 9:35 PM
    Actually, I just found <a href=";id=2760">this</a>. Read it. -m
  7. Maciek Sakrejda (8047)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 90 Hits · 3/10/2004 9:33 PM
    I used to listen to <a href="">KPIG</a> and <a href="">KHUM</a>, but then the ridiculous CARP nonsense hit and most independent internet simulcasters have had to shut down or start charging for their streams...(more)
  8. Maciek Sakrejda (8047)
    Artists Forum · 99 Hits · 3/10/2004 9:12 PM
    No, but you should work on your analogies. This one is embarassingly flawed. = ) -m
  9. Maciek Sakrejda (8047)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 105 Hits · 3/9/2004 9:10 PM
    <em>Great to see you</em> Thanks, nice to see you too. I must confess I immensely enjoyed your mini-play in the fretboard motion thread. But I do agree with you that overall, the guy's harmful. Hopefully he'll get bored (or go more insane, past...(more)
  10. Maciek Sakrejda (8047)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 78 Hits · 3/6/2004 1:06 PM
    So I went back and played some more with this in MATLAB. I figured tremolo isn't really an <i>instantaneous</i> change. It's just a quick fade in followed by a quick fade out, repeated at various frequencies. What I was doing wrong was that my e...(more)
  11. Maciek Sakrejda (8047)
    Artists Forum · 45 Hits · 3/1/2004 9:27 PM
    I hear that. Last three concerts I went to were $7 (<a href="">Dealership</a>), $15 (<a href="">Mates of State</a>--and that was buying the tickets online 'cause they're a band that often sells...(more)
  12. Maciek Sakrejda (8047)
    Artists Forum · 35 Hits · 3/1/2004 8:42 PM
    <em>That ain't music, it is crappy wanna be soft porn. </em> I take offense to that. I think Britney Spears is <i>quality</i> soft porn. -m
  13. Maciek Sakrejda (8047)
    Instructional Forum · 39 Hits · 2/26/2004 12:57 AM
    Play songs you know in weird modes. One of my favorite live music seeing experiences ever was at a local bluegrass jam, when the band, after a set of perfectly normal songs, broke into a totally bizarre version of "Turkey in the Straw", one of t...(more)
  14. Maciek Sakrejda (8047)
    Artists Forum · 51 Hits · 2/24/2004 12:38 PM
    <em>real mellow kinda (at least what they seem to play now)</em> Yeah, their last two albums were pretty mellow, but their earlier work (even as recent as '95's "Electr-o-Pura" or the 2000 version of "Cherry Chapstick" mentioned above) was ...(more)
  15. Maciek Sakrejda (8047)
    Artists Forum · 45 Hits · 2/23/2004 9:25 PM
    I guess WholeNote's not much of an indie rock site, but I thought I'd post this anyway. I really like Ira's playing. <a href="">Yo La Tengo</a> is tied with <a href="">Tin Hat Trio</a> for my favo...(more)
  16. Maciek Sakrejda (8047)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 49 Hits · 2/21/2004 5:03 AM
    I've just spent three hours listening to <a href=""></a>, "Where Downtown Art Skronk and Appalachian Meat Murder Ballads Acquire Brill Building Panache" after finding a link to them on <a href="
  17. Maciek Sakrejda (8047)
    Equipment Forum · 39 Hits · 2/21/2004 4:52 AM
    Seems like it would work, Dom. It seems like you could also just record one stereo track and then split it into two mono tracks later (I use n-Track Studio, but Cakewalk should let you do that, too). I may have done this in the past, but if so I...(more)
  18. Maciek Sakrejda (8047)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 27 Hits · 2/20/2004 2:00 AM
    Cute. If you're looking for a good blues humor thread, check <a href=";n=Open&amp;t=10&amp;th=52587#52926">this</a> out (link goes shamelessly to one of my own posts in the thread, but it wa...(more)
  19. Maciek Sakrejda (8047)
    Instructional Forum · 31 Hits · 2/20/2004 12:29 AM
    Nice work, everyone. I tried taking my mandolin to this one, but (a) I don't think I'm quite at this level yet, and (b) it's not really something that screams 'mandolin'... -m
  20. Maciek Sakrejda (8047)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 43 Hits · 2/18/2004 10:17 PM
    Hmm... Will have to try that. Thanks... Yeah, it sure looks like fun. =) -m